5+ Super Reasons For Learning Urdu With Pakistani Dramas

Urdu is spoken in many parts of South Asia. Pakistani Dramas reflect a high quality of Urdu language that can help language learners increase their Urdu vocabulary, immerse into the Pakistani culture, listen to correct pronunciation of words, and lastly, pause and refer back to English subtitles when lost! Pakistani serials and Urdu TV shows would be an ideal way to learn the Urdu language. Below are some of the reasons why.

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 10:27 am

Urdu is spoken in many parts of South Asia. Pakistani Dramas reflect a high quality of Urdu language that can help language learners increase their Urdu vocabulary, immerse into the Pakistani culture, listen to correct pronunciation of words, and lastly, pause and refer back to English subtitles when lost! Learning Urdu with Pakistani drama and TV shows would be an ideal way to go. Below are some of the reasons why you should try it out to start getting familiar with the language.

Understanding The Difference Between Urdu And Hindi

Through Pakistani dramas, the listener can start getting accustomed to spoken Urdu language. Therefore, the differences in the Indian language, Hindi and Urdu, can be understood. Most people cannot tell the difference initially. But, regular viewers and listeners will develop a habit of knowing pure Urdu.

Urdu Accent

Urdu is a very gentle and polite language. It may not be easy for an Urdu learner to duplicate the accent until it is frequently listened to. This beautiful language is also very respectful when spoken, referring to all in a reverent tone. If not heard with the heart, it can be missed. It is why drama serials and talk shows can be helpful.

Urdu Poetry And Literature

Often on television, poetry can be listened to as well as seen. When relayed in Urdu, the grace and charm of the language add more meaning to the prose. It is said that Urdu is custom-built for literature and poetry.

Urdu learners must grab every opportunity to watch people recite Urdu poetry, and they are sure to learn a lot of the language and will become a fan.

Urdu Comprehension And Writing

Though writing a language cannot quickly be learned through aired channels on TV, they can produce ideas that help to write. While watching a film in Urdu, interesting phrases may be worth repeating. Learning through entertainment is highly recommended, and this goes for writing in Urdu.

Something For Everyone

There are various types of learners in the world. Learning through television can help a music lover, food lover, romance lover, or real-life story lover. The key would be to find the proper episode and start from there.

Here is a list that could help the search and bring quick answers.


Pakistani Movies
Pakistani Movies

The storylines of Pakistani movies often have music, drama, and a love story. Though there are no episodes in the film, it’s helpful to watch one movie and the full story at a go.

Most Pakistanis prefer dramas to cinema as they hold more real-life storylines. Movies tend to reflect the more western culture and may not always be the best choice. But this would be ideal for those who prefer finishing a story in one go.

Food Corner

Pakistani cuisine has some truly mouth-watering delicacies. Watching cooking shows is a surefire to learning Urdu if you enjoy cooking and collecting recipes.

It helps increase vocab and teaching phrases that are useful in the kitchen and market and start conversations with people, especially women.

Reality TV Fans

Pakistan has several reality shows worth the time, improving general knowledge and vocabulary and providing excellent conversation starters.
They are in quiz format hosted by great names on Urdu Television and offer prizes, cash, and even gold to their winners.


The most popular Pakistani drama of all time would be Zindagi Gulzar Hai. It is guaranteed that after the first episode, all drama lovers will be hooked on this Pakistani serial. Although released years ago, this series still holds the excitement of being watched for the first time!

News And Current Affairs

Pakistan is always buzzing with news, and keeping up with current affairs is essential. Tuning into the daily or weekly news is highly recommended, and it also helps to be in touch with the latest sports news. In Pakistan, Cricket is very important. Knowledge about cricket, the score, the batsman, and wickets – would all be great ways to immerse into the Urdu language.


If none of the mentioned categories resonate with you, here is a list of classic Pakistani dramas you should watch at some point. Get ready to enhance your language learning journey!

  • Dhoop Kinarey
  • Tanhaiyyan
  • Rahain
  • Alif Noon
  • Aangan Terrha
  • Waris

People to follow who have note-worthy contributions to Pakistani dramas and cinema include Marina Khan, a famous name to date. Her work in Pakistani TV has been outstanding. She is an actor, producer, and director with active roles to date. Her expressions in her position, pronunciation, and way of speaking are great examples for a learner.

Another such name to follow is Behroze Sabzwari. He has made people laugh in his comic roles throughout his years in Pakistani dramas. He also holds shows on the Radio and remains an all-time favorite of the nation.

Urdu With Pakistani Dramas And Ling

Urdu with Pakistani Drama
Learn Urdu with Ling

In Pakistan, family drama is widespread, and watching those on TV is even more common among Pakistanis. This may not be your way of learning the Urdu language. And yet, it is highly recommended. 

Another way of learning Urdu can be with Ling. Ling is a language learning app that provides lessons for free and on-the-go for learners to thrive. Don’t forget to learn more about Ling and embark in your learning experience!

Start your Urdu learning today! Download from Apple Store or Google Play.

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