No Urdu On Rosetta Stone: Use The 2 Best Alternatives In 2023

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Did you find out the day before you left for India that there’s no Urdu on Rosetta Stone? Don’t be so sad. Let me give you the perfect possible solution!

Have you tried the Ling app for learning Urdu? It’s amazing! So don’t lose hope in your language learning plan only because you couldn’t find Urdu lessons on Rosetta Stone. As I said, Ling can help you develop Urdu skills anywhere and anytime!

The Urdu Language Overview

Alright. If you’re interested in learning Urdu, starting by exploring some aspects of the language can be helpful. This could inspire you and get you even more excited about learning!

Where Is Urdu Spoken?

Did you know that almost 90 million people speak Urdu? Here’s the list of countries where Urdu is spoken:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Nepal

Which country has the most people speaking Urdu as their first language? Can you guess? Well, when it comes to the country with the highest population in the world, India is definitely the one! 

Around 71 million people in India speak Urdu as their mother tongue. That’s a lot of people!

Even though India has the most Urdu native speakers, it’s not considered a national language. But Urdu is an official language in Pakistan, and around 18 million people speak it as their native language.

Is It Difficult To Learn Urdu?

Yeah, it can be tough to learn a new language, especially one with a completely different writing system than what you’re used to. Native English speakers often find those particularly challenging. So, Urdu can be challenging for people who grew up speaking English or European languages.

The fact that Urdu is written from right to left, different alphabet, and has a different pronunciation just adds to the difficulty. Also, Urdu’s structure is very distinct from that of English.

But! Stay optimistic for now. Keep in mind that there is a beginning and an effort behind every success story.

Why Is There No Urdu On Rosetta Stone?

In the same way that it’s not the end of the world if the Rosetta Stone app doesn’t offer any Urdu lessons since you can always utilize other cool alternatives. But in any case, shall we take a closer look at Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone App Review

Let’s start with Rosetta Stone’s language offerings. There are 14 language options, and Urdu isn’t one of them.

Rosetta Stone is worth checking out if you’re just starting out and looking to immerse yourself in a new language. The language learning app uses audio and images to teach you vocabulary. Plus, it gives you plenty of opportunities to practice speaking and using what you’ve learned.

Its resource is excellent for a person who is an absolute beginner but may not be the best choice for those who already have some experience and need more in-depth grammar explanations.

Want a more detailed review of Rosetta Stone? Sure, go ahead and read Rosetta Stone’s review now!

Use These 2 Alternatives To Learn Urdu!

I noticed that you’re keen on learning Urdu! Yes, I have an idea! If Urdu is your target language, but you couldn’t find it on Rosetta Stone, I can help!

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The Ling App

Have you given the Ling app a shot? Especially have you heard about this awesome language-learning app for Urdu?

Ling is an intelligent app that makes the process effortless. The interface is super user-friendly, and it has fun tools to make your learning Urdu experience more amusing. With this app, you can improve your Urdu skills faster!

Improve Your Urdu Listening Comprehension With Ling

Learning Urdu script can be tricky, making it hard to pick up new words. Did you know that reading while listening helps solve this issue? Interesting, right?

Ling has a learning method where you can look at Urdu script while hearing the audio sounds of a native speaker. So, you’ll have more fun and two different ways to remember new Urdu words.

Develop Your Urdu Pronunciation With Ling

Are you having trouble pronouncing Urdu words? Hey! Ling is here to assist you!

Once you’ve memorized some Urdu vocabulary by taking quizzes and practicing reading and listening to the words, it’s a good idea to start practicing speaking with Ling.

Ling got this cool speech recognition feature that can pick up on your accent and tell you how you’re doing! And Ling’s covered the speaking part, so you can focus on nailing those tricky sounds. So now you’re really getting involved in the learning process instead of just sitting back and reading or listening.

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Simply Learn

Simply Learn is Ling’s sibling! It’s designed to be a ready-to-use app that streamlines your experience abroad.

You can begin your Urdu learning right now by memorizing some basic phrases. The app provides a wide range of every day topics that can be helpful when conversing with locals.

In Summary

If you learn Urdu, you can explore India and Pakistan in a whole new way! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Knowing Urdu can be helpful when visiting the country. You could even download the best app to have on hand!

Now you know that you can learn Urdu anytime and anywhere with the help of “Ling” and “Simply Learn.” So, don’t worry about Rosetta Stone not having Urdu anymore!

Learn Urdu Online With Ling!

Want to make your Urdu language learning more efficient than ever? Hey, If you’re looking to improve your Urdu skills, Ling can definitely help you out. They offer Urdu courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. When will you start if you don’t start now?

Most Urdu learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and prepare to be fluent in Urdu!

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