Popular Urdu Music: 30+ Songs For Your Ultimate Playlist

Are you into music and interested in knowing the latest in Pakistan? Do you want to know more about Pakistani pop? Look no further. Here is your ultimate list of unique and popular Urdu music that will get you hooked on Pakistani music in no time! Here we go!

Before we dive into it, a little background info may be necessary. You see, the Urdu language is famously known as a language of elegance and beauty, and it is classy and poised, which is why, when words are put into music, the product is melodious.

Urdu originates from an Indo-Aryan base, with Persian and Arabic words, which are borrowed parts of Urdu. In Urdu, the lyrics of music, poetry, and dialogues are so deep that they immerse you in the writer or singer’s world. With no escape! You begin to see and understand so much in just a few words. That’s Urdu! Imagine putting these lyrics and enigmatic words – in music language.

Popular Urdu Music Pop Stars

Popular Urdu Music

It would be best if you are introduced to Urdu pop singers to give you the best of popular Urdu music. They often get their inspiration from poetry. In the Urdu language, Urdu poetry is an integral part of literature. Pakistani youth swoon and sway at the good-looking artists and their inspiring music for a rise of a new generation.

Some of the names of Pakistani musicians and top artists of their time are Ali Zafar, Farooq Ahmed, Atif Aslam, Nazia Hassan, and the legendary Jagjit Singh. I will do you a huge favor and provide a list that will help you get up to speed with Urdu music, be it ghazals, classical music, pop, and so on.

Some singers are popular in India, and Hindi and Urdu are similar spoken languages but written in different scripts. Urdu is also one of the official languages in India, so there is more variety of music for India to choose from!

Wait! What are ghazals? Good question. The best way to describe it is a ghazal is a love poem. It has many stanzas, with the second line that often repeats itself. It is classical music but has been quite modernized as well. Honestly, some of the meanings of these beautiful words make me blush! They are so romantic. It will help you get a glimpse of the beauty of Urdu music.

In paying a small tribute to the fascinating voice of the musician – Jagjit Singh, here are some ghazals to listen to along with those of other artists:

hothon se chu lon tumہوتھوں سے چو لون تم touch me with your lips
hosh walon ko khabar kya ہوش والو کو خبر کیاwhat do sensible people know about being senseless
dil e nadan tujhe huwa kya hai دل ای نادان تجھے ہوا کیا ہے۔ what has happened to your silly heart
aahat si koi aaye toh lagta hai ke tum ho آہت سی کوئی آئے تو لگتا ہے کے تم ہو with any sound of someone coming, it seems like it’s you
tere ishq ki intehan chahta hun تیرے عشق کی انتظار چاہتا ہوں I want the test of your love
paata paata buta buta hal humara jaane hai پاتا پاتا بوٹا بوٹا حال ہمارا جانا ہے۔ leaves and petals know my heart
jab se tu ne mujhe diwana ba na rakha hai جب سے تم نے مجھے دیوانہ بھی نہ رکھا ہے۔ from the day you have made me crazy

Coming more up to speed with today’s popular Urdu music, along with some old favorites but still trending Urdu songs, are:

Song & SingerUrduEnglish
Khuda aur mohabbat – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan خدا اور محبت God and love
Chupke Chupke – Ali Zafar چپکے چپکے Quietly
Noor – Asim Azhar نور Light
Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki – Sahir Ali Bagga میں تینوں سمجھواں کیHow can I explain to you
Thaam Lo – Atif Aslam تھم لوTake my hand
In Dino – Atif Aslam ڈینو میںThese days
AAP Jaisa Koi – Nazia Hassan آپ جیسا کوئیSomeone like you
The Disco Song – Nazia Hassan ڈسکو گانا(The Disco Song)

Music Bands

Popular Urdu Music
Popular Bands

I feel very honored and privileged to introduce you to some fantastic boy bands for this next section! A new wave of music bands came in the 90s. One of my favorites is “Strings.” Starting as just two members, they won the hearts of many – especially the ladies! The popularity of musicians increased with the band “Junoon” as well.

The Pakistani musician Salman Ahmad had a voice that carried power – and still does. They had more Sufi rock in their music, and their songs, music, and videos gained fame through the roof. Sufi music originated from Sufism, and music or songs are called qawwali.

Artists like Madonna, A.R. Rahman, and many more drew inspiration from Sufi music. Pretty cool, right?

Another well-known boy band is Aaroh, with its lead singer Farooq Ahmed. This band, like many, went through its ups and downs but ended up giving us hit after hit – music to carry in our hearts for life!

With enough said, here is your list of popular Urdu pop songs:


  • Sayonee – سیونی
  • Garaj baras – گرج بارس
  • Taara Jala – تارا جلا
  • Kwab – کواب
  • Sajna – سجنا
  • Dosti – دوستی۔


  • Sajni – سجنی
  • Urr Jaoon – ار جاون
  • Duur – دور
  • Mera Bichara Yar – میرا بیچارا یار
  • Chaaye Chaaye – چاۓ چاۓ
  • Zinda Hoon – زندہ ہوں ۔


  • Rakht – رخت
  • Na Kaho – نا کہو
  • Sawaal – سوال
  • Ag Ki Taarah – اگ کی تارہ
  • Ajnabi – اجنبی
  • Duniya – دنیا

Learn Urdu Songs With Ling

Learn Urdu With Ling
Learn Urdu With Ling

Urdu words are wonderful, as are Urdu songs. I have tried to create a list of popular songs in Pakistan, some of which are famous in South Asia as a whole. Top artists and talented singers made the music come alive. An Urdu song gained so much popularity that it was redone in Hindi and gained popularity in India too.

But none of this matters if you do not have a platform to learn, practice, and use the language. If you want to learn Urdu truly, you are looking for a site that will be your ultimate Urdu-speaking friend. Your answer is Ling!

You listen to hundreds of albums and may start singing Urdu songs by heart, which is excellent – but reading, writing, speaking, and listening are essential. With Ling, free Urdu lessons can help you build an excellent foundation to learn the language well. So what are you waiting for? Start your fantastic adventure with Ling today!

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