#1 Best Guide: Days And Months In Malayalam

The Malayalam language is one of the most complex and toughest languages to learn compared to other languages widely spoken in India or any other state. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages and is spoken by 2.90% of the Indian population in the southern state, Kerala. Although it is considered the second toughest language to read and write in the entire world after Chinese, we are here to give you some hope. If you are interested in speaking Malayalam, let’s start with some common vocabulary, such as saying the days and months in Malayalam. 


The Malayalam Language

The Malayalam language is the state language spoken by the people of Kerala, a southern Indian state. Apart from Kerala, the rich literature of the Malayalam language spreads extensively in different regions of India like the neighboring communities of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and it also has official status in Lakshadweep and Puducherry. The Malayalam language is accounted under the Dravidian languages, and Malayalis is the name given to the Malayalam-speaking family.

Out of many other languages, the Malayalam language was designated as the classical language of India in the past year of 2013. It bears a historical script dated somewhere from the 9th century and has three distinct regional dialects with a few smaller ones. Some of them are the Jeseri, Arabi Malayalam, Beary, Suriyani, and Judeo Malayalam. It also has various writing systems that include Malayalam script, Grantha, Hebrew Script, Latin Script as the common ones.


Time Of The Day In Malayalam

Days and months in malayalam

Finally, coming to the essential part of this blog, we will learn some common words that will help you become a fluent Malayalam speaker in just a few days. Let’s start with a few words and their meaning that you should memorize at your earliest before moving forward.

English Translation Malayalam Pronunciation
Time സമയം samayaṁ
Hour മണിക്കൂർ maṇikkūr
Second രണ്ടാമത്തേത് raṇṭāmattēt
Minute മിനിറ്റ് miniṟṟ
Day ദിവസം divasaṁ
Week ആഴ്ച āḻca
Month മാസം māsaṁ
Year വർഷം varṣaṁ

You must have noticed that the words are in no way similar to an English word and sound completely different. Well, that’s the glory of the Malayalam language. We will now frame some phrases and discover how it sounds when translated to Malayalam.

ദിവസത്തിന്റെ സമയം (divasattinṟe samayaṁ)

Divasattinṟe samayaṁ is the phrase or sentence you would want to use when trying to say “time of the day” in Malayalam. With this phrase, you can form questions such as “What time of the day is it?”. The translation in Malayalam would be ദിവസത്തിലെ സമയം എത്രയാണ്? (divasattile samayaṁ etrayāṇ?)

ഇപ്പോൾ സമയം ഒരു മണി (ippēāḷ samayaṁ oru maṇi)

Once you have formed a question, no doubt there has to be an answer. To help yourself with that, use the sentence ippēāḷ samayaṁ oru maṇi. This phrase means, “It is one o’clock right now.” 

ദിവസത്തിലെ ഏത് സമയത്താണ്? (divasattile ēt samayattāṇ?)

At what time of the day? It is another similar type of question that people often ask. The Malayalam version is “divasattile ēt samayattāṇ?” You can change the time number according to your needs after learning the following list of numbers to answer the question.

English Malayalam Pronunciation
One ഒന്ന് onn
Two രണ്ട് raṇṭ
Three മൂന്ന് mūnn
Four നാല് nāl
Five അഞ്ച് añc
Six ആറ് āṟ
Seven ഏഴ് ēḻ
Eight എട്ട് eṭṭ
Nine ഒമ്പത് ompat
Ten പത്ത് patt
Eleven പതിനൊന്ന് patineānn
Twelve പന്ത്രണ്ട് pantraṇṭ


Days And Months In Malayalam

Other than the common words that we learned till now, there are several different terminologies related to days and months, which are another important part of learning the Malayalam language. One fascinating pick of this topic is that the Malayalam and English calendars are not the same. While the day names in English can be spoken in Malayalam, Malayalam literature has its traditional way of counting days and months in a year, which you will never find in any dictionary. Keep reading the list below to get acquainted.

Malayalam Week Days

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Monday തിങ്കളാഴ്ച tiṅkaḷāḻca
Tuesday ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച ceāvvāḻca
Wednesday ബുധനാഴ്ച budhanāḻca
Thursday വ്യാഴാഴ്ച vyāḻāḻca
Friday വെള്ളിയാഴ്ച veḷḷiyāḻca
Saturday ശനിയാഴ്ച śaniyāḻca
Sunday ഞായറാഴ്ച ñāyaṟāḻca

English Months In Malayalam

This table shows how you pronounce an English month with a Malayalam accent. The base remains the same, and it is only about changing tone and letters.

English Malayalam Pronunciation
January ജനുവരി januvari
February ഫെബ്രുവരി phebruvari
March മാർച്ച് mārcc
April ഏപ്രിൽ ēpril
May മെയ് mey
June ജൂൺ jūṇ
July ജൂലൈ jūlai
August ഓഗസ്റ്റ് ōgasṟṟ
September സെപ്റ്റംബർ sepṟṟambar
October ഒക്ടോബർ okṭēābar
November നവംബർ navambar
December ഡിസംബർ ḍisambar

The vocabulary remains almost similar when it comes to Quarters that make up a year, Q1 (January-March), Q2 (April-June), Q3 (July-September), and Q4 (October-December).

Months In Malayalam Calendar

The Malayalam Calendar stands utterly different from the English one and is original to the Malayalam language. Here, the number of days in every month differs between 29 and 32.

Duration Malayalam Month English Pronunciation
Mid-April to mid-May മേടം Meṭam
Mid-May to mid-June ഇടവം Eṭavam
Mid-June to mid-July മിഥുനം Mithunam
Mid-July to mid-August കർക്കടകം Karkaṭakam
Mid-August to mid-September ചിങ്ങം Chingam
Mid-September to mid-October കന്നി Kanni
Mid-October to mid-November തുലാം Thulam
Mid-November to mid-December വൃശ്ചികം Vrishchikam
Mid-December to mid-January ധനു Dhanu
Mid-January to mid-February മകരം Makaram
Mid-February to mid-March കുംഭം Kumbham
Mid-March to mid-April മീനം Meenam


Other Important Malayalam Common Words And Phrases

Days and months in Malayalam

Now that you know how to say days and months in Malayam, there is a lot of extra stuff waiting for you. We have mentioned some basic Malayalam words and sentences for you to read that are useful for day-to-day conversations or conveying basic gestures such as greetings, wishes, and questions. This table content will help you easily acquire the language without going through the initial learning alphabets and scripts.

English  Malayalam  Pronunciation
Person വ്യക്തി vyakti
Car കാർ kār
Man മനുഷ്യൻ manuṣyan
Woman സ്ത്രീ strī
Games ഗെയിമുകൾ geyimukaḷ
Ship കപ്പൽ kappal
Walk നടക്കുക naṭakkuka
Eat കഴിക്കുക kaḻikkuka
Talk സംസാരിക്കുക sansārikkuka

English Malayalam Pronunciation
Hello നമസ്തേ namastē
Good Morning സുപ്രഭാതം suprabhātaṁ
Have a nice day ഒരു നല്ല ദിനം ആശംസിക്കുന്നു oru nalla dinaṁ āśansikkunnu
How are you സുഖമാണോ sukhamāṇēā
What is your name നിന്റെ പേരെന്താണ് ninṟe pērentāṇ
My name is… എന്റെ പേര്… enṟe pēr…
Nice to meet you നിന്നെ കാണാനായതിൽ സന്തോഷം ninne kāṇānāyatil santēāṣaṁ


Learn Other Languages With Malayalam

So, we have learned some common words that every other Malayalam learner should know. Malayalam is not an easy speech, and to attain that, one has to keep calm and patient. However, that does not mean spending loads of money on courses.

If you are interested to speak Malayalam along with other languages in detail, download the Ling App by Simya Solutions and gain all the knowledge you want. The app provides free content related to various languages articulated by worldwide language experts. Start learning Malayalam right away!

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