Best Anki Vs Memrise Review – Which One Is #1 App?

This article covers the topic Anki vs Memrise, where we will tell you about available languages, an overview of both the apps, the pros and cons, pricing, and reviewer’s choice.

Are you visiting a new place or considering learning a second language? Thanks to technology, now is the best time to master another language and open new doors. Those days are gone when you pay lots of money to sign up for a class or buy textbooks. Now all you need is reliable internet and your smartphone.

With language learning applications, such as the Ling app and online services, you can most comfortably study at your own pace. The trick is to find the best app according to your needs at different stages.

We are all continual learners, and we are always keen to know new applications, platforms, and methods of learning foreign languages.

In this blog, we will focus on comparing Anki vs Memrise – The two market famous language learning apps.


Anki Vs Memrise – Language Learning Apps

Anki Review

Anki (flashcard app) is a great tool and is all about improving recall and memory.

Anki Vs Memrise Review

It is an intelligent flashcard app system that uses the interval repetition system learning method. The scientific basis is that through active retrieval, we can create stronger memories of new words. Officially Anki was released in 2006 by Damien Elmes (developer). The chances are unending content-agnostic and support audio, videos, images, and scientific markup (via LaTeX). For example:

  • Learn a new language
  • Shared decks, Anki deck vocabulary cards, deck creation
  • Study for law and medical exams
  • Memorize people’s faces and names
  • Brush up on geography lesson
  • Master long poems
  • Even practice guitar chords!

Available languages On Anki

You can learn 48 languages, 14 of which are included in the Anki App for mobile users. In addition, this app includes features for people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and dementia patients so that they can use this app well. It contains a variety of flashcards, which will surely improve your memory.

In addition to language, you can also keep track of daily tasks, appointments, and other content.

Platforms Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPad

Anki Pricing Plans

Anki is completely free. Yes, that’s right, it’s free for all users unless you want to use this app on your iPhone. If you are one of the iPhone users, then you have to pay a one-time fee of $25.

Other users are covered with the free version, including Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac. There are different versions for each one of these platforms, so feel free to check them out.

The algorithm focuses on weak vocabulary, so you are not practicing individual words you already knowIt entirely relies on users motivation level
Wide variety of flashcard stylesBarebones interface without add-ons
Community flashcard deckIt is possible to become puzzled by new vocabulary and lose motive
Clear stats pageUser-generated decks differ widely in accuracy and quality
100’s of add-ons 
The account is free (but not for iPhone users), which has no time limit. 

Memrise Review

Learn a second language with fun chatbots, games, and over 30,000 videos for native languages.

Anki Vs Memrise Review

To help you master the real scene with spaced repetition, Memrise is not limited to flashcards. It also provides quizzes and options for “click to listen” phrases. Instead, Memrise courses immerse you in videos that use their “learn with locals” feature to show the real-world situation by native speakers. As a result, it can help you understand the terms, phrases, and sentences people speak in authentic dialects rather than speakers with a neutral or fixed focus.

In addition to this, you will be assessed based on your speaking skills using pronunciation patterns.

Available Languages On Memrise

Memrise currently has 23 language courses for more than 40 million users. In addition, there are user-generated courses in other languages, such as Latin and Albanian. However, these are the most famous and searched language programs for English speakers: Learn Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Danish, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil and Europe), and Learn Spanish (Mexico and Europe).

Platforms Supported

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • SaaS

Memrise Pricing Plan

The first level is ample for some people who have to learn a language or strengthen their dusty skills. If you want the premium version, there are multiple plans available. These fees include all the training courses you like, and the price ranges from

  • $8.99 per month
  • $79.99 annually
  • $119.99 a flat-rate of lifetime fee. 
A free version is availableMostly focuses on vocabulary
The Memrise works with 23 languagesUser experience is complex
Lots of levels and programs are availableNot suitable for a master level or high-level learning
Game-like traits make the language training process funAbsence of user interaction
Good choices are possible in settings for customization.No additional courses access in the app
Additional classes are possible that cover topics like literature, engineering, history, and more. 


Anki Vs Memrise – Reviewers Review

They both do better than the other in different cases, so basically, it depends on you guys’ needs.

If you mainly intend to make your own cards, then Anki is what you need (or want to use for that specific purpose). On the other hand, if you are a beginner and are mainly interested in getting a good and fast language introduction using existing materials, then Memrise is what you should prefer.

It is easier for Anki to create new cards, which is its design purpose, so it is particularly good at it. So, yes, you can download other people’s Anki decks and use them through Anki’s website. On the other hand, the Memrise web interface just implemented this idea better.

If you have read Anki vs Memrise review now, read our hands-on review on Mondly vs Memrise and Mango Languages vs Memrise before deciding to download any app.


What Is The Alternative? – Learn New Languages With Ling Today!

There are many alternatives to these two apps, so if you find yourself not using these two apps, check out other options, such as The Ling-app, Simya Solutions’ language learning platform.

In the field of language learning, getting help to improve your progress is crucial. Ling may not be the market leader yet (currently). Still, it has some help for everyone, from advanced learners who want to learn active vocabulary, grammar rules, and writing skills to beginners who wish to impress and expand from only speaking their native language outwards.

Come to The Ling or even download the Ling app on your phone and let us open up new horizons together!

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