7 Best French Online Courses For Fast Fluency In 2024

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When looking for the best French online courses, it helps to first think about your specific goals and how you best absorb the lessons. Are you a complete beginner looking for a flexible, interactive course? Do you prefer live classes with direct teacher feedback? Or maybe you want a curriculum aligned with standardized language exams?

I’ve explored quite a few of them in-depth and am excited to walk you through some options. From the Ling app’s games and voice recognition tools to small group classes and university-level content, these courses leverage technology to make learning French efficient, engaging, and attainable.

Let’s start with a quick summary of our top 3 chosen online courses:

Quick Summary:

Top 3 Picks For Best French Online Courses
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Chatbot to practice daily-life conversations
  • Casual phrases and native speaker audio
  • Interactive bite-sized lessons
Lingda language courses review by Ling app widget


  • Flexible scheduling
  • Intensive French language learning
  • Taught and measured by international standards
Coursera French courses review


  • Ideal for university students
  • Self-paced learning
  • Courses range beyond core language skills

1. Ling App: Best For Gamified French Learning Experience

If you’re someone who learns best when having fun, you’ll absolutely love the Ling app, one of the best French online courses. It delivers learning through interactive games and scenarios designed to teach French vocabulary and encourage practical usage. With the Ling app, you’ll pick up everyday French words and phrases without even realizing you’re studying!

The Ling app focuses on total immersion right from the start. You’re immediately plunged into life-like situations using French, from introductions to ordering food and making travel arrangements.

I really enjoy how the Ling app eases you into learning with bite-sized challenges and positive reinforcement. The app adapts to your progress, seamlessly introducing more advanced grammar and sentences. This makes the Ling app a great fit whether you’re a total newbie or have some prior French knowledge.

Transform Your French Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling app Today!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • AI Chatbot Interaction: The Ling app includes an AI chatbot that allows users to practice conversational French through simulated real-life interactions. This helps build confidence for applying the language in actual conversations.

  • Native Speaker Audio: Lessons feature audio recordings by native French speakers to expose learners to proper pronunciation and intonation.

  • Expert-Designed Curriculum: The app’s curriculum is crafted by language learning experts, particularly those specializing in Asian and European languages. This results in high-quality, comprehensive French lessons.

  • Extensive Language Selection: The Ling app also provides online courses in over 60 world languages beyond just French. It’s a versatile tool for developing multilingual skills.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99
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2. Lingoda: Best For Live Interactive French Learning

For some students, nothing beats a live classroom environment. If you’re in search of real-time French class and direct feedback, Lingoda is an option to consider.

Classes are small and led by native French speakers, allowing for personalized lessons and active practice. The courses focus on balanced development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing proficiency.

Lingoda’s structured curriculum follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) framework, so you can trust your learning will follow standardized language guidelines. Also, teachers will assess your proficiency and tailor lessons to you accordingly.

Device: Web


  • Flexible Scheduling: Classes are offered 24/7, so learners worldwide can find a suitable time slot that fits their schedule and timezone.

  • Intensive Language Sprint: The Language Sprint program motivates students by challenging them to complete a set number of classes within a given timeframe.

  • CEFR Alignment: Lingoda’s courses and assessments align with the globally recognized CEFR framework. This ensures students are being taught and measured by international standards.


  • 5 classes: $67.99 ($16/class)

  • 12 classes: $127.99 ($13.5/class)

  • 20 classes: $172.99 ($11.5/class)

  • 40 classes: $300.99 (10.5/class)

3. Coursera: Best For University-Quality French Online Courses

Are you the type of person who prefers the stimulating academic environment of a university? If so, Coursera can bring that top-notch educational experience to your screen. Coursera partners with renowned institutions to offer French courses blending academic rigor with practical communicative skills.

Coursera’s French courses provide video lectures, interactive exercises, quizzes, and vibrant online discussions. You’ll get exposure to university-level instruction in a flexible, accessible format. If you’re into advanced French grammar and literature or focused on French travel phrases, Coursera has in-depth courses to match your interests.

Coursera also allows you to earn certificates upon course completion, which is great for motivating learning and showing your dedication. If you want a taste of university-caliber French learning from home, Coursera is a stellar destination.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Self-Paced Learning: Students can adjust the learning timeline to fit their needs, giving them control and flexibility. This is ideal for those with changing schedules.

  • Interactive Peer Assessments: The platform facilitates student interactions and feedback through peer assessments, which enriches learning with perspectives from a diverse global community.

  • Diverse Specializations: Courses range beyond core language skills to areas like French culture, history, and literature, allowing customized learning paths to suit interests.


  • Free courses have limited access with no certificate.

  • Paid Courses: Starting at $49, offering a completion certificate.

  • Guided Projects: Begin at $9.99 for hands-on learning.

  • Specializations/Professional Certificates: Start at $49/month.

  • MasterTrack Certificates: Starting at $2,000.

  • Degree Programs: Begin at $9,000.

  • Coursera Plus Subscription: $59/month or $399/year for access to various courses.
French classes online - A photo of a female language student chatting virtually.

4. Udemy: Best For Practical French Language Use

If textbook French sounds boring to you, you’d probably rather learn through real-world application. Udemy has a huge catalog of French courses, and they are sure to excite you. These online French courses focus directly on conversational skills and practical French you can use immediately.

The platform is designed for self-paced learning whenever it suits your schedule. Skip the fluff and dive right into lessons on ordering at restaurants, making small talk, using transport, and other critical scenarios. Udemy’s French offerings range from quick beginner talks to nuanced French business vocabulary tutorials.

Many of Udemy’s French online courses also let you download supplementary audio for on-the-go practice. With Udemy, you can tailor your French education to your exact needs. You’ll gain knowledge of grammar while having the confidence to interact in French in your daily life.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • User-Review System: Student-written reviews provide transparency into course quality for prospective learners, which helps inform enrollment decisions.

  • Wide Range of Course Levels: Udemy accommodates all proficiency levels in its French offering, from beginner to advanced. Learners can find the right level.

  • Multifaceted Learning Materials: Courses incorporate varied formats like video lectures, quizzes, and downloadable content catering to different learning preferences.


  • Complete French Course for Beginners: $60.00

  • 3 Minute French – Course 1: $60.00

  • Fast Track French for Beginners: $15.00

  • 3 Minute French – Course 2: $60.00

  • Practice and Perfect your French – Intermediate Level (HD): $40.00

5. ILA French Language School: Best For Small-Class Learning

Some people crave an intimate, focused learning environment. That’s exactly what ILA (Institut Linguistique Adenet) French Language School provides, but it is all online.

ILA’s live online French classes have small sizes, usually 8 students or less, with a maximum of 10. This fosters individual attention from your teacher. Right from your first French class, the priority is conversational French through immersive speaking and listening.

The courses progress step-by-step based on CEFR benchmarks, so you can trust your language foundations will develop properly. ILA also offers ongoing assessment wherein instructors can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to further customize instruction.

Devices: Via Zoom


  • Variety of Course Formats: Standard and intensive course options suit different learning styles and goals. Students find the right fit.

  • Interactive Online Platform: User-friendly tech makes ILA’s online instruction engaging and convenient for global access.

  • International and National Accreditations: ILA has been awarded many accreditations by different language centers, which ensures high-quality courses.


  • Standard Course: $261.31 for weeks 1-3 to $174.21 for 20+ weeks.

  • Standard Plus: $496.82 for weeks 1-3 to $410.54 for 20+ weeks.

  • Intensive Course: $359.31 for weeks 1-3 to $261.31 for 20+ weeks.

  • Intensive Plus: $595.23 for weeks 1-3 to $497.48 for 20+ weeks.

  • Private Training: $58.81 per lesson, based on a package of 20 lessons.
French online classes - A photo of a young girl raising hand in front of computer with parents.

6. Rocket Languages: Best For Mastery In French Pronunciation

For most French language learners, speaking with accurate pronunciation is a top priority. That’s where Rocket Languages can help you excel. Rocket Languages uses voice comparison technology to provide instant feedback on your French speech. Lessons focus heavily on mastering sounds and rhythm to build a natural French accent.

The audio-centric courses embed correct pronunciation through repetitive verbal and listening exercises. Just speak into your device, and the Rocket Languages app will analyze and correct your accent in real time.

Rocket Languages breaks down tricky consonants and vowel sounds into manageable pieces until they click. The recognition tools turn improving pronunciation from frustrating guesswork into an achievable science.

While excellent for all levels, Rocket Languages is especially beneficial for beginners laying their French foundation. Having solid pronunciation early on fosters smoother fluency gains down the road.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Speech Recognition Technology: Advanced tools assess and provide feedback to improve pronunciation, which enables rapid progress.

  • Cultural Lessons: Courses incorporate cultural insights for real-world language application, enhancing your practical French language skills.

  • Progress Tracking: Built-in tracking helps learners monitor development, stay motivated, and pinpoint areas for improvement.


  • 6 months plan: $282.00 ($75.00/month) (Levels 1, 2, & 3)

  • Beginner to Intermediate: $149.95 one-time payment (Level 1)

  • Beginner to Advanced: $299.90 one-time payment (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Beginner to Advanced: $449.85 one-time payment (Levels 1, 2, & 3)

7. Michel Thomas Method: Best For Conversational French Fluency

Last but certainly not least is the Michel Thomas Method audio course. This method encourages conversational French mastery right from your very first lesson. Rather than vocabulary lists, Michel Thomas guides you interactively through constructing sentences.

The approach focuses on understanding how French words work together naturally instead of memorizing dry grammar rules. In lively lessons, Michel Thomas breaks French down into intuitive pieces that click. The method takes fear and stress out of French by making learning feel like an automatic process.

Within the first hour, you’ll gain the building blocks needed to create hundreds of unique French sentences. The Michel Thomas Method is perfect for adult learners who want to speak French comfortably from day one. By focusing on patterns over memorization, you’ll gain conversational fluency at record speed!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • No Books, No Writing: Spoken language is the sole focus, eliminating textbooks and note-taking, which promotes natural acquisition.

  • Stress-Free Learning: The relaxed, low-pressure approach reduces learner anxiety and makes lessons enjoyable.

  • Step-by-Step Approach: Skills are built incrementally in a logical sequence, which ensures a strong language foundation.


  • Start French: $11.99

  • Language Builder French: $50.00

  • French Vocabulary: $75.00

  • Insider’s French: $75.00

  • Intermediate French: $90.00

  • Foundation French: $100.00

  • Michel Thomas French Bundle: $273.00
Learn French online - A photo of a young boy waving to her French teacher on a laptop.

Why Learn French And Why With Online Courses?

Expanding your skills in a new language is an awesome way to gain a whole new perspective! Learning French, in particular, opens doors to so many cultures and opportunities across the globe. Luckily, online courses now make learning French super convenient and personalized.

  • Cultural Richness and Career Opportunities: French is spoken in over 40 countries worldwide. Learning it lets you connect better when traveling and opens up many international jobs.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Online French language courses mean you can study anytime, anywhere – perfect for busy lives. No commuting or schedules to worry about.

  • Personalized Pace and Focus: You go at your own speed and tailor lessons to match your goals, whether that’s travel talk or academic French vocabulary.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: No textbooks or transportation costs make online French classes seriously affordable.

  • Interactive Learning: Practice speaking French with real native speakers, which makes lessons engaging and real-world.

  • Global Networking: Connect your courses with French learners worldwide to gain new perspectives.

The bottom line is that a single online French course blends flexibility, personalization, and interactivity for an efficient learning experience. You gain in-demand skills to unlock new cultural and career opportunities abroad, especially in French-speaking countries with a global community supporting you.

Learn French The Easy Way With Ling!

After looking at different online French courses, I must say that the Ling app really stands out to me. It makes learning French feel super fun and flexible – perfect for how we live today.

With this app, you can learn French online in a way that will work for any goals and schedule. The Ling app also takes education and combines it with interactive games that feel like you’re playing, not studying. Before you know it, you’re practicing real French conversations without realizing you’re learning!

Download the Ling app from Google Play and the App Store today and learn French in an easy, entertaining, and effective way. Take full advantage of the free 7-day trial so you can give it a risk-free test run. You’ll be amazed by how much progress you’ll make just in that first week with this app, one of the best resources for French online courses!

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