15+ French Business Vocabulary: For Excellent Business Meetings

French business vocabulary

Knowing French brings up a world of options in the context of international trade and commerce. Learning French business vocabulary is essential if you want to succeed in navigating global markets, building successful relationships, or improving your professional prospects. Therefore, this thorough blog post will walk you through the complex world of business jargon and provide you with the linguistic tools you need to properly participate in discussions, presentations, and correspondence.

The strength of the French business language crosses boundaries and bridges cultures, ensuring that you are prepared to succeed in the fast-paced world of business, whether you are speaking in boardrooms in Paris or conference rooms in Montreal. So, come along with us as we set off on a linguistic trip that promises both professional development and a greater understanding of the language of international business.

Check Out Essential French Business Vocabulary

For the business world, some words and phrases are definitely good to know. When in a French-speaking country, business French helps you get the edge in certain conversations. Here are some phrases with French business vocabulary that should help:

EnglishFrench Business Vocabulary
Marketing departmentLe service marketing
Sales departmentLes services de vente
Legal DepartmentLe service de contentieux
AccountingLa comptabilité
Turnover/revenue Le chiffre d’affaires
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)Président directeur général
Executive committee Comité de direction
Status report Un rapport de situation
Assets Les biens
PleaseS’il vous plaît
Training La formation
Salary Le salaire
A corporationUne société par actions
An associationUne association
A cover letterUne lettre de motivation
Human resources Les ressources humaines
Expenses/fees Les frais

French Business Phrases

You’ll see that the list includes both polite words and a variety of firm departments. Both are useful to know, but the French pronunciation is more crucial. For instance, make sure you have practiced rapport in French before a business meeting.

EnglishFrench Business Phrases
To start a businessCréer une entreprise
I’m transferring youJe vous le passe
A parent companyUne maison mère
The line is busyLa ligne est occupée
An advance/payment in advance Une avance
Please holdNe quittez pas
It’s about/it concernsC’est de la
To whom it may concernÀ qui de droit
A multinational corporationUne multinationale
Do you want to leave Voulez-vous laisser
Limited liability company Une société à responsabilité limitée
The salesperson/sellerLe vendeur
To go bankrupt Faire faillite

French Business Culture & Etiquette

Here are seven standard rules of French business etiquette to remember:

1. Formal Greetings: It’s traditional to use titles like “Monsieur” (Mr.) or “Madame” (Mrs.) followed by the person’s last name in French business culture. When meeting someone for the first time, handshakes are usual, and a small bend of the head is a symbol of respect.

2. Punctuality: In the French corporate culture, being on time is essential. Planning to be on time for meetings and appointments is important because arriving late is often seen as rude.

3. Language: Attempting to communicate in French, even if it’s basic, is welcomed. However, many French business professionals speak English. Use formal language when speaking with coworkers and clients, especially at the beginning of your contacts.

4. Business Meals: In France, business lunches and dinners are typical. The right use of silverware, refraining from resting your elbows on the table, and waiting for the host to start the meal are all examples of proper table manners.

You can approach a global corporation, manage a medium-sized firm, work for a non-profit organization, or join a French company if you have knowledge of business culture, etiquette, and language in French.

French Business Vocabulary_Ling app_learn french_Shake Hands

Speak Business French Confidently!

You now possess a variety of French business vocabulary that will be useful in meetings. Here are some other suggestions to support you. Start by mastering the fundamental vocabulary and grammar of French. Then, immerse yourself in French-language business-related content, including books, articles, and podcasts. Engage in interactions with native speakers or other students to practice speaking and listening. Pay attention to how you say things because clear communication in business relies heavily on pronunciation.

Learn industry-specific jargon to properly communicate your ideas, especially the ones we’ve discussed today. Additionally, cultural sensitivity is essential; knowing French corporate etiquette and customs can aid in developing fruitful relationships. Maintain your patience and persistence since language acquisition takes time, but with constant work, you may speak Business French with assurance and succeed in the French-speaking business world.

Although you have been given business context, you still need more to communicate with business partners on a regular basis. With the help of the Ling app, you will gain access to a wealth of French terminology. Now making business calls will be simple!

French Business Vocabulary_Ling app_learn french_Newspaper

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