LingQ Vs. Memrise Review – #1 Guide For Best Language App

Most language learners find it challenging to choose the best language learning app— this LingQ Vs. Memrise comparison will assist you in selecting an app that helps you learn a new language quickly.

Traveling to another country doesn’t seem a bad idea, but sometimes you are unaware of the native language. In this case, learning the words and grammar structures of that country might save you from hassle. Among language apps, you can use the Ling app to learn your target language conveniently.

Sometimes, a respectful and inclusive culture guide is necessary to understand the country and its people better. Moreover, you need a language proficiency certificate to apply for a college, and that’s how language courses will assist you there.

To find software that has deep user insight and compliance training, read the following LingQ Vs. Memrise comparison. 


LingQ Vs. Memrise – Quick Review For Language Learners

If you have previous language knowledge and want to design your language course, you can use the LingQ app. And if you are a beginner, then Memrise is here in the market to teach high-frequency words, vocabulary, and grammar patterns. Following is the review of each app that will help you decide which language learning app to use.

LingQ Review

LingQ is one of the few online language learning apps that offers a wide range of learning tools. It is aimed at teaching you a foreign language through fun and creative activities. It is a virtual language program that allows you to design your online lessons. You can find lessons that are as fully customizable as you want. Not only that, but it also has a lot of cool features.

LingQ Vs. Memrise Review
  • You’ll develop a better comprehension of the language through vocabulary-building features.
  • You can participate in many different challenges to assess yourself. 
  • The majority of the challenges are 90 days long, but some are also monthly. With these challenges, you can also practice reading and learning vocabulary words.
  • With its extra features, you can even use Skype to communicate with native speakers. This will help you to improve your target language. If you are learning German, French, or any language, you can easily polish your conversational skills with it.

Languages Offered By LingQ

If we compare LingQ Vs. Memrise, LingQ offers 14 languages, including French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and ten others. Furthermore, some languages have beta programs, which means LingQ is crowdsourcing material for them but does not yet have enough to create a comprehensive and worthwhile service. Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Turkish are the languages involved.

Price Plan Of LingQ

The pricing plan of LingQ premium is as follows:

  • $10 (Monthly for a premium account)
  • $39(Monthly for a premium plus account)
  • $107.88 (Yearly)
You can create your study plan.  The learning method isn’t well-structured in general.
You have complete control over which lessons you attend.The user interface is confusing and annoying.
Tutoring via video call is available online.With tutoring, there’s no guarantee of what you’ll get.

Memrise Review

Memrise is a flashcard mobile and web application that is best for learning new words and vocabulary. Like other apps, it has a game-based system that helps you learn vocabulary quickly. When you select “start” on a course, you’ll be sent to a short game where you’ll learn to recognize five new words. Each word begins with a seed emoji, which you must practice in several different ways to develop a stem and bloom into a flower. It has a handful of other cool features too.

LingQ Vs. Memrise Review
  • Some Memrise courses include a few seconds of real videos to introduce new words. You can hear these words from a native speaker to have a better understanding of pronunciation. 
  • Memrise has a fantastic feature in which you use your phone’s camera. Point it at objects in the room, and the app will tell you what they are and provide a translation! It only fits about 33% of the time, but it’s still a lot of fun.
  • With spaced repetition, you will be able to revise your course anywhere, anytime. 

Languages Offered By Memrise

If we compare LingQ Vs. Memrise, Memrise offers 22 languages. You can learn Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish, and other foreign languages. Learning English will not be a problem if you use Memrise.

Price Plan Of Memrise

You can use the free as well as a premium version of the app. Following is the Memrise pricing plan.

· $8.99 (Monthly)

· $59.99 (Yearly)

· $99.99 (Lifetime Subscription)

A flashcard app with a handful of cool features.You are learning the basics of the language but not very deeply.
A game-based system is available.  The quality of user-generated content is only suitable for the individuals who create it.
It focuses on learning new words and vocabulary. The translations of video posts can be inaccurate at times.


LingQ Vs. Memrise – Viewer’s Review

LingQ app has many unique features, including a game-based system, challenges, and vocabulary building feature. But its user interface and teaching method are not well structured. On the contrary, Memrise has several components, from chatbots to spaced repletion and an in-app gaming system. This language learning app is highly recommended to beginners. If you want to learn about other apps, you can read our blogs on “Preply Vs. Memrise,” “Duolingo Vs. Memrise,” “LinguaLift Vs. Quizlet,” and “Memrise Vs. LinguaLift.”


Ling App – A Great Alternative

I hope this LingQ Vs. Memrise comparison helped you out in choosing a language learning app. But, if you don’t find anything that suits you, you can use the mobile app, such as the Ling app by Simya Solutions.

Learn languages with Ling App - Download Ling App

Simya Solution believes that online compliance training should not be boring. Therefore, you can learn your target language quickly through mini-games, quizzes, and active community. Thus, our suggested software for learning languages has deep user insights that also help face workplace business challenges. Another cool feature is that we offer our own flashcards to learn new vocabulary.

Simya Solutions’ learning language resources are designed specifically to develop conversational skills (speaking and listening skills) through its chatbot system. Further, bite-sized episodes, realistic videos, and interactive knowledge checks are all part of the Ling app’s behavior-based approach for a new language learning experience. Feel free to visit our Ling app and have a firm grip on many words in your desired language easily. 

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