15+ Most Funny Urdu Phrases With Their Meanings

Do you want to have a fun conversation in the Urdu language? Learn to say funny Urdu phrases and enjoy a great talk with Pakistani people using humorous Urdu words.

It is difficult for English speakers to pick up Urdu slang terms, which is why you need an app to help. If you speak English, learn Urdu by using Ling. It will greatly help you get comfortable in the language and aid you whether you’re learning Urdu for pleasure, work, or travel.

Importance Of Funny Phrases In Pakistan

It is important to know some funny Urdu phrases before visiting Pakistan. The People of Pakistan are very cooperative and can easily communicate with foreigners. So, to get frank with them, you should know some funny phrases that you can use in a friendly conversation.

Funny Urdu Phrases And Their Pronunciation

As you know, the context of any phrase or word is as important as knowing its meaning. For example, one of the most common examples of slang in Urdu is Take a chill pill “chill Karo” (چل کرو) Urdu speakers know that the literal meaning of such types of slang in sentences is not to actually take a pill and calm down, it is just a metaphor.

Many other widely used phrases to respond to somebody or express your interest are below. 

English Meaning Urdu Phrases Pronunciation
To express happiness دل باغ باغ ہو گیاDil bagh bagh hogaya
Extreme joy خو شی سے لڈو پھو ٹ رہے ہیںKhushi sey ladoo phoot rahey hain
Someone who gets over involvedبیگانی کی شادی میں عبدللہ دیوانہBeegaani ki shaadi main Abdullah deewana
Don’t cause an inconvenience پنگا نہ لوPanga na lou
Used to warn someone that they will get punished الٹے ہاتھ کا دوں گیUltey haath ka doongi
Let it go, palجانے دہ یارJaaney dou yaar
We have to get this done no matter whatکوئ جگاڑ نکالنا پڑے گاKoi jugaar nikaalna pareyga

What if you want to take a step back and learn more about the basic words or phrases in Urdu?

Well, you can use any language learning app nowadays. But what makes Ling special? It helps you pronounce the words correctly like a native speaker. You can even memorize the words better because of its gamified features. Check the Ling app now on the Play Store or App Store to see what else is in store!

Some Common Funny Urdu Phrases And Their Meaning 

“Slang” is typically known as street language. It is informal. In the culture of Pakistan, it may sound disrespectful when you use slang terms with your parents at home. So, note that it is fine to say goodbye using slag words like “Chal Phir jaa,” but it may create trouble with elders. For that reason, you must use the appropriate family vocabulary if you want to avoid scolding from them.

English MeaningUrdu Phrases Pronunciation
Complete your work quicklyدستی کام کرناDasti kaam kerna
oh no pal, what have you doneابے یار یہ کیا کردیا تم نےAbey yaar ye kiya kerdiya tumne
That’s amazingواہ کیا بات ہے یارWah kiya baat hai yaar
Someone who complains about minor things and is dependent on their parents ممی ڈیڈی ہے وہ توMummi Daddy hai wo tou
You are an expert, my friendتم تو چیتے ہو میرے دوستTum tou cheetey hou merey dost
What is happening so secretivelyکیا چکر چل رہا ہےKiya chakar chalraha hai
To confirm a hangout plan with friends سین اون ہے جانیScene on hai jaani

Fun Expressions That Pakistanis Use

English meaningUrdu WordsPronunciation
Someone who is white washedبرگرBurger
To describe a slow person ڈھکنDhakkan
A foolish person ڈھیلاDheela
A people pleaser چمچہChamcha
Funny Urdu Phrases Ling app learn

With The Ling App, Learning Urdu Is Fun 

You have mastered the common language of your country. Now is the time to learn the second language or 2,3 other languages. So, use the Ling app if you want some further help.

Learning Urdu slang is a good start, but if you want to go farther, the Ling app includes a variety of fun and useful tasks to help you enhance your Urdu language skills! Thanks to linguistic study and a spaced repetition system, learning Urdu takes little time.

The vocabulary learning with the Ling app is fantastic, as it allows you to review all of the words and phrases with visuals, translations, and audio recordings. Learning using the Ling app is similar to playing a game. You get rewards and points for completing activities that you can then compare to other users of the app. It is a great way to measure your progress.

This blog is a handy accompaniment to the app. It is updated weekly and includes grammar guides, cultural guides, and sometimes just fun topics that we like to explore. Some blogs that users have found popular in the last few months are “Cheers in Urdu” and “Urdu greetings.” 

We hope you enjoyed reading. For now Khuda Hafiz (bye in Urdu)!

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