Best 10 Delicious Ukrainian Food To Try Out Today!

Planning your next Ukrainian food trip? Get ready because we have the best dished that you don’t want to miss out on! Aside from how these meals are mouthwatering to eat and something that you can enjoy with friends and family, the Ukrainian cuisine will surely give you a glimpse of Ukraine that you have never seen and experienced before. Are you ready? Because we are!

Sit back and read on because these Ukrainian dishes that you must try will surely make your next trip to Ukraine a memorable one. If this is something that you are interested in, feel free to continue reading down below!

Want To Compliment The Dish? Here Are Some Phrases How!

Before we dive into the various dishes that can give your taste buds a treat, these are ways in which you can compliment the meals while knowing a bit about the Ukrainian language!

The food is amazingЇжа чудова (Yizha chudova)
This is delicious!Це дуже смачно! (Tse duzhe smachno!)
This very yummy!Це дуже смачно! (Tse duzhe smachno!)
What a scrumptious meal!Яка смачна страва! (Yaka smachna strava!)
You cook very well!Ви дуже добре готуєте! (Vy duzhe dobre hotuyete!)

Ukrainian Food? We Have The Best List For You!

Buckle up because the best list of the most popular Ukrainian foods that you must try is right here! Rest assured, that we have made the best guide on what meals and desserts you should try. Aside from how this can be an experience of a lifetime, these will surely allow you to know the country’s culture and heritage more personally and deeper. You might want to look up how these are made and try out the Ukrainian recipes yourself too!

Traditional Ukrainian food recommendations? We got you, read on down below!

Chicken Kyiv

Known as Côtelette de Volaille, this dish is stuffed chicken coated with butter and breadcrumbs. Yummy? For sure! This Ukrainian dish is known because how it is a good source of protein and how it is very easy to prepare.

Ukrainian Food

Made up of ingredients that you can easily access in your kitchen or buy at your local grocery, you will surely be able to recreate this meal in no time and with no fail.


Mostly called potato pancakes, these can be your next favorite Ukrainian snack! If you are looking for Ukrainian food that can be either savory or sweet, this is perfect for you. What’s great about these so-called potato pancakes is that you can top them off with any topping that you want.

Ukrainian Food

May it be something sweet or perhaps your favorite cottage cheese, the possibilities of what you can pair this with are endless. This can even be served with sour cream if you wanted! That said, if you are looking for something that is not just yummy in taste but it will also allow you to mix and match the flavors, these thin pancakes are definitely for you!


Holbtsi is also known as stuffed cabbage rolls. This hearty and oozing-with-flavor meal is a must-try when you visit Ukraine or if you have Ukrainian restaurants near you! Made with ground meat, tomato paste, and even sour cream, these stuffed cabbage rolls will surely satisfy your cravings as well as your taste buds.

Ukrainian Food

If you are looking for a much healthier alternative, you might want to consider this too! With minced meat and rice wrapped on a cabbage leaf, these rolls will surely make your mouth have a party of its own because of how delicious it is!

Kiev Cake

Want to eat something sweet? The Kiev cake might just be the answer to your cravings and will give you the sugar rush that you need!

Ukrainian Food

Known as one of the most popular Slavic cakes, this is one of the very many Ukrainian desserts that you should surely try! Aside from how it is made up of various delicious layers, it is filled with hazelnut, cashews, or any topping of your choice so you will not feel as guilty when you try it out!

Olivier Potato Salad

One of the easiest Ukrainian dishes to prepare, the Olivier salad is made up of ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen or local market!

Ukrainian Food

Made up of potatoes that are finely diced, and topped with peas, pickles, and carrots, this is a very healthy alternative should you want to take a break from all the meat and sweets that you might be eating all throughout the week!


An extremely popular dish, Pampushky is typically known as Ukrainian garlic bread. Whether sweet or savory, this crowd favorite is one of the traditional Ukrainian dishes that people and even the locals keep on going back to whenever they have the chance.

Ukrainian Food

Yes, it is that good! Baked until golden and topped off with garlic sauce or oil to seal the deal, this is one of the popular Ukrainian foods that should be on your must-try list! Because if not, you are surely missing out.


A type of bread that is typically served during the Easter season, Paska has its own charm that will surely leave a good impression on you!

Ukrainian Food

Enriched in flavor through the added sugar and egg yolk, this Brioche recipe can be your perfect go-to when it comes to finding snacks that fill you up, but still taste good! Whether it is served as an appetizer or side dish, it can easily be paired with most Ukrainian dishes!


Another crowd favorite that is also served during Easter, this Sweet Ukrainian Easter cheese is also something that you don’t want to miss!

Ukrainian Food

It is one of the popular dishes in Ukraine because how it is such a classic recipe in a Ukrainian household. This famous dish of the Ukrainian cuisine is definitely a mirror of both its heritage and the talent that they have when it comes to making recipes that also feel like a taste of home!

Ukrainian borscht

With red beetroots as one of its main ingredients, this is another crowd favorite in Ukrainian cuisine. Served with rye bread or any Ukrainian food of your choice, you will surely miss out on the beauty of Ukraine and its food if you fail to try this out!

Ukrainian Food

Many Ukrainian recipes like this one don’t just exist on special occasions but even on normal days which goes to show that these recipes are very to prepare with ingredients that are very accessible too.


One of the most popular Ukrainian foods, this Ukrainian cookie fried in oil will certainly make your sweet tooth have the time of its life! If you are into pastries or anything that is sweet, this dessert will definitely satisfy all of your cravings.

Ukrainian Food

Aside from how these can be paired with the coffee or tea of your choice, this can also be an option as a gift to someone you find dear. After all, what better way to show your love and appreciation than to give them something sweet, right?

These are just some of the very many dishes and meals that you should try out when you find yourself visiting Ukraine or when you are invited to a Ukrainian household! Whether you try one, two, or even everything on this list, we can guarantee you that these Ukrainian recipes and foods will make you fall in love with the country even more.

And because this nation is home to a rich culture and interesting heritage, like countries such as Russia and Italy, it is also no doubt that Ukrain is also a hotspot of world-class cuisine something that you should really try even just once in this lifetime! That said, knowing a bit of Ukrainian would not hurt. If anything, it might just make your Ukrainian adventure a more memorable experience! We promise you, that we will make it feel like a walk in the park with the Ling App.

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Ukrainian Food

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