LingQ Vs Pimsleur: An Exclusive Review In 2023

LingQ vs Pimsleur

Learning a language through online apps and software is one of the most popular trends in the world. Learning foreign languages has numerous advantages in your personal and professional life. What drives so many people to choose language apps like LingQ and Pimsleur? Let’s see which one is better: LingQ vs Pimsleur?

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found adults’ mental flexibility improved when they learned a second language. Their capacity to think rapidly and creatively was also improved. This improvement was because they were compelled to adopt new words and phrases.

The Ling app is the fastest way to learn your target language. The up-to-date and user-friendly courses are free with 60 languages, including less often spoken languages such as Thai, Serbian, and Tagalog.

People study other languages in greater numbers every day with advanced language apps. There are a variety of motivations for this. It includes the desire to learn a new language to travel to new areas. They want to converse with foreign friends or family members. Or it may be the desire to better one’s work prospects by becoming bilingual or multilingual.

Benefits Of Learning A New Language With Language Learning Resources

The number of advanced learners learning a foreign language only in the United States is believed to be between 18 and 42 million.

Whatever their motivation is, there are a variety of approaches to learning a foreign language. Some people prefer to attend sessions in person. At the same time, others prefer to learn languages on their own through popular language apps.

Here are a few examples:

  1. With a language learning app, you’ll have more opportunities to communicate with others.
  2. With a language learning app, you’ll discover new cultures.
  3. If you learn a language, your memory will improve.
  4. You’ll meet new people and more advanced learners.
  5. You’ll increase your mental capacity.

Pimsleur Review

With Pimsleur‘s breakthrough language learning resource, you may study on all fronts. You can speak your new language quickly and even without the need for rules.

With this efficient learning app Pimsleur, you can bring several languages to life. You can master phrases and words quickly. Moreover, you are most likely to use it in everyday situations. You can also use your learned vocabulary, grammar, and native-like pronunciation whenever you need them.

But does Pimsleur do better in our tests than the LingQ?

Lingq vs Pimsleur Choose one from the available languages

Choose The One From The Available Languages And Master Your Skills

The Pimsleur app offers language courses and teaches languages and multiple dialects. They include Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, and Vietnamese. It also offers Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian,

What Is The Pimsleur Technique To Teach Language?

The Pimsleur technique, also known as the graded interval recall approach, was developed by Dr. Leon Pimsleur. It regularly reminds language learners of new terms, with slowly rising reminders.

Your short- and long-term memory benefit from this spaced-out strategy. It ensures that information is retained as efficiently and effectively as is feasible. Pimsleur conducted research to determine how long it took users to remember new knowledge. It also concluded research on how frequently they needed to be reminded of it to keep it.

Pimsleur classes are built on dialogues and speaking practice drills with native speakers. It is intended to aid the brain in absorbing new language and grammar as quickly as possible. It lets you concentrate on dialogues and conversations. In addition, the intonation, the rhythm, the melody, and the pronunciation are taken into account.

In comparing LingQ vs Pimsleur, there are no grammar exercise flashcards necessary with the Pimsleur courses. Such aspects are baked into every exercise learners participate in. So you may pick them up as you go using these language learning apps.

What There Is To Know About Pimsleur Courses

Reading classes primarily concerned with how letters combine to make sounds are also offered.

Following that, you will learn to pronounce the new words you read in the reading classes. And then you will understand what they mean.

Each language level consists of 30 classes with interactive exercises lasting thirty minutes. There are language courses in specialized languages that contain as many as five sections. Repetition of the phrases and same words over and over again will become familiar to you as you go through your planned course.

When learning a language, the amount of new words you acquire is set by the level you are studying. Moreover, it depends on the language learning course you are looking for. Surprisingly, on average, between 300 and 500 new vocabulary words are taught in each 30-lesson course.

Pimsleur Pricing – Premium Packages And Free Trials

The cost of a Pimsleur App subscription or product varies. It is based on your level of proficiency and the kind of subscription or product you want to purchase.

The monthly subscription fee begins at $14.95 and increases with time.

Pimsleur might become prohibitively pricey when compared to other online language learning software.

Pimsleur’s Free Trial Version

Pimsleur App offers a free trial that allows you to test out the curriculum for seven days. You can see whether you like it before purchasing the program. To take advantage of the free trial period, you may try as many language courses and features as you want. You may access all of the classes in a single language learning program.

Sometimes you may not want to continue using Pimsleur after the 7-day free trial period. In this case, you must revise your subscription. You must do it before the end of the period specified. You may be charged automatically if you do not cancel your subscription.

In addition to audio-only classes, a Pimsleur audio course provides access to various other resources. Monthly subscriptions are available for as little as $14.95 per month.

Pimsleur Premium

A Pimsleur Premium language learning plan is available for a limited number of languages.

It includes interactive lessons, flashcards, cultural lessons, quizzes, saved vocabulary, and skill categories. With these cool features, the monthly premium membership is $19.95 per month.

Pimsleur CDs For Lifetime Learning Access

If you wish to acquire your learning materials in advance, you may purchase and download Pimsleur MP3. You will be able to keep files or CDs indefinitely.

The MP3 courses are similar to those available via the monthly subscription program. Pimsleur is accessible for free internet access via several public libraries. And some libraries also have CDs available for lending.

On the other hand, choosing this entails a more considerable upfront outlay. A level of MP3 files comprising 30 courses will cost you around 120 dollars. CDs are more expensive, costing $345 per level.

Enjoy Freedom To Learn With Pimsleur Android And iOS Compatible Software

If you wish to utilize Pimsleur, the app will give you the most wonderful user experience possible.

The Pimsleur app for Android and Apple cellphones is available for free download. Pimsleur may be used in conjunction with an Amazon Alexa device also.

Conditions for using the Pimsleur mobile application

  • Apple® iOS 11 or later.
  • AndroidTM version 7 or higher;
  • With most smartphones & Android tablets and a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels or higher.
  • AndroidTM version 7 or higher

A language membership may be bought either via the app or through the online interface.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to log into your account. You can complete your lessons from your mobile device. Your progress will be saved regardless of whatever device you use to access your account.

A Pimsleur user can share a premium language learning course with three family members. Each premium account sub-progress user is tracked individually if both are enrolled in the course.

Lingq vs Pimsleur Possible To Become Proficient In Another Language

Is It Possible To Become Proficient In Another Language Using Pimsleur’s Methods?

Many individuals are eager to know what level Pimsleur will take you to. Pimsleur may not make you fluent in your target language like a native speaker. But it will give you a practical grasp of the language. It will allow you to navigate most social communication appropriately.

Students may take what they already know and improve on it. They do it by consistently using the language in their interactions.

For instance, if you go to a location where you must speak that language, you will quickly pick up new terms. Pimsleur will help you the same way. It will let you reach a level where you can communicate effortlessly in day-to-day situations.

Many Pimsleur users have expressed disappointment. They claimed that the program’s usefulness is confined to informal discussion. It focuses on speaking rather than in-depth grammar instruction. Pimsleur is most beneficial for anybody who wishes to communicate in a new language. But it does not support all of the ins and outs of grammar effectively.


  • A large library of audio classes is available.
  • A dashboard that is both modern and user-friendly, a tried-and-true way.
  • Encourages you to practice speaking.


  • Expenses are higher than those of the main rivals. 
  • Repetitive, with little opportunity for reading practice
Lingq vs Pimsleur LingQ Review

LingQ Review

LingQ (pronounced “link”) is a robust language learning website developed by Steve Kaufmann. It offers a lot of audio lessons and textual information to teach languages. LingQ describes itself as “an online language learning community.” After you become a member, you may interact with the community to locate a native speaker to exchange language with.

How LingQ Works

LingQ is an online learning platform that assists you in learning languages. LingQ allows you to read and listen to information from various sources. You can use LingQ’s tools to learn new words and grammar by importing articles, video lessons, and audio lessons. And then use the tools to review what you have learned.

LingQ welcomes everyone to join up for a free account to test the language course. It lets them figure out if they enjoy the course technique and outcomes or not. However, free versions can only produce 20 definitions for new terms during their trial period.

Most people will do this in about an hour or so of reading. They will then be unable to utilize the feature on which the whole system is founded.

For this, you should have a good sense of how the application works. You should test out the premium version for at least one month before making a final choice.

LingQ Has A Great Variety Of Available Languages

LingQ language courses are accessible in 14 languages including Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian. As of now, ten more languages are in the beta development stage.

Use LingQ as part of your language learning resource for a few months. You will consider it the best language study tool. It complies with every language learning style you could imagine. An upscale approach for speaking and writing works the best way for beginners. It brings them all together in one convenient place for practice.

This implies that between LingQ vs Pimsleur, you may utilize LingQ to increase your abilities in the following areas:

  • Reading practice, writing practice, and active listening
  • Vocabulary development with speaking practice.
  • Bringing everything together in one area.

Given the available information, we will detail the numerous LingQ tools. We will include discussions of how each one works.

LingQ’s Language Learning Instructions

The lesson system is the heart of LingQ’s functionality. Each session includes a brief paragraph written in your target language that you can read and understand.

Every session contains a component that involves reading and listening. You may read through the lesson or listen to the class as it is in your native language. You can go for them both at the same time.

The lessons are organized into courses, and most systems are structured around a target language.

Each lesson expands on the description covered in the previous session.

LingQ Lessons

LingQ offers a wide range of courses to choose from. From the beginning, you are encouraged to seek out classes related to your interests. LingQ has provided serious language learners with another reason to return time after time.

Moreover, these performant language apps introduce new terminology every time you upgrade the class.

There is a library of over 700 excellent courses accessible. So, your personal favorites may be as follows:

  • TED presentations delivered in different or your target language
  • The French course at the Foreign Language learning Institute
  • Greetings and farewells to all languages
  • Sayings and expressions in multiple languages for quick language proficiency.
  • The Little Prince story (book)
  • The latest news in the simple target language
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (book)
  • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Any subject matter will likely be covered in a course that captures your attention. It keeps you coming back for more information.

Now let’s take a look at flashcards and some of LingQ’s other memory-enhancing features.

LingQ’s Vocabulary Development Resources

If you are in a course or listening to LingQ audio and come across a term that you don’t recognize, you may mark it as a LingQ.

As we see LingQ vs Pimsleur, the LingQ has a whole section dedicated to vocabulary.

When it comes to acquiring vocabulary, there are four basic methods:

Their features are as follows:

  • Flashcards
  • Cloze Examinations
  • Dictation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

All of the tools use a Spaced Repetition System. This system determines which the user should check on words. As a result, you are reminded of words when you lose them. This makes it one of the most efficient methods of increasing your vocabulary.

LingQ Allows You To Learn On The Go Using Your Smartphone Or Tablet

The LingQ app for smartphones and tablets may be downloaded. It is an alternative to the desktop website. You can conveniently use LingQ on any of the smart devices. This gets you the chance to finish your LingQ classes and review your own flashcards anytime.

In this situation, you are thrown into the deep end. Then you are expected to pick up grammar and vocabulary along the way. Likewise, LingQ blends hearing with reading. Many users find this method to be very effective.

Moreover, the language learners find that the desktop site provides more freedom. It helps in exploring LingQ’s diverse range of capabilities. However, the app is simple to use. It has a good combination of the most important aspects of LingQ. Overall, LingQ is one the robust and adjustable language learning software. This LingQ vs Pimsleur review will reveal how the LingQ’s classes are the efficient part of the program.

When opposed to textbook-based courses, the advantage of LingQ is that it is interactive. The other crucial part of the program is notifying LingQ of any new terms you’ve heard. So that it may include them in your flashcard deck. This serves as an extra safety net for the learners.

LingQ has such a diverse selection of accessible classes. As much as you like language learning, learning new resources to keep yourself interested is critical. And there is always something new and interactive to learn while you are using LingQ.

How Much Does LingQ Set You Back?

As we all know, everything associated with “language learning apps” might be on the more expensive end. This is because it is regarded as highly specialized.

In the case of LingQ, the premium version is accessible for $10 per month. But amazingly, it provides you with unlimited access if you sign up for a Premium membership. You may upgrade to a Premium Plus membership for $39 per month to use the tutoring option. This Premium Plus membership gives you access to other cool features and benefits.

With LingQ, you are in command of your education. You can decide what you want to learn and how you want to study it. Keeping with the language hacking technique that we propose at Fluent in 3 Months, this is a positive development.

LingQ’s Tools

To study the languages, I would always advocate a range of available resources and courses. Despite all of this, if you had to choose one, it would be LingQ.

LingQ’s fundamental tools (lessons and vocabulary development) are among the finest. You will have amazing interactions, and this is something that truly stands out. In some ways, it is one of the best learning apps around the world. Not to mention all the other fantastic tools that come packaged with it.

From many tools accessible on LingQ, they place a high priority on the site’s development. It is also apparent that they keep investigating and improving their tools.

Additionally, their customer service is outstanding. They responded to every inquiry with a timely and useful answer. All of the mentioned features make the LingQ a complete learning resource.

A good option for persons who desire to learn another language for professional purposes is LingQ. Whatever their motivation and willingness to forge the route to learning, they will go a long way in pursuit of knowledge.

LingQ has a diverse assortment of content, including articles, video lessons, and podcasts. It is easily accessible if you wish to learn languages for travel and tours.

In addition to being free of cost, it provides a more enjoyable and engaging learning method.

How LingQ Is Different From Duolingo

LingQ and Duolingo are two language-learning systems that have risen in popularity recently. They are both fantastic instruments for learning new languages. They have distinct advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

Those who desire to study languages in detail can benefit from LingQ. It has more features and flexibility than Duolingo. LingQ lets you learn by leveraging information from the real world. Its sources supplement your language learning experience.

Duolingo is more suitable for those who wish to learn rapidly and effectively. Duolingo is also more organized and gamified than LingQ. It provides a greater selection of languages to pick from.

There is no doubt that LingQ and Duolingo are two prominent language-learning systems. They both offer free lessons to use with some of the features. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, which learning resource is suitable for you, depends upon your goals and requirements.

How The LingQ Is A Helpful Japanese Learning Resource

Learning new Japanese vocabulary with the help of LingQ saves a lot of time and stress. It also enables you to enjoy the trip by learning from what you loved doing.

LingQ may be prohibitively costly for a certain user as a paid site for the Japanese. Some may find the cost of learning Japanese difficult to justify. However, if you are serious about studying the languages, it is well worth your time. The sessions are well-structured and are intended to assist you in improving your language abilities as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the site gives several possibilities for you to practice your Japanese with native speakers. Those who have been using LingQ to learn Japanese for quite some time like it.

Lingq vs Pimsleur LingQ Features That You Might Not Like

Is There Anything About LingQ That You Might Not Like? There Isn’t Much

Neither the avatar nor the procedure of collecting money to modify your avatar is appealing. It seems a gimmick to many of its users. However, we can see how it may appeal to children who visit the site.

It is also perplexing about the distinction between coins (used to purchase avatar enhancements) and points. These pay for speaking skills lessons and writing critiques. However, they are merely minor annoyances in an excellent system.

The LingQ app is a multidirectional tutor in terms of functionality. It makes every effort to provide all you might need to master different languages. Furthermore, all of the tools it gives are of high quality and effectiveness.


  • There is so much information that there is something for everyone.
  • It includes spaced repetition, one of the most efficient techniques to acquire vocabulary.
  • Listening and reading skills that are well-balanced.
  • An interactive and community-based learning spaced repetition method.
  • There is a wide selection of classes offered.
  • Customer service is second to none.


  • Distracting avatar and currency systems are disadvantages.
  • The distinction` between collecting coins (to “pay” for avatar enhancements) and collecting points (to “pay” for speaking lessons and writing critiques) might be confusing.

LingQ Vs Pimsleur Review Conclusion

Briefly summarized, the Pimsleur technique is excellent for laying a strong basis for learning a foreign language. As long as you love engaging in discussions, the strategy is successful and simple to follow.

Students are taught a firm foundation first. Then the additional vocabulary terms and more complicated grammatical ideas are introduced.

The Pimsleur approach does not need flashcards, grammar exercises, or intensive reading and writing. Instead, such aspects are woven into the fabric of each discourse in which learners engage. So they are easy-going and efficient for serious language learners in time.

To guide you better as LingQ vs Pimsleur review here, find more useful reviews like Anki vs Memrise and Speakly vs Duolingo.

Ling Is Empowering Users Worldwide As An Efficient Alternative To Learning Foreign Languages

Still in search of an ultimate language learning solution? Try the Ling app for all your long waited language learning solutions.


Because the efficient behavior-based approach includes easy and short classes. The technique also includes realistic films and interactive knowledge assessments that you won’t find anywhere else. The Ling app assists you in improving your foreign language writing and speaking abilities.

Download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store and try it now!

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