20+ Best Words For Colors In Portuguese

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 05:32 am

Want to know all there is about the terms used to describe colors in Portuguese? We got you covered! In today’s post, we will walk you through all there is to know related to this topic so that you can talk about this confidently with the locals. After all, colors play a huge role due to their symbolism and character. If you are ready to learn from that, let’s get started!

What Are The Colors In Portuguese?

Light blueAzul claro
Chiffon whiteChiffon branco
Dark blueAzul escuro
PurpleRoxa (feminine) Roxo (masculine)
Lime greenVerde limão
Navy blueAzul marinho
Baby blueBebê azul
Dark purpleRoxo escuro
Frost whiteGelo branco
BrownCastanha (feminine) Castanho (masculine)
Coffee brownCafé marrom
Denim blueAzul denim
Olive greenVerde oliva
Rice whiteArroz branco
Cotton whiteAlgodão branco
Rose redRosa vermelha
Light pinkLuz rosa
Dark pinkRosa escuro
Chocolate brownChocolate marrom
Charcoal greyCinza carvã
Blush pinkCorar rosa
Light brownMarrom claro
Light greyCinza claro
Dark brownMarrom escuro
Dark greyCinza escuro
Champagne pinkRosa champanhe
Cherry blossom pinkFlor de cerejeira rosa
Cocoa brownCacau marrom
Green appleMaçã verde
Brown sugarAçúcar mascavo
Dark moss greenVerde musgo escuro
Cobalt blueAzul cobalto
Burnt orangeLaranja queimado
YellowAmarela (feminine) Amarelo (masculine)
Sun yellowAmarelo sol
Banana yellowBanana amarela
Baby pinkBebê Rosa
Barbie pinkBarbie rosa
Dark orangeLaranja escuro
Bright greenVerde claro
Light orangeLaranja claro
DarkSombria (feminine) Sombrio (masculine)

What Do We Use Colors For?

colorful plates in portugal colors in portuguese
Colors Brighten The Days

What do we use colors for? Almost everything! We use colors to describe scenery, places, things, and much more! But what exactly is almost everything? Allow us to walk you over a few points!

  • Describe hair color = Descreva a cor do cabelo
  • Describe clothing = Descrever roupas
  • Describe nature = Descrever a natureza
  • Tell someone your favorite color when they ask = Diga a alguém sua cor favorita quando eles perguntarem
  • Point out cool things in the area like; cars, houses, people, and more! = Aponte coisas legais na área como; carros, casas, pessoas e muito mais!

Colorful Idioms

Not only do we use colors to describe people, places, things, and more, but we also use them in the form of idioms! First things first, what exactly is an idiom? Idioms are a group of words pieced together to form a figurative and non-literal phrase or expression. Here are some examples:

  • Caught red-handed: This phrase is often used in a bad way. This idiom means to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong. We will give you an example.
    • “I caught him stealing from my purse red-handed!”
    • Apanhado em flagrant = caught red-handed/caught in the act
  • Green thumb: This is another common idiom that is used all over the world. Essentially this idiom means being really good with planting, farming, and/or gardening.
    • “Wow! Your garden looks amazing! You must have a green thumb!”
    • Polegar verde = green thumb
  • Black sheep: This one, we are sure you have heard this on several shows and movies, but in case you don’t quite understand, here is what it means! This idiom means to be the outcast essentially. For example:
    • “I’m the black sheep of the family.”
    • Ovelha negra = black sheep
  • Out of the blue: This idiom is used in the case of being surprised or having something unexpected happen to you.
    • “His visit was so out of the blue! I wasn’t expecting it!”
    • Do nada = out of the blue
  • Green with envy: This is commonly used when someone is highly jealous of someone or something else.
    • “She was green with envy when she saw her friend’s new bag.”
    • Verde de inveja = green with envy

Phrases Involving Colors

colorful city portugal
Phrases Involving Colors

As mentioned before, colors are essential for almost everything. We depend so much on it in our daily lives so much whether we are working, driving, communicating, and so much more! Let’s move on to some fun phrases that involve colors, such as asking about what someone’s favorite color is! Here are some examples:

What are your favorite colors?Quais são suas cores favorites?
Can you please buy me the blue and yellow candies I like?Você pode me comprar os doces azuis e amarelos que eu gosto?
Can you hand me my yellow socks?Você pode me entregar minhas meias amarelas?
What color do you want?Que cor você quer?
What color hair dye do you want?Qual cor de tintura de cabelo você quer?
What’s your hair color?Qual é a cor do seu cabelo?
Is that lipstick red or pink?Esse batom é vermelho ou rosa?
Can I have yellow paint, please?Posso ter tinta amarela, por favor?
Did you see that dark-haired girl? I want my hair like that!Você viu aquela garota de cabelos escuros? Eu quero meu cabelo assim!
Do you like having white hair?Você gosta de ter cabelo branco?
I love your green eyes!Eu amo seus olhos verdes!
Do you want to do a gender reveal?Você quer fazer uma revelação de gênero
Are you going to buy gender-specific clothes and toys?Você vai comprar roupas e brinquedos específicos de gênero?
How many colors are in the whole world?Quantas cores existem no mundo inteiro?
Is the gender blue or pink?O sexo é azul ou rosa?

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