30+ Best Portuguese Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Would you like to know the best Portuguese slang words? If you want to sound like a native, learning some words and phrases that the local people commonly use is essential. In addition, it is common to hear slang words in daily conversations.

Learning a few of them can help you to understand what others are saying and use them when necessary. This article goes over the best Portuguese slang words and phrases.

What Is A Slang Word Or Sentence?

Typically slang words or sentences are used in informal conversation or writing amongst friends. However, professionals working in a specific field may also use slang words or phrases in a particular group of people.

Likewise, each country develops words or phrases used by the people during a conversation that might have a different meaning than the word itself.

Best Portuguese Slang Words And Their Meaning

If you know Portuguese people or are going to Portugal (or Brazil), it is essential to learn some slang terms.

Here are some of the most commonly used slang words in Portuguese:

Portuguese people commonly use this word. It has several meanings, and people use it regularly to fill their conversations. It might signify:

  • Totally
  • Like
  • You know
  • Dude
  • Man

During the conversation, people can use this word to fill gaps or have time to think or gather their thoughts.

  1. Meu (bro)

This is a word that means “brother” or “bro.” It is inserted into the conversation, similar to what American people do. It literally means “mine.”

  1. Fixe (cool, excellent)

It is a Portuguese slang word that means “great,” ” cool,” or nice. This slang word started to be used at the beginning of the 19th century when British tourists visiting a city named Algarve ordered fish and were very happy about the food.

Since that time, the word Fixe ( which sounds similar to the English word fish) has been used to refer to something cool.

  1. Gajo (guy)

This word means guy, and depending on how you use it and the tone of your voice, it can have a positive or negative connotation.

  1. Gaja (girl)

Gaja means “girl” or “chick.” Depending on the use can signify something positive or negative.

  1. Giro / gira

Giro is used for males, while gira is used for females. It means:

  • Pretty
  • Cute
  • Handsome
  1. Porreiro (awesome)

It literally means cool or awesome. It can be used to say that you think something is really nice and that you like it a lot.

  1. Ya

Ya, in Portuguese simply means “Yes.” It is a widely used word and can also be used instead of saying things like “uh-huh” or carry on.

  1. Tipo

It literally means “type”; it is used to say something is similar to something else. But, recently, it has been used to say “dude” or “gal.”

  1. Táss cuul

This sentence is used to say ” we are good” or ” we are cool.”

  1. Desaparece

It is used to tell others to “go away,” ” disappear,” or “get lost.” It is meant to say to others to leave and leave you alone.

  1. Bué

This word means ” very.” It is used to add emphasis to what you are saying.

  1. Que Pisso

It means “how lucky.” It can be used to signify happiness for a good thing that happened to others

  1. Tuga And Tugas

These words are used to signify Portuguese people or people from Portugal. “Tuga” is used for a single person, while “Tugas” is used for a group of people.

Brazilian Portuguese Slang Words

Best Portuguese Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Portuguese slang words and sentences can be different in Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese is one of Brazil’s most spoken languages and is one of the official languages. In case you visit Brazil or have Brazilian friends, it is good to know what are their best slang expressions.

Here are some of the most commonly used slang words in Brazilian Portuguese:

  1. Bacana

This means:

  • Great
  • Cool
  • Awesome

It can be used to say that you like something or appreciate something.

  1. Legal

It is a ubiquitous expression. You can use it to say that something was good or that it was appreciated.

For example:

  • Foi legal – It was good
  1. Beleza

While it means beauty, this word is used to say “ok,” “good,” or “fine.” So, for example, if someone proposes an appointment or asks you if something is good for you, you can reply using this word.

  1. Joia

It means “I am well or I agree.” You can use this word to say that you agree with someone.

  1. Tá bom?

It is a slag question expression that is used to ask if someone agrees to something. One can answer “ta bom” or simply “ta” to agree.

  1. Gato or Gata

It literally means “cat.”

But it is used to mean “good looking.” So it can be used to indicate that someone is attractive. Gato is used for males and Gata for females.

  1. Falou

It is a word that means “ok.”

  1. Da hora

While it literally means “of the time,” it actually means:

  • Cool
  • In style
  • Hip

It can be said to show appreciation toward someone or something.

  1. Maneira

You can say that something is “Maneira” to say that it is cool or even awesome.

  1. Rolê

While it translates into “go around,” it is used to say to go out to a party or just go out.

  1. Balada

This word is used to say that someone is going to dance or to a dance club.

  1. Grana

Grana is a slang word that indicates money.

  1. Café pequeno

While it translates to “little coffee.” But it is an expression that means something small or insignificant.

  1. Mão de vaca

It translates to “cow’s hands,” meaning someone who is stingy or miserly.

  1. Cara

This word means “face.” It corresponds to the English words “man or dude.” Typically used in informal situations.

  1. Pepino

While it means “cucumber,” it refers to a problem.

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