19+ Super Trendy Clothes In Urdu

Are you wondering about the most common clothes worn in Pakistan? Do you ever go shopping with no clue about the right words in the Urdu language for each piece of clothing? In this blog post, you will learn all the essential words for clothes in the Urdu language along with the English and Urdu meanings for each word. So, let’s get started!

“Clothes” is a plural of the word “cloth” which is an English word. The dictionary definition is “items worn to cover the body”. In Urdu, clothes is pronounced as Kapray (کپڑے) This can be a human body or something like bed clothing etc. However, the clothes definition is usually for living things. Words like garments, attire, garb, and dress are also used for clothing. 

Clothes In Urdu

Each province has its own clothes or dress code. But all these clothes have one similarity. All these clothes fully cover the bodies of people as it is an Islamic state, so this must be kept in mind while selecting the national clothes as well as the provincial clothes.

There are different types of clothes in Pakistan: 

  • Dhoti is a common piece of clothing in Punjab. 
  • Ajrak is the common clothing of Sindh. 
  • The clothing of KPK is incomplete without a waistcoat and Peshawari chappal.
  • Balochistan’s clothing’s most dominant aspect is its extraordinary wide shalwar. 

List Of Clothes

Here is a list of different clothes in the Urdu language!

English WordsUrdu TranslationRomanized Urdu
Flip-flops and Shortsفلپ فلاپ اور شارٹسFlip flaaps aur shorts
Gloves and Jacketدستانے اور جیکٹDastaanay aur jekit
High heels and Suitہائی ہیلس اور سوٹHaee heels aur soot
Hoodies and T-shirtہوڈیز اور ٹی شرٹHudeez aur tee shirt
Long coat and Bootsلمبا کوٹ اور جوتےLaang kot aur jootay
Polo shirt and Leather jacketsپولو شرٹ اور چمڑے کی جیکٹسPolo shirt aur chamray ki jakit
Shirt and Braشرٹ اور براShirt aur bra
Shoes and Coatجوتے اور کوٹJootay aur kot
Skirt and Jeansاسکرٹ اور جینزIskirt aur jeenz
Sweater and Dressڈریس اور سویٹرSweater aur dress
Swimsuit and Hatسوئمنگ سوٹ اور ٹوپیSuiming soot aur topi


Here is a list of the best accessories which will go with all dress/clothing in Pakistan:

English WordsUrdu TranslationRomanized Urdu
Anklets and Beltsپازیب اور بیلٹPaazaib aur belt
Bangles and Braceletsچوڑیاں اور کنگنChooriyaan aur kangan
Brooches and Pinsبروچز اور پنBroches aur pin
Cuff Links and Studsکف لنکس اور سٹڈزKaff link aur stads
Earrings and Eyeglassesکان کی بالیاں اور چشمہKaan ki baaliyan aur chashma
Facemask and Glovesفیس ماسک اور دستانےFacemask aur dastaanay
Hair accessories and Helmetsبالوں کے لوازمات اور ہیلمٹBaalo key lawazmaat
Handkerchiefs and pocket squaresرومال اور جیب کے چوکورRomaal aur jaib key chokor
Hats and Handbagsٹوپیاں اور ہینڈ بیگTopiyaan aur handbag
Headdresses and headwrapsسر کے پتے اور ہیڈ ریپSir key pattay aur headrap
Necklaces and Pendantsہار اور لاکٹHaar aur locket
Neckties and Perfumesنیکٹائی اور پرفیومnektai aur parfeeum
Phones and peripheralsفون اور پیری فیرلزFone aur periferals
Purses and Walletsپرس اور بٹوےPars aur batway
Rings and Sashesانگوٹھیاں اور سیشزAngoothiyaa aur sessions
Scarves and Footwearسکارف اور جوتےScarf aur jootay
Socks and Stockingsجرابیں اور جرابیںJarabain aur jarabain
Sunglasses and Umbrellaدھوپ کا چشمہ اور چھتریDhoob Ka chashma aur Chatri
Veils and Watchesنقاب اور گھڑیاںNiqaab aur ghariyaa

Pakistani Brands

English NamesUrdu Names
Alkaram Studioالکرام اسٹوڈیو
Amir Adnanعامر عدنان
Asim Jofaعاصم جوفا
Bonanza Satrangiبونانزا سترنگی
ChenOneچن ون
Cross stitchکراس سلائی
Outfittersآؤٹ فٹرز
Gul Ahmedگل احمد
Hassan Sheheryar Yasinحسن شہریار یاسین
House of Ittihadاتحاد کا ایوان
Junaid Jamshedجنید جمشید
Leisure clubتفریحی کلب
Limelightلائم لائٹ
Maria Bماریہ بی
Nadia Hussainنادیہ حسین
Needle Expressionسوئی کا اظہار
Sana Safinazثنا صفیناز
Sana Saraثنا سارہ
Sitara studioستارہ اسٹوڈیو
Threadz & Motifsتھریڈز اور شکلیں

Wrapping Up

Using a dictionary for translation of Urdu words into English words or memorizing the meaning of each word in the Urdu language is a very slow way to learn Urdu. Moreover, unlike English, Urdu is not a complete language. So the translation of many words in English might not be there in the dictionary.

The first step of learning Urdu is to recognize the letters in the Urdu language and know their pronunciation of them. Just like the ABC of the English language, Urdu has 36 letters (ا، ب، پ), which you should know about..

The second step to learn Urdu is to study basic sentences from the Internet. Also watching dubbed movies and comparing the words in English in the subtitles can help one understand more about a language. It is an entertaining way to learn Urdu.

When a person knows how to make sentences in Urdu that means they can communicate with the locals. Communication is the key. The more one speaks, the more fluent he/she will be and will learn to make one sentence in many ways using synonyms. Using other Urdu poetic devices enhances the effect of what one says and also the sentence becomes much more catchy.

If you’re looking for a great app to supplement your Urdu, look no further than Ling. Ling has listening, speaking, writing, reading, and grammar practice.

What are you waiting for? Download the Ling App now from Google Playstore or App Store and start learning the Urdu language.

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