Top 6 Best Apps To Learn Albanian For Kids In 2024

Learn Albanian For Kids Ling App

Our fast-growing global community has made learning a new language, like Albanian, more important than ever. And there is no better way to empower your children from a young age than by learning a foreign language. And best of all, kids are like little sponges that effortlessly pick up new words and phrases. So, we’ve done the research and gathered the six best apps to learn Albanian for kids in 2024.

Imagine this: You see your kid picking up Albanian and having so much fun that they don’t even notice they’re learning. That’s the charm of apps like Ling. Platforms that brilliantly combine fun and interactive activities to simplify language learning.

Ready to dive in and explore more apps that will have your kids speaking Albanian in no time? Keep reading to discover the other amazing options we’ve dug up for you!

Quick Overview Of The Best Apps To Learn Albanian For Kids

App NameStarting PricingBest For
Ling$14.99/monthStructured Learning
DinoLingo$14.95/monthYoung Kids
Mondly Kids$9.99/monthUser-Friendly Interface
DropsFree (limited features)Vocabulary Learning
Rosetta Stone$11.99/month (3 months)Real-Time Pronunciation Checking
MemriseFree (limited features)Engaging Video Clips

1. Ling – Best For Structured Learning

So first, let’s talk about the Ling app. If you’re on the hunt for an app that offers an interactive yet structured learning experience, then you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this one. At its core, the Ling app is more than just a language learning tool, it’s a comprehensive, interactive, and deeply engaging platform designed to imitate the natural way humans learn languages.

With a firm emphasis on making language learning meaningful and fun, this app prepares your little ones to form connections with everyone they meet. The best part? Your kids will be so engrossed they won’t even know they’re learning!


  • Interactive Exercises: One of the Ling app’s best features is its interactive chatbot, which allows your child to learn naturally by doing, not just by listening.
  • Engaging Activities: Mini-games and quizzes make each practice session feel like playtime rather than a traditional lesson. Your child will love tracking their progress as they advance.
  • Mix Of Languages: With over 60 languages to choose from, including Albanian, your child will hear audio from native language speakers, ensuring the most authentic learning experience.
Best apps to learn albanian for kids-Asian girl with smartphone


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99

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2. DinoLingo – Best For Young Kids

DinoLingo is an app that mixes the fun of online games with the educational benefits of language learning. Designed especially for kids, DinoLingo makes use of cartoony dinosaurs to teach Albanian to them.

The series of lessons, games, stories, and songs make the learning process fun and interactive. It shakes off the dryness and drabness of language learning and sprinkles it with exciting and interactive elements. The simple and clear Albanian lessons help improve listening skills and pronunciation. So, if your kiddo is eager to learn, DinoLingo is definitely worth a shot.


  • Online Games: With games this fun, your child will be mastering Albanian as quickly as they level up.
  • Music and Videos: Let your child bop to the tunes of Albanian songs and stay glued to the screen as they watch entertaining videos — a perfect combination of enjoyment and learning.
  • Books and Flashcards: Colorful and appealing books and flashcards that are so captivating they’ve even won an award. It’s proof that learning doesn’t always have to be a yawn.


  • Monthly:$14.95
  • Yearly(One Language):$149.00
  • Yearly(All Languages): $449.00
  • 7-day free trial available
Learn Albanian For Kids Mondly Kids

3. Mondly Kids – Best User-Friendly Interface

Mondly Kids is an innovative language-learning app that utilizes an interactive learning method to keep children engaged. Designed specifically for kids, this app cleverly turns language learning into a fun and engaging game, enabling your little ones to pick up Albanian quickly and effortlessly.


  • 40+ Practical Topics: Real-world topics designed with kids in mind ensure the Albanian language skills they learn are practical and useful.
  • Immersive Experience: Mondly Kids offers an augmented reality (AR) feature, providing an immersive language learning experience for your child.
  • Conjugation Tables and Grammar Features: These are designed to speed up the child’s learning process, ensuring that grammar rules are learned effectively, but without the typical boring aspect of these lessons.


  • Monthly subscription (one language): $9.99
  • Yearly subscription(one language): $47.99
  • Lifetime subscription (all languages): $89.99

4. Drops – Best For Vocabulary Learning

When it comes to learning Albanian for kids, Drops is another interesting choice. It’s a beautiful language-learning app that’s designed to make learning new words and phrases feel like a joyful game instead of a chore. The Drops app focuses on teaching new vocabulary through engaging visuals and fun games.


  • Visual Learning: Drops turns learning into fun with vibrant, interactive word games that immerse your little learner in the beauty of the Albanian language. Picture this: a whole bunch of quirky, colorful images help kids associate words with visuals. It’s like we’re painting words in their mind – no more dull, black-and-white letters!
  • Timed Sessions: Drops believes language learning should not be a sprint but a pleasant stroll. So, it offers 5-minute learning sessions. Yes, just 5 minutes a day to step into the beautiful world of Albanian.
  • Handpicked Vocabulary: Not all words are created equal, are they? Some are used more often than others. So, Drops cherry-picked common words and phrases of the Albanian language, making sure your child learns what truly matters first. It’s smart learning, simplified.


  • 7-day free trial available
  • Monthly: $13.00
  • Yearly:$69.99
  • Lifetime:$159.99

5. Rosetta Stone – Best For Real-Time Pronunciation Checking

Rosetta Stone is like your little one’s virtual trip to Albania. Not only does it offer Albanian language courses, but it also makes them enjoyable. The best part? Its unique TruAccent speech recognition engine allows real-time pronunciation checking. That means your kid won’t just understand Albanian; they’ll master it!


  • Dynamic Immersion Method: Lessons are designed to mimic real-life scenarios. So, it’s like your kid is buying a toy in an Albanian store without leaving the comfort of home!
  • TruAccent Speech Recognition: Every sound counts in a new language. This feature helps nail the pronunciation right from the start. Say goodbye to awkward language fumbles!
  • Offline Learning: No Wi-Fi, no problem. Kids can still continue their language lessons offline with the Rosetta Stone app.


  • 3-month membership: $35.97
  • 12-month membership: $95.88
  • Lifetime unlimited: $179.00 (regularly $299)
Best apps to learn albanian for kids-little boy with a smartphone

6. Memrise – Best For Engaging Video Clips

Talk about treasure boxes. Memrise is one loaded with nuggets of language joy! Designed to make language learning a fascinating journey rather than a mundane task, Memrise stands out, particularly for kids learning Albanian. This nifty app imprints a piece of colorful Albania onto children’s minds with its unique integration of engaging video content. It’s learning that feels like playtime.


  • Real-Life Learning: Memrise brings language learning to life. Instead of sticking to textbook phrases, kids learn to speak Albanian the way locals do! How? Through real-world video clips that demonstrate language as it’s naturally used.
  • Personalized Learning: Memrise gives you, or rather your kids, the reins. Kids can learn at their own pace, practice when they want to, and focus more on areas they find challenging. The app tailors the learning journey to match individual learning styles!
  • Fun Quizzes: If there’s one thing kids love, it’s games! Memrise offers engaging quizzes that not only assess their understanding but also make the entire learning process entertaining.


  • Monthly subscription: $14.99
  • Yearly subscription: $89.99
  • Lifetime membership: $199.99

Apps To Learn Albanian For Kids: Gateway To Mastering The Language!

And there you have it, the creme de la creme of apps to get your precious little ones excited about picking up Albanian! These aren’t just ordinary run-of-the-mill language apps. They’re gateways opening doors to a rich and beautiful language with a sneak peek of Albanian history.

Each of these six apps brings its own twist to learning Albanian, making it an enticing adventure for kids! Whether they are starting from scratch or are advancing to the next level, these apps cater to all with a mélange of fun features tailored just for them.

Why Should Kids Learn Albanian?

Learning a new language isn’t just about mastering vocabulary or perfecting the accent. It’s more about engaging our senses and focus in order to be able to communicate effectively with those around us. But you might ask, why should your kiddos go on a learning adventure with this language?

First off, learning Albanian can be a super exciting experience for your kids. Think about it. They can play alphabet games, sing catchy songs, and even watch their favorite cartoons dubbed in Albanian! Isn’t it super cool to giggle and learn at the same time? You bet it is!

It’s true that Albanian isn’t a widely spoken language like Spanish or French. But that’s the beauty of it.

Did you know that learning a new language can give your child’s brainpower a big boost? It’s true! Studies show that bilingual kids generally have better problem-solving skills and creativity. So, learning Albanian can be a power boost for your kids’ intellectual development.

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