No Bosnian On Rosetta Stone? Best 2 Alternatives!

No Bosnian on Rosetta Stone? Don’t worry, we have 2 alternatives to help you out if you still want to learn Bosnian!

Keep reading our review if you want to know why you should learn Bosnian and which applications are the best for learning the language!

Is Bosnian Hard To Learn?

For most language learners, this is a very common question. So, is it really hard to learn Bosnian?

No Bosnian On Rosetta Stone

If you are an English speaker, it might be hard to learn Bosnian. However, if you are already familiar with the Serbo-Croatian language, it will definitely be easier for you because such languages are closely related to one another.

Having said that, if you are familiar with the Serbian language, Croatian language, or even the Russian language, it will not be as hard for you to get acquainted with Bosnian. If you are a native English speaker, Bosnian will definitely require a bit more work since the phrases and words are rather challenging.

Of course, it all depends on the time, focus, and determination that you put into learning a new language. The good thing is that there are a lot of language learning applications out there for you to utilize!

Why Should You Learn Bosnian?

Aside from the fact that it is a very beautiful language with an interesting history, when you start learning Bosnian, you will have opened up the possibility to learn a variety of new languages that are closely related to it, such as Serbian.

Not to mention, being able to learn a new language can allow you to make friends all around the world, polish your language skills, and overall learn something new and amazing! Learning Bosnian is definitely a good idea especially if you are looking into living in the country. Not only does learning the language of the country you plan to visit or live in make things easy for you, but it helps to avoid miscommunication with the locals. So, if you plan to visit Bosnia or live there, you should definitely think about this!

While the resources to learn Bosnian is quite limited, learning the language can open up a lot of opportunities for you and help you make connections and new relationships. If you are looking for a sign to learn Bosnian, this is definitely it!

Learn Bosnian With These Two Apps!

Since the Bosnian language is unavailable in a lot of language learning applications, like Rosetta Stone, you need to start looking at alternatives. Don’t worry, these alternatives are proven to be effective and can help you start learning Bosnian!


If you are looking for a free way to learn Bosnian, one of the solutions is definitely YouTube. Although YouTube channels don’t tend to offer structured courses, like specific language learning platforms, it is still a great tool if you are just starting out.

No Bosnian On Rosetta Stone

YouTube is also great if you need your questions answered or if you are confused about something. Aside from that, it can also help you build your vocabulary and develop your overall language skills.

While YouTube isn’t as specific as language learning applications, it is a great way to get introduced to the new language that you are learning and, at the same time, improve your language skills. Not only is it free and accessible because it’s available in both an app and desktop version, but it is convenient since you get to learn at your own time and at your own pace.

The Ling App

If you are looking for an application to help you focus, build your vocabulary, teach you grammar rules, and become fluent in a language, you should try using the Ling App.

Bosnian On Ling App

The Ling App is a language learning application that provides you with very effective mini-games, highly enjoyable quizzes, useful grammar instructions, as well as lessons that will make you keep coming back for more! You can even get immediate feedback on your pronunciation thanks to the app’s interactive AI chatbot.

Since the Ling App is designed to make language learning easier for all language learners, the activities and quizzes are tailored toward that. Not to mention, all of the content in the platform is verified by native speakers of that language, which means you can rely on it to be accurate!

Learn With The Ling App!

Aside from Bosnian, Ling offers lessons in over 60 languages, including Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, and so much more. This language learning application truly opens you up to a whole new world of learning languages.

Learn Languages Ling App

Since it’s an app, this means you can learn on the go, anytime and anywhere. Ling is even available for iOS, Android, and desktop devices. So, no matter what you want to use to learn, you can find and learn with the app! With just a few clicks and taps, whether it’s for 10 minutes or 1 hour per day, you can improve your language skills with the Ling App.

Apart from the app, Ling also has an amazing free language blog. On the blog, you can find thousands of resources related to all kinds of languages, countries, cultures, food, and even helpful language tips! This really is a great resource if you’re looking to extend your knowledge even further.

With the Ling App, you can learn new languages effectively and with ease. Be sure to check out the Ling App today to get your language learning journey started! sretno i srecno ucenje (good luck and happy learning in Bosnian)!

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