Easy Portuguese Proverbs To Try Out This 2023!

Portuguese Proverbs

Are you curious to know some of the easiest Portuguese proverbs? Proverbs and quotations are the kinds of phrases that everyone, sooner or later, will rely on at one time or another when we don’t know how to say certain things or sound sophisticated.

There are many popular sayings, such as beautiful proverbs, quotes about friendship, sayings about life, positive thoughts, and love poems, that people in a conversation commonly use.

This article goes over the easiest Portuguese proverbs you should know and use.

Why Is it Important To Know And Use Proverbs?

Proverbs are the medium on which one relies to advance daily and mask ignorance, jealousy, or even a moment of pessimism.

In short, you learn to see the world in a new light, thanks to the proverbs about life, the best quotes about love, and the desperation of specific phrases. Each language has this repertoire. In particular, the Portuguese language contains quotes on patience, love, sorrow, misfortune, and sadness.

You can use proverbs with your Portuguese friends in the following instances:

  • During the discussion of a thesis or during a speech at a conference
  • To belittle a tragedy or anyway a sad event
  • To quote typical phrases of a language
  • To make a good impression and use love verses written by others
  • To seek support or consolation, relying on the dictates of third parties
  • To make a great impression as a group
  • To look like a local, even if you are a foreigner in Portugal

But why mention phrases and aphorisms in Portuguese?

Because Portuguese people are extraordinary navigators, poets, thinkers, and novelists, they have originated some summaries of knowledge over the centuries, synthesized in phrases, and then made famous in aphorisms.

In short, just like in other languages, even in Portuguese, it can be helpful or enjoyable to throw in brilliant quotes!

In addition, it is an opportunity to discover the implications of the language and deepen their knowledge beyond the simple rules of grammar and syntax!

Most Easiest Portuguese Proverbs

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Discovering new proverbs allows you to quickly and in a fun way access the Portuguese language, even if you do not yet know it well. In short, a sort of accelerated Portuguese learning.

Some of the best portuguese proverbs are the following:

  1. O que os olhos não vêem, o coração não sente – What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t feel
  2. Quem tem boca vai a Roma – Who has a mouth, goes to Rome (literal translation), but it means “if you have a mouth, you can get to Rome”
  3. Quem conta um conto, aumenta um ponto – Who tells a tale, adds a tail
  4. O pior cego é aquele que não quer ver – The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see
  5. É melhor estar seguro (é melhor prevenir) do que pesaroso – It is better to be safe than sorry
  6. Enquanto há vida, há esperança – While there is life, there is hope
  7. Amigos amigos, negócios à parte – Friends friends, business aside
  8. O barato sai caro – Cheap is expensive (literal translation)
  9. A união faz a força – Unity is strength
  10. Cão que ladra não morde – Dog that barks, does not bite (or barking dogs seldom bite)
  11. Paredes têm ouvidos – Walls have ears

Some of the above proverbs are easy to understand and figure out what they mean. Some are more difficult.

Here are the meanings of some of the above proverbs:

  1. O Que Os Olhos Não Vêem, o Coração Não Sente – What The Eyes Don’t See, The Heart Doesn’t Feel

This proverb means that it is easier not to feel the emotions related to the situation if you do not see something. For example, you will not be in a bad mood if you don’t see a painful situation.

  1. Quem Tem Boca Vai a Roma – Who Has a Mouth, Goes To Rome

This proverb means that if you have a mouth, you can ask for directions and discover the right way to go to Rome ( or any other place)!

  1. Quem Conta Um Conto, Aumenta Um Ponto – Who Tells a Tale, Increases One Point

This proverb means that when someone is reporting what has happened to other people can change the story by adding events or things instead of saying exactly what has happened.

  1. O Prior Cego é Aquele Que Não Quer Ver – The Worst Blind Is The One Who Doesn’t Want To See

This proverb is pretty common in many other languages; it means that if someone doesn’t want to see or understand something, they will not do it despite clear evidence in the physical universe.

  1. É Melhor Estar seguro (é Melhor Prevenir) Do Que Pesaroso – It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
Portuguese Proverbs

This proverb advice people to take action to resolve a specific situation instead of waiting and being sorry later for not having done anything about it.

  1. Enquanto Há Vida, Há Esperança – While There Is life, There Is Hope

The meaning of this proverb is pretty straightforward; it means that until you are alive, you can always set things straight.

  1. Amigos Amigos, Negócios à Parte – Friends Friends, Business Aside

This Portuguese proverb means that you should not mix pleasure with business. If you have friends, it is better to keep the relationship on a friendly level without getting involved with the business.

  1. O Barato Sai Caro – Cheap Is Expensive

This proverb means that sometimes getting cheap things can be economical, but it turns out that you will spend more over a more extended period. For example, cheap things get broken easily and must be replaced.

  1. A União Faz a Força – Unity Is Strength

This is another pretty know proverb used in many other languages. It means that together is better and there are more possibilities to win when joining forces with others.

  1. Cão Que Ladra Não Morde – Dog That Barks, Does Not Bite (Or Barking Dogs Seldom Bite)

As this proverb implies, it means that loud people, or those that pretend to be strong, are not the ones to be worried about, but rather those who are quiet can represent a bigger problem.

  1. Paredes Têm Ouvidos – Walls Have Ears

You can use this proverb to tell others to be careful about what they say since others can listen or eavesdrop.

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