40+ Must-Know Japanese Vocabulary For Disasters

It’s essential always to be prepared for a natural disaster. So if you plan to migrate to Japan, you should know some basic Japanese vocabulary for disasters.

Japan has endured numerous earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural catastrophes due to its climate and geography, making it especially exposed to these events. Natural disasters strike Japan often for several reasons. So let’s read on to see each major disaster that often takes place in Japan.

Largest Japanese Catastrophes In Terms Of Deaths

Can you believe that over one hundred thousand people lost their lives in the worst natural disaster in Japan’s history?

Specifically, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. A massive earthquake of a magnitude of 7.9 hit Japan on September 1, 1923, devastatingly impacting the Kant area and damaging the capital city of Tokyo, the port city of Yokohama, and the neighboring prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka.

The disaster also affects The Great Buddha statue at Kamakura. It weighs around 121 tons but was displaced by the earthquake by over 60 cm due to its extreme magnitude. Many people died in the ensuing flames when the quake hit during lunch preparation. It didn’t take long for the earthquake to spark fires. Firestorms erupted from several fires burning.

To recognize and better prepare for major natural disasters, the Japanese government has declared September 1 as Disaster Prevention Day (防災の日, Bōsai no hi) since 1960.

Japan Handles Disasters Well

Japanese Vocabulary For Disasters

When it comes to handling natural disasters, Japan is unparalleled.

Due to the frequency and severity of natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes, Japan has developed several specific disaster preparedness and response methods. As a result, the government has evolved catastrophe preparation into an exact science, with extensive knowledge in areas ranging from physical structures to speedy recovery.

Japanese people have a reputation for being particularly tough in the face of hardship. Their ability to quickly recover from natural disasters is remarkable. They have developed a culture of collaboration, and everyone contributes to helping others out in times of need.

Japanese Vocabulary For Disasters

Now that you better understand the disasters that have struck Japan, you can begin expanding your vocabulary with new Japanese words related to these events.

Japanese WordRomanjiEnglish DefinitionPronunciation
自然災害shizen saigaiNatural disaster
噴火funkaVolcanic eruption
山火事yamakajiForest fire

Japanese Vocabulary For Warnings

When it comes to handling natural disasters, Japan is unparalleled. Japan is one of the countries that provide its citizens with prompt and reliable warnings in the form of phone signals, broadcasts, and television newscasters who are prepared to switch their moods and report on breaking news as soon as they become aware of it. And now, the disaster-related words you’ve been waiting for.

Japanese WordRomanjiEnglish DefinitionPronunciation
特別警報kishō jōhōEmergency warnings
気象情報bōfū keihōStorm warnings
暴風警報ōame keihōHeavy rain warning
大雨警報kōzui keihōFlood warning
暴風雪警報bōfūsetsu keihōSnowstorm warning
大雪警報ōyuki keihōHeavy snow warning
波浪警報harō keihōHigh waves warning
海上濃霧警報kaijō nōmu keihōDense fog warning
海上台風警報kaijō taifū keihōTyphoon warning
噴火警報funka keihōVolcanic warning
津波警報tsunami keihōTsunami warning
緊急地震速報kinkyū jishin sokuhōEarthquake early warning

Japanese Vocabulary For Aftermath Of A Disaster

Japanese Vocabulary For Disasters

Here is a Japanese list of words that describe a disaster’s aftermath.

Japanese WordRomanjiEnglish DefinitionPronunciation
被災者hisaishaDisaster victim
避難所hinam-joVacuation center, shelter
断水dansuiWater outage
停電teidenElectrical power outage, blackout

Japanese Vocabulary For Emergency Kit

Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do to ensure survival in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In light of this, every family must have a preparedness strategy for an earthquake or other unexpected natural disaster. In the case of an emergency, many Japanese households will be prepared. Learn some Japanese emergency-related vocabulary by reading this.

Japanese WordRomanjiEnglish DefinitionPronunciation
非常持ち出し品hijō mochidashi-hinEmergency kit
救急kyūkyūFirst aid kit
乾燥 対策グッズkansō taisaku guzzuDehydrated foodstuffs

In Summary

If you’re one of the many Japanese students who plan to temporarily or permanently relocate to Japan, you should familiarize yourself with the Japanese vocabulary above. Therefore, you can stay safe even in this circumstance by learning the language and comprehending the locals’ warnings. We hope you find this blog helpful and enjoy your future trip to Japan!

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