15+ Most Funny Urdu Phrases With Their Meanings

Do you want to have a fun conversation in the Urdu language? Learn to say funny Urdu phrases and enjoy a great talk with Pakistani people using humorous Urdu words.

Have you tried learning Urdu terms by watching Pakistani dramas? Viewers (Nazarene) (ناظرین), Towards (ki Taraf) (کی طرف), and Area (raqba) (رقبہ) are just a few of the Urdu slang terms you will encounter frequently. FYI the tones and facial expressions are completely amazing.

However, it is difficult for English speakers to pick up these Urdu slang terms, which is why you need an app to help. If you speak English, learn Urdu by using Ling. It will greatly help you get comfortable in the language and aid you whether you’re learning Urdu for pleasure, work, or travel.


Importance Of Funny Phrases In Pakistan

It is important to know some funny Urdu phrases before visiting Pakistan. The People of Pakistan are very cooperative and can easily communicate with foreigners. So, to get frank with them, you should know some funny phrases that you can use in a friendly conversation.

Funny Urdu Phrases And Their Pronunciation

As you know, the context of any phrase or word is as important as knowing its meaning. For example, one of the most common examples of slang in Urdu is “Take a chill pill” “chill Karo.” Urdu speakers know that the literal meaning of such types of slang in sentences is not to actually take a pill and calm down, it is just a metaphor.

Many other widely used phrases to respond to somebody or express your interest are below. 

English phrasesPronunciationUrdu phrases
Talk nicely; otherwise, my shoe could become your crown.Nazakat sy baat krien, kahien esa na ho ky hmara joota ap ki sar ka taj bn jaye.زاکت سے بات کریں، کہیں ایسا نہ ہو کے ہمارا جوتا آپ کے سر کا تاج ہو  
You are the child of a lazy, stupid person.Aap ek khabees ki aulad hain.آپ ایک خبیث کی اولاد ہیں  
My foot is in your butt’s destiny.Aap ki tashreef ke naseeb mien humaare payr ki thokr hai.آپ کی تشریف کے نصیب میں ہمارے پیر کی ٹھوکر ہے  
You will die.Aap ka khaatma ho jaye ga.آپ کا خاتمہ ہو جاۓ گا  
Does this road belong to your father?Ye kocha kya aapke walid sahab ka hai?یہ کوچہ کیا آپ کے والد صاحب کا ہے؟
You are a skin disease in which blisters form on the skin.Aap chamde par ke phaphole hain.آپ چمدے پر کے پھپھولے ہیں  
My hand is anxious to redden your cheek.humara hath ap k rukhsar ko lal karne ke liye bekarar hai.ہمارا ہاتھ آپ کے رخصار کو لال کرنے کے لیے بے کرار ہے


Some Common Funny Urdu Phrases And Their Meaning 

“Slang” is typically known as street language. It is informal. In the culture of Pakistan, it may sound disrespectful when you use slang terms with your parents at home. So, note that it is fine to say goodbye using slag words like “Chal Phir jaa,” but it may create trouble with elders.

English Literal MeaningPronunciationUrdu phrases
The phrase means you have done something good.Shahzada laga hai.شہزادہ لگا ہے  
When you do or say something wrong.Screw dheela hona hai uska.سکریو ڈھیلا ہونا ہے اسکا  
The phrase means you have said something stupid.Pagal hai kia?پاگل ہے کیا؟  
It means do not worry.Aram kro bhai!آرام کرو بھائ
The literal meaning is don’t bother others’ business.Kaam kro apna .کام کرو اپنا  
It means you are going to be punished for your mistake.Jutty khanny hain apko?جوتے کھانے ہیں آپ کو؟  
Used when someone wants to beat another person.Mery hath mien kharash ho rae hai.میرے ہاتھ میں خارش ہو رہی ہے


Fun Expressions Pakistanis Use

English literal meaningPronunciationUrdu words
This word means a person with a dark complexion.Kalluکللو
To describe an idiot or slow person.Dhakanڈھکن
A lazy person who acts foolishlyDheelaڈھیلا     
 It is for a person who is too fond of another person.Chamchaچمچہ


With Ling App Learning Urdu Is Fun 

You have mastered the common language of your country. Now is the time to learn the second language or 2,3 other languages. So, take the help of Simya Solution’s Ling App.

Learning Urdu slang is a good start, but if you want to go farther, Ling App includes a variety of fun and useful tasks to help you enhance your Urdu language skills! Thanks to linguistic study and a spaced repetition system, learning Urdu takes little time.

Most Funny Urdu Phrases

The vocabulary learning with Ling App is fantastic, as it allows you to review all of the words and phrases with visuals, translations, and audio recordings. Learning using the Ling App is similar to playing a game. You get rewards and points for completing activities that you can then compare to other users of the app. It is a great way to measure your progress.

This blog is a handy accompaniment to the app. It is updated weekly and includes grammar guides, cultural guides, and sometimes just fun topics that we like to explore. Some blogs that users have found popular in the last few months are “Cheers in Urdu” and “Urdu greetings.” 

We hope you enjoyed reading. For now Khuda Hafiz (bye in Urdu)!

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