20+ Easy Household Items Vocabulary In Bosnian

household words in bosnian

What is a home without household items, right? In this post, we’ll go over some household items vocabulary in Bosnian so you can communicate more effectively with Bosnian speakers. From basic furniture to nifty cleaning gadgets, we got you covered! Let’s get right into it!

If you’re planning to move to Bosnia or simply want to learn a new language, it’s always helpful to start with some basic vocabulary. Fortunately, Bosnian words related to this topic are pretty easy to remember because they are usually short and a bit similar to their English counterpart. Additionally, these are the types of words that you can easily squeeze into real-life conversations, so we highly recommend learning these. Let’s begin!

Basic Bosnian Furniture

Furniture is an important part of any household, and Bosnian has different names for various types of furniture found around the house, including the following.

Vacuum cleanerUsisivač
Bed linenPosteljina
Sofa Kauč
Armchair Fotelja
Wardrobe Ormar
Bookcase Biblioteka
Desk Radni stol
Cabinet Kredenac

Using Bosnian Words In Sentences

And here are some useful sentences for you to practice in Bosnian that will have you putting the words you have learnt into useful Bosnian phrases. Try using them the next time you find yourself pottering around the house or imagining you are chatting with some friends while in a Bosnian homestay.

English Bosnian
I’m vacuuming the carpet.Usisavam tepih.
Opening/closing the window.Otvaranje/zatvaranje prozora.
I’m opening / closing the door. Otvaram/zatvaram vrata.
I rearranged the bed. Preuredila sam krevet.
I’m getting a new pillow. Pribavljam novi jastuk.
I’m opening/closing the door. Treba mi nova posteljina.

Basic Bosnian Appliances

For our next lesson to improve your Bosnian language skills, let’s look at appliances. Appliances make life easier and more convenient, and learning their names in Bosnian will also make your life easier when you visit the country.

Refrigerator Frižider
Freezer Zamrzivač
Microwave Mikrovalna pećnica
Dishwasher Perilica posuđa
Washing machine Perilica rublja
Dryer Sušilica
Vacuum cleaner Usisivač
Iron Pegla
woman cooking household items vocabulary in bosnian

Bosnian Kitchen Items

Whether at home or reading from the menu in a Bosnian cafe or restaurant, your communication skills and Bosnian vocabulary will come by leaps and bounds if you know the words for cutlery and other kitchen items. In Bosnian, the word for kitchen is “kuhinja”, and some common kitchen items include the following.

Plate Tanjir
Bowl Zdjela
Glass Caša
Cup Solja
Spoon Kašika
Fork Viljuška
Knife Nož
Cutting board Daska za sječenje
Pot Lonac
Pan Tava
Oven Pećnica
woman holding house cleaning items

Bosnian Household Cleaning Items

Keeping a household clean is important, and a great way to improve your Bosnian household vocabulary is to repeat the words related to various cleaning items. Check out the most commoners in the table below.

Broom Metla
Dustpan Lopatica za smeće
Bucket Kanta
Cleaning spray Sprej za čišćenje
Sponge Spužva
Dish soap Tečni deterdžent za sudove
Laundry detergent Prašak za rublje

Miscellaneous Bosnian Household Items

There are many other household items you might find in the bedroom or bathroom that are essential to everyday life, and Bosnian has different names for these items as well, including:

Light bulb Zarulja
Lamp Lampa
Clock Sat
Mirror Ogledalo
Towel Ručnik
Pillow Jastuk
Blanket Deka
Curtain Zavjesa

Other House-Related Words

In addition to knowing the names of household items, it is also important to know some common household Bosnian vocabulary for the rest of the house.

Living room Dnevna soba
Bedroom Spavaća soba
Bathroom Kupaonica
Dining room Blagovaonica
Kitchen Kuhinja
Stairs Stepenice
Floor Pod
Wall Zid
Ceiling Strop

How To Learn Household Vocabulary Fast

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can speed up the process and learn household vocabulary in Bosnian quickly. Here are some tips to help you learn household vocabulary fast.

Start With The Basics

Begin with the basics, such as learning the Bosnian words for everyday items like “table,” “chair,” “bed,” and “toilet.” Building a strong foundation of vocabulary will help you understand more complex sentences and conversations.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards are an effective tool for memorizing vocabulary quickly. Create flashcards with Bosnian words on one side and the English translation on the other. Quiz yourself regularly and focus on the words you struggle with.

Label Household Items

Labeling household items with Bosnian words is an effective way to reinforce vocabulary. Write the Bosnian word on a sticky note and attach it to the item. Repeat the word each time you see the label.

Practice With A Native Speaker

Speaking with a native speaker is one of the best ways to learn a language quickly. Look for language exchange programs or online tutors to practice speaking with a Bosnian speaker. They can correct your pronunciation and help you expand your vocabulary.

Watch Bosnian Movies And TV Shows

Watching movies and TV shows in Bosnian is a great way to immerse yourself in the language and pick up new vocabulary. Pay attention to the words and phrases used in everyday conversations.

Practice Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to learning a new language. Set aside some time each day to practice Bosnian vocabulary. Even a few minutes of practice each day can make a big difference in your language-learning journey.

Learning household vocabulary in Bosnian takes time and effort, but with the right approach, you can speed up the process and achieve your language goals faster. Our advice? Keep practicing and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. With persistence and dedication, you’ll be speaking Bosnian fluently in no time.

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