Wish Happy Birthday In Bosnian: 30+ Best Ways

“Sretan Rođendan” is the Bosnian translation of the special phrase “Happy Birthday!” By saying Happy Birthday in Bosnian, you can surprise your Bosnian friend on his/her special day. 

People like celebrating their birthdays and they are celebrated in different ways in different cultures. However, according to the dictionary, a “Birthday,” “Rođendan,” is defined as the anniversary of a person’s birth date. People love to celebrate the birthdays of their beloved ones, to make them realize that they are important to them.

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Common Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Bosnian

Happy Birthday In Bosnian

Learning to say happy birthday in Bosnian will greatly improve your interaction with the locals. There are some common ways to wish someone a happy birthday.

These ways include “Have a fabulous birthday” and “Many more happy returns.” The above phrases translate to”Imajte predivan rođendan!” “Još mnogo srećnih povrataka!” 

“Sretan rođendan!” is one of the most common translations of “Happy Birthday.” However, people love to add other wishes to the Bosnian word “Happy and Birthday.” People believe that doing so will make their loved ones happier. 

Some other common ways to wish happy birthday in Bosnian are below. 

English phrasesPhrases For Happy Birthday In Bosnian
Happy Birthday!Sretan rođendan!
Have a fabulous birthday!Imajte predivan rođendan!
Have a great one!Lijepo se provedi!
Many more happy returns!Još mnogo srećnih povrataka!
May all your wishes come true!Neka vam se sve želje ostvare!
Many happy returns of the day!Mnogo srećnih povrataka dana!
Hope you have a fantastic day!Nadam se da ćete imati fantastičan dan!
Fantastic year to come!Fantastična godina koja dolazi!
Happy birthday in advance.Sretan rođendan unaprijed.
Have a good one!Lijepo se provedi!

Other Words And Phrases Related To Birthday In Bosnian 

So, are you a foreigner in Bosnia and are attending a birthday party? Then, you must know some basic words related to birthdays. Learning these words will make your stay comfortable during the whole party. 

Remember to say “Celebrate,” “Slavite,” “Gift,” “Poklon,” and “Cake” “Kolač” in the Bosnian language. These are the words mainly used during the parties. So, learn them and make yourself confident. 

English wordsBosnian words
Celebrating the day!Slavimo dan!
Congratulations, have fun!Čestitamo, zabavite se!

Bosnian Wishes To Wish Someone Happy Birthday 

In Bosnian, there are various ways to wish someone a happy birthday. Remember that a formal Happy Birthday and a casual Happy Birthday are two very different things. Bosnians are well-aware of the use of warm wishes and politeness. So, if you want to go to Bosnia, keep these points in mind. It is not difficult to learn Bosnian expressions for birthdays. You can say, “I wish that all your dreams come true” with just a little practice.

Try to say the above phrase in the Bosnian language to impress someone. Say the phrase as “Želim ti da ti se svi snovi ostvare.” Other ways to say happy birthday are present on the table. 

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.Čestitam ti rođendan! Zelim vam zaista predivan dan.
On your birthday, I want to say that you have a special space in my heart.Na tvoj rođendan želim da kažem da imaš poseban prostor u mom srcu.
I wish you that all your dreams come true.Želim ti da ti se svi snovi ostvare.
It is your birthday; live your life knowing that we love you.Rođendan ti je, živi svoj život znajući da te volimo.
I wish your day is as loving and good as you are.Želim da ti dan bude pun ljubavi i dobar kao i ti.


 Some Other Wishes In The Bosnian Language

If there are other occasions like “Christmas” and “Easter,” celebrate them with the locals. Locals will appreciate it if you say “Merry Christmas!” “Sretan Božić!” Learn other wishes from below. 

English wordsBosnian words
Happy Anniversary!Sretna Godišnjica!
Merry Christmas!Sretan Božić!
Happy Diwali!Sretan Diwali!
Happy Couple!Sretan Par!
Happy Easter!Sretan Uskrs!


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