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Are you eager to study Cantonese but have discovered no Cantonese on Mondly? Don’t give up if the app doesn’t include your target language. With Ling and Simply Learn, you can keep up with your Cantonese studies!

You may have come across Mondly in your research of language-learning apps. However, as you discovered, Mondly doesn’t currently provide Cantonese lessons. Yet, be assured that I’ve got your back! This blog post will take you to areas where people speak Cantonese, discuss the challenges of studying the language, review the popular language-learning app, Mondly, and introduce you to two fantastic alternatives: the Ling app and Simply Learn. So get yourself a cup of tea and settle in!

The Cantonese Language Overview

Let’s start by exploring where Cantonese is spoken and how challenging it can be to learn this language!

Where Is Cantonese Spoken?

Where exactly do those beautiful Cantonese voices come from? Well, just think about crowded metropolises, mouthwatering dim sum, and lively markets! You see, the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is home to the majority of the population that speaks Cantonese, or “Yue,” as it is called in its native language form. But that’s not all; Cantonese is also widely spoken and used in other regions of China, such as Hong Kong and Macau.

Is It Difficult To Learn Cantonese?

Is learning Cantonese a mountain too steep to climb? Maybe not! Cantonese, like every other language, has its own characteristics. The tone system is one aspect that might raise some eyebrows. There are six tones in Cantonese, each with a particular significance. Yes, that’s right; I said six! But that shouldn’t put you off.

Tones are like a musical dance because they seem like old friends once you learn the steps. Additionally, the writing system and some grammatical constructions may cause you to pause for thought, but guess what? It’s all in a day’s journey. You can learn Cantonese with hard work and a little bit of patience.

Mondly App Review

Mondly specializes in creating realistic language learning environments through interactive lessons. However, language learners at the intermediate and advanced levels will struggle with Mondly. There is a little gap between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The lessons are fundamental, even at the highest levels.

Unfortunately, when taking a look at Mondly languages, it doesn’t yet provide Cantonese language courses. Even so, it’s a great option if you’re curious about the various languages they provide.

If you’re interested in reading the full Mondly review, we also have that done for you!

Why Is There No Cantonese On Mondly?

Stop scratching your head and read on to find out why Cantonese isn’t included in Mondly’s courses.

The Mondly app is available in more than one language. The English language is among the 30+ supported languages. Yet, creating a comprehensive language education takes time. Cantonese may be absent for several reasons, including a lack of demand, difficulty teaching its complicated grammar, and difficulty putting together a whole course.

But guess what? There’s a whole world of alternatives out there.

Use These Alternatives To Learn Cantonese!

While you might not hear Mondly singing in Cantonese just yet, the world is your linguistic playground. You’re ready to master Cantonese with the help of the Ling app and Simply Learn by your side. So, let’s dive right in!

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The Ling App

The Ling app has finally arrived to save the day! This language learning app is your reliable mount if learning Cantonese is your ultimate linguistic goal. Thousands have used this tool, and many of them are saying that learning Cantonese with Ling is an exciting journey you won’t regret taking. They provide a comprehensive curriculum with options for students of varying skill levels and engaging lessons to keep them engaged.

Intriguing, right? You’ll be able to communicate with natives in no time at all because of their focus on everyday language use. Ling will make it possible for you to brave the crowded streets of Hong Kong and order dim sum with full confidence!

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the glories of Cantonese? Ling puts learning Cantonese at your fingertips, complete with planned lessons and pronunciation practice through speech recognition that will surprise the locals. The extra benefit of understanding the culture that gives this language its allure cannot be overlooked.


  • Master Cantonese with 50 conversational topics.
  • To hone your ear for language, listen to native speakers.
  • Interactive visual lessons designed to improve language retention.
  • Interactive and fun educational games.

A free version of Ling provides access to beginner lessons, and monthly, annual, and lifelong subscriptions are available.

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Simply Learn

Simply Learn is here to help if you want to increase your basic vocabulary. It’s not a replacement for a comprehensive language app like Ling, but it will greatly help as you continue to study Cantonese. You can also use the flashcards and the interactive quizzes to help you recall the more complex vocabulary words and phrases you’ll need for your trip abroad.


  • Quickly memorize new vocabulary with flashcards.
  • Words and phrases for you that are based on real-life situations.
  • Work on having useful conversational skills before your trip.

So, Simply Learn, has these bite-sized lessons that gather words and phrases to help you grasp Cantonese well before interacting with the locals in the country you go to. That’s pretty cool!

Learn Cantonese With Ling Now!

Learning a new language is like setting out on an exciting journey rich with opportunities for personal growth! Thus, there’s no need to hold off. Learn Cantonese with Ling now and see how many new doors will open for you!

Most Cantonese learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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