20+ Easy And Basic Bosnian Phrases For Newbies

Basic Bosnian Phrases

Why should you learn Bosnian as a second language? Learning basic Bosnian phrases allows you to converse and communicate in a different language. You will also get closer to understanding and learning an entirely different culture. Let’s start with the basics. ‘What’s your name?’ Is ‘Kako se zovete?’

Bosnian is one of those Slavic languages which has official status in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia is a country of extraordinary beauty, rich traditions, and friendly people who are proud of their language and culture. The country is rapidly developing, and its tourist attractions are attracting an increasing number of visitors. 

Naturally, speaking the country’s native language is the best method to get a feel for the place. So, if you are visiting the country, you must know a few basic Bosnian phrases. Moreover, learning Bosnian face-to-face is not something you can do at the moment. So, why not learn Bosnian from the comfort of your home using the Ling app before visiting the country?

Learn Basic Bosnian Phrases

Learn Basic Bosnian Phrases 

Basic phrases are important to speak with someone who does not know a foreign language. You can also use them to introduce yourself or have some small talk with the native people. Talking with natives explores your vision and knowledge about the people of other cultures. 

There are different ways of greeting people. Formal ways are preferable with elders, while you can use informal means of meeting with people of your age. There are also formal and informal ways of asking, “What is your name?” So, in a formal manner say “Kako se zovete,” and informally, ask “Kako se zoveš.” 

Both phrases have minor differences that become difficult for a foreigner to identify. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult for the natives to understand the difference.

Some other common basic Bosnian phrases are below.  

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Pleased to meet you!Drago mi je što smo se upoznali!
It’s meSam ja / Ja sam
I am from…Ja sam iz
What is your name?Kako se zovete
My name is…Zovem se
Thanks! Good.Hvah lah! Dobro.
Long time no see!Dugo se nismo vidjeli!
Good luck!Sretno!
Good health!dobro zdravlje!
Have a nice day!ugodan dan!
Basic Bosnian Phrases Greetings

Basic Greeting Words And Phrases In Bosnian 

When we greet people, we often say “Hello!” It is a good way of meeting friends and even strangers. But, if you are meeting people in Bosnia early in the day, you must greet them by saying Good morning in their language. So, say “Dobra dan” or “Dobro jutro! as the basic greeting. 

Other greeting terms are below. 

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Hello!Dobar dan!
Good morning!Dobro jutro!
Good afternoon!Doh bahr dahn!  
Good evening!Dobro veče!
Good night!Laku noc!
You are welcome!Nema na čemu!
How are you?Kako ste?
Basic Bosnian Phrases Helpful Words

Useful Phrases In The Bosnian Language 

Every visitor should make an effort to learn a few words and phrases in the foreign language they are visiting. Even if you only know the basics like “good day” and “goodbye,” the locals will appreciate your effort. As a result, speaking another language will teach you something new.

It is one of the best aspects of traveling. Learn some other useful phrases to help your way in a foreign country. Such useful basic Bosnian phrases are below. 

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Do you speak English?Govorite li engleski?
She is on the phone!Ona je na telefonu!
Where is the bathroom?Gdje je wc
Do you understand?Razumijete li? / Da li razumijete?
I need a doctor!Treba mi doctor!
Please help me!Molim te pomozi mi!
Please guide me!Molim vas uputite me.

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  1. I am a native Bosnian speaker and also a language instructor.

    Do you understand? Razumijete li? Da li razumijete?

    It’s me. We translate it: To sam ja. Or: Ja sam. ME is a logical subject in this sentence.

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