20+ Useful Latvian Phrases For Emergencies You Should Know

Emergency phrases in latvian

Once you go to a new country, there’s always a chance that things will go South. You can get lost, feel unsafe, get robbed by a thief, hurt yourself, or any other inconvenience that can happen at any time. That’s why I made this post with a few Latvian phrases for emergencies that everyone should know if they ever intend to head to Latvia. Keep reading below to learn more!

No matter how safe a country is, there is always a small chance that something terrible will happen, and we will have to ask for help. In these cases, it becomes helpful to know some phrases for emergencies that help us ask for help. Latvia is no exception. Suppose you travel to the beautiful city of Riga. In that case, anything unexpected can happen, and trust me when I say that you will thank me for teaching you some emergency phrases that you will definitely find useful.

I personally had once my things stolen, and at that time, I knew some words that helped me connect with the police and explain my situation. Even if you’re lost or feel like you can’t find your way to your hotel after dinner, some of those that will be covered below will come in handy. With that said, let’s get right into it!

Emergency 101: Call For Help In Latvian

Latvian phrases for emergencies

Let’s start with the basics: How to call for help in Latvian. This is probably the most useful and universal phrase you can use in an emergency. In this case, fill your lungs with air and scream, Palīgā! (Help!). The Latvian people will make everything they can to help you get through your problem!

Another important word is pietura which means “Stop” in Latvian. If, in an emergency, you start to use this word because, for example, you’re being bothered, you’ll definitely turn some heads, and someone will come to your aid. Let’s look at other examples of phrases when you’re in need of help.

Uzmanies!Watch Out![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Uzmanies![/Speechword]
Ļauj man iet!Let me go![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Ļauj man iet![/Speechword]
Vai kāds var man palīdzēt?Can someone help me?[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Vai kāds var man palīdzēt?[/Speechword]
Zvaniet policijai!Call the police![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Zvaniet policijai![/Speechword]
Šeit!Over here![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Šeit![/Speechword]
Šī ir ārkārtas situācija!This is an emergency![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Šī ir ārkārtas situācija![/Speechword]

Useful Phrases To Use In The Hospital

Paramedics running

Well, this is much more common when you’re in a foreign country. Sometimes just eating food that we are not used to can make our internal organs go crazy, and we may eventually need some medical attention. If you’re heading to the slimnīca (hospital) and you’re not feeling good, the last thing you want is to get there and not be able to explain what is hurting.

The first thing you should say when you get to the hospital is Es esmu slims (I am ill). This should help you at least get the attention of the nurses. To say that you really need a doctor, you should say izsauc ārstu (call a doctor). To ensure that nothing will be lost in translation, let’s take a look at some other useful phrases for when the doctor gets by your side.

Man sāp galvaI have an headache[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Man sāp galva[/Speechword]
Es nokritu un savainoju kājuI fell and hurt my leg[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es nokritu un savainoju kāju[/Speechword]
Man sāp vēdersMy belly hurts[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Man sāp vēders[/Speechword]
Man uzbrauca mašīnaA car ran over me[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Man uzbrauca mašīna[/Speechword]
Es nejūtos labiI don’t feel good[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es nejūtos labi[/Speechword]
Man reibst galvaI feel dizzy[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Man reibst galva[/Speechword]
Man vajag vemtI need to throw up[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Man vajag vemt[/Speechword]
Es ēdu kaut ko sliktuI ate something bad[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es ēdu kaut ko sliktu[/Speechword]
Vai varat mani aizvest uz slimnīcu?Can you take me to the hospital?[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Vai varat mani aizvest uz slimnīcu?[/Speechword]
Mans draugs ir ievainots!My friend is hurt![Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Mans draugs ir ievainots![/Speechword]
Es esmu sāpinātsI am hurt[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es esmu sāpināts[/Speechword]
Es jūtos slimsI feel sick[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es jūtos slims[/Speechword]
Es jūtu sāpes krūtīsI feel pain in my chest[Speechword voice=”Latvian Male” isinline]Es jūtu sāpes krūtīs[/Speechword]

Who To Reach Out to In Latvia

Latvian architecture

Latvian people are warm and helpful, so if you ever find yourself in an emergency, reach out to a random stranger, and I’m sure they will do their best to get you professional help. Nevertheless, in Latvia, you’ll see plenty of policija (police) patrolling the streets, so feel free to reach out to any of them if you’re ever in an emergency. They will also connect you to the ugunsdzēsējs (firefighters) if your emergency is fire related.

Emergency Contacts In Latvia

In the face of an emergency, you should immediately call 113. This is the national emergency number that has no cost and is available 24/7. Additionally, you can also call 112, which is Europe’s single emergency phone. It is reachable anywhere in Europe, any time of the day, even without a SIM card installed. This will connect you to the police, emergency services, and firefighters.

If your emergency does not require medical assistance, you can call the policija (police) through the 110 number.

Here is a list of all the emergency contacts in Latvia.

110Latvian Police
112European Emergency Number
113Latvia’s National Emergency Number
114Gas Emergency Service
115Marine Search And Rescue Service

Latvia is overall a very safe place with very good emergency services that are promptly available to help you. Crime and pickpocketing are very rare in Latvia, but keep your guard up as in every other country.

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