30+ Useful Serbian Movie Vocabulary You Should Know

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Want a tip on how to practice your Serbian? Either watch movies in Serbian or watch any other with Serbian subtitles! Follow my advice, and you’ll learn it so much faster!

This Serbian movie vocabulary can be a very efficient and fun way of practicing the language! It is the best combination of learning something new and doing something fun and engaging. You can learn new vocabulary, how to properly structure sentences, and grammar and pronunciation while enjoying a great piece of art, along with some popcorn! I can’t think of a better way of learning!

Whether you’re just learning to speak Serbian or want to enrich your vocabulary to stick it to your Serbian friend, in this article, I’ll give you all the resources you need to improve your Serbian-speaking skills.

Movie Culture In Serbia

Although not very recognized worldwide, Yugoslav cinema is known for being one of the best to use the mundane day-to-day life and turn it into an authentic piece of art. If you want to see it for yourself, we have a great article about the best Serbian movies of all time; however, in the meantime, here are a few of the best Serbian movies ever made.

Street with advertising for Serbian movie Underground

Underground (1995)

This movie goes back to history, telling the events of Yugoslavia from the start of World War II up to the early start of the conflict that ripped it apart in the 1990s. This great art piece by Emir Kusturica was a Palme d’Or winner in 1995 and is a must-see in the Serbian cinematographic culture.

Street with advertising for Serbian movie Black Cat, White Cat

Black Cat, White Cat (1998)

Another great movie by Emir Kusturica, Black Cat, White Cat focus on Serbia’s Roma population and the daily life of a small community in a small village on the Danube. In the story, you are presented with a bride and a groom that are about to get married but are not over-the-top enthusiastic about it. Somehow, in this love story are introduced violence, alcohol, guns, animals, and many other absurd features are present. Let’s just say that Kusturica made all of this work!

Street with advertising for Serbian movie Rane (The Wounds)

The Wounds (1998)

From the brilliant mind of Srdjan Dragojević comes Rane (wounds), a satire and comedy about the brutal face of life in a war-torn state. It follows the life of two young men that fight the odds to make a name for themselves in New Belgrade during the Yugoslav War. Eventually, they encounter a gangster that takes them under their wing and makes them commit a series of crimes.

Street with advertising for Serbian movie Krugovi (Circles)

Circles (2013)

Krugovi (Circles) tells the well-known story of the murder of Srdjan Aleksić, a Serbian teen that Bosnian Serb soldiers killed in the Herzegovinian town of Trebinje during the Bosnian War. Besides being based on a true story, the after-effects of this tragic killing make off a beautifully cinematographic piece.

In 2022, Serbian cinematography was finally recognized worldwide when the Serbian film Blood – Sin of Ancestors became available on Netflix. This film follows the story of Hadzi Trifun, a Serbian merchant trying to keep the peace with the Turkish authorities but also maintains his reputation and influence in Vranje, an important Turkish town near the border with liberated Serbia. It is directed by Milutin Petrović and has powerful Serbian names in their cast, such as Dragan Bjelogrlić or Anđela Jovanović.

Useful Vocabulary About Movies In Serbian

To fully embrace yourself in the cinematographic world of Serbian movies, you should learn a few terms about not only the making of but also about the plot and the characters.

Film / movieФилм (film)
Cinemaбиоскоп (bioskop)
DirectorДиректор (Direktor)
ActorГлумац (Glumac)
ScreenwriterСценариста (Scenarista)
CinematographerКинематограф (Kinematograf)
ProducerПроизвођач (Proizvođač)
CastЦаст (Cast)
ActressГлумица (Glumica)
StarЗвезда (Zvezda)
Secondary ActorСецондари Ацтор (Secondari Actor)
ScreenplayСценарио (Scenario)
StoryПрича (Priča)
PlotПлот (Plot)
TwistТвист (Tvist)
SuspenseНеизвесност (Neizvesnost)
CharacterКарактер (karakter)
SceneСцена (Scena)
EpisodeЕписоде (Episode)
Sequelнаставак (nastavak)
Prequelпрекуел (prekuel)
TrailerПриколица (prikolica)
Genreжанр (žanr)
SoundtrackСоундтрацк (Soundtrack)
DocumentaryДокументарни филм (Dokumentarni film)
NarratorПриповедач (Pripovedač)
WesternВестерн (Vestern)
Actionпоступак (Postupak)
HorrorУжас (Užas)
CrimeЗлочин (Zločin)
ComedyКомедија (Komedija)
True storyИстинита прича (Istinita priča)
DramaДрама (Drama)
FantasyФантазија (Fantazija)
MysteryМистерија (Misterija)
RomanceРомантика (Romantika)
ThrillerТрилер (Triler)
ViolentНасилно (Nasilno)
Woman watching serbian movie on a laptop

Wrapping Up

As the Serbian film community starts to grow, if you’re really interested in learning Serbian, this should be something you must invest in!

Imagine this: your Serbian friends start to chat on and on about a really good Serbian film that has just come out. They are really excited about it, talk vigorously about even the director and all the production that took place right in their home town! You really want to share their excitement and share with them all your thoughts about this cinematographic art. However, you don’t even know how to say the word “ movie” in Serbian (BTW is филм [film])!

This is your first step into looking and sounding sophisticated, talking about movies in perfect Serbian!

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