8 Best Punjabi Online Courses In 2023!

best Punjabi online courses

In 2023, you gotta be living under a rock if you aren’t familiar with the Punjabi language. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to know or understand or speak Punjabi, but it is always a good idea to keep abreast of a globally popular language hailing a culture that is taking the world by storm! How can you do this? With the help of the best Punjabi online courses!

Who could have imagined that Punjabi would be the fourth most-spoken language in Canada and in the UK? The West has a vast Indian diaspora, the majority of whom are native Punjabi speakers. This Punjabi community marked its indelible influence on the world map via its culture and cuisine but also through its language. Thanks to a booming Punjabi film and music industry, the Punjabi language has become popular in various regions across America and Europe. So, in this blog article, we at Ling will share how you can also start your own Punjabi learning journey with the help of the best Punjabi online courses listed below.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Best Punjabi Online courses
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Fun Interactive Exercises
  • Native Speaker Audio
  • Conversational AI Chatbot
Finding Tutors
A photo of Preply logo - Ling review


  • Personalized Lessons
  • Experienced Tutors
  • Flexible Scheduling
A photo of 50Languages logo - Ling review


  • Extensive Phrasebooks
  • Additional Resources
  • Language Games

Best Punjabi Online Courses: Why Learn Punjabi?

  • Learn Punjabi language to open the doors to the rich and vibrant Punjabi culture. You gain insight into the customs, traditions, and festivals of the Punjabi community. This really helps you foster cultural appreciation as well as empathy.

  • Gaining proficiency in this widely spoken language enhances your language skills, making you a more effective communicator. This can be especially valuable in multicultural environments or when interacting with Punjabi-speaking communities.

  • Learning Punjabi with the best Punjabi online courses can help you forge deeper connections with Punjabi-speaking friends, colleagues, or family members, as speaking their language shows respect and a willingness to engage in their culture.

  • If you plan to visit regions like Punjab in India and Punjabi-speaking communities in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, knowing Punjabi can greatly enhance your travel experience. Locals often appreciate tourists who make an effort to speak their language.

  • In an increasingly globalized world, knowing Punjabi can be an asset in various professions, such as international business, diplomacy, or healthcare, where communication with Punjabi speakers is common.

Now that the ‘why’ is out of the way, let me give you the best Punjabi online courses that will surely help you get started with the Punjabi language and even help you become an advanced learner. Let’s begin with the best.

1. Ling App – Best For Making Punjabi Learning Enjoyable

Looking to pick up Punjabi in a fun, engaging way? The Ling app aims to transform typically dry language learning into an interactive experience you’ll actually look forward to, making it one of the best Punjabi online courses in the market today. Whether you’re new to Punjabi or working on your skills, the Ling app offers something for all abilities.

The Ling app‘s wide variety of activities makes grasping the language feel like a game, not a textbook chore. Think matching exercises, quiz questions, and everyday conversation practices. This practical approach helps you apply Punjabi to real-life situations.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Standout Features

  • Interactive exercises like matching games, quizzes, and dialogue practices that mimic real-life conversations help learners use Punjabi in practical settings.

  • The inclusion of native speaker audio in each lesson ensures learners hear authentic pronunciation and develop a natural accent.

  • An AI chatbot feature that offers a fun and engaging way to practice conversational Punjabi, perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their speaking skills.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Preply – Best For Finding Punjabi Tutors

Preply was created to provide an online marketplace for connecting learners with tutors for various subjects, including language learning. Its Punjabi course is designed for individuals of all levels, including beginners, intermediate learners, and those looking to advance their Punjabi language skills.

Preply caters to a diverse audience, from students preparing for exams to language enthusiasts and travelers. The lessons usually cover speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and cultural insights.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Stand Out Features

  • Preply provides personalized Punjabi lessons, allowing students to focus on their specific language learning needs and goals.

  • The platform offers access to a wide range of experienced Punjabi tutors who can provide valuable insights into language and culture.

  • It allows students to choose lesson times that fit their schedule. This makes learning easier for busy learners.


  • Hourly Rate: $8 to $40/hour

  • Average Hourly Rate: $15/hour

  • Monthly: $41 ($19.79/month)

3. 50Languages Punjabi – Best For Travelers

As the name suggests, the platform offers language courses in 50+ languages apart from Punjabi. It also allows these language lessons in innumerable language pairs! So, even if you are not an English speaker, 50Languages enables you to learn Punjabi from French, Thai, Tagalog, Estonian, or even Marathi.

50Languages caters to a broad audience, including students, travelers, casual learners, and anyone else interested in the Punjabi language and culture. The course is structured to cover essential aspects of Punjabi language learning, such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and basic and intermediate-level conversational phrases for everyday situations. It often incorporates audio recordings to help learners improve their speaking and listening skills as well as correct pronunciation.

Stand Out Features

  • A humongous repository of phrasebooks, aided with audio clips recorded by native speakers in Punjabi, is the best part of the 50 Languages course.

  • The platform also offers you added resources in your new language as well as your local language. For instance, you can purchase the ‘Punjabi For Beginners’ book for English speakers through a variety of sellers (Amazon, Goodreads, Biblio, and so on).

  • It also offers you some free games in your target language, like Memo, Find the Opposites, and Crossword Puzzles.


  • Free with ads, limited features, and no access to tests.

  • Silver: $3.00 (one month)$6.00 (six months)$8.00 (one year)

  • Gold: $5.00 (one month)$8.00 (six months)$12.00 (one year)
best Punjabi online course - A photo of a toy Punjabi script

4. eLearnPunjabi – Best For Learning Punjabi Script

eLearnPunjabi is an initiative developed and managed by the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB), a government educational institution in the Indian state of Punjab. This Punjabi online course is designed to promote the Punjabi language and culture by providing an online platform for learning Punjabi.

The platform caters to children of immigrant Punjabi parents living outside of Punjab, as well as non-Punjabis who are interested in learning the Punjabi language and gaining insights into Punjabi culture. It caters to both beginners and those looking to improve their proficiency.

The Punjabi course structure includes lessons covering basic vocabulary, the Punjabi alphabet and Gurmukhi script, basic greetings in Punjabi, and Punjabi numbers. The content is designed to be interactive and engaging, with multimedia resources like videos and audio recordings.

Device: Web

Stand Out Features

  • All the audio lessons and multimedia lessons are recorded by native Punjabi speakers.

  • The platform emphasizes interactive learning with multimedia resources to enhance the learning experience. Each audio lesson is marked with its duration for easy planning of learning time.

  • In addition to language skills, eLearnPunjabi often provides audio lessons along with cultural insights.


  • eLearnPunjabi stands out for offering free access to its online Punjabi courses.

5. Transparent Language Punjabi – Best For Customized Learning

Transparent Language offers an online Punjabi language course as part of its extensive language-learning platform. Its Punjabi course is designed for individuals who want to learn Punjabi, whether they are beginners or have some prior knowledge of the language. It caters to a broad audience, including students, travelers, and anyone interested in acquiring Punjabi language skills.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Stand Out Features

  • You can pick any skills-based learning activity (for instance, listening skills), select your desired vocabulary, and instantly launch a custom lesson.

  • You can get access to resources like private tutoring, a custom vocabulary bank, and library services, among others.

  • Spaced repetition algorithms and activity reports to keep track of your efforts are some added advantages.


  • Monthly for One Language: $24.95

  • Yearly for One Language: $149.95

  • Monthly for All Languages: $49.95

  • Yearly for All Languages: $249.95

6. 17 Minute Languages – Best For Short Daily Lessons

The Punjabi course by 17 Minute Languages is designed for busy individuals who want to learn Punjabi in short lessons. This means that the course aims to teach Punjabi through short, daily lessons that are designed to take approximately 17 minutes each. It often incorporates multimedia elements, quizzes, and exercises to engage learners.

Whether you are an absolute novice or have some previous knowledge of the language, the lessons are decent enough to keep you informed as well as entertained.

Device: Web

Stand Out Features

  • The platform’s focus on short, daily lessons encourages consistent learning. This makes it easier for busy individuals to incorporate language study into their daily lives.

  • The course typically covers a wide range of language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, providing a well-rounded language learning experience.

  • 17 Minute Languages includes progress tracking features that allow learners to monitor their advancement in the course and adjust their study plan accordingly.


  • The platform typically operates on a paid subscription model. Users need to purchase a one-time subscription to access their courses. For instance, the Punjabi Travel Course that offers 450 words + phrases and all the most important language basics for your travels costs $37.23.
best Punjabi online courses - A photo of a man holding a book and a bag

7. Hindustani Tongue – Best For Speaking Skills

The platform goes by the tagline, “Speak the language, not the grammar.” This punchline itself reflects the aim of this Punjabi online resource: Teaching through visualization. It favors learning through full immersion, which makes Hindustani Tounge one of the best Punjabi online courses on this list.

The course curriculum is divided into 50 lessons that mainly focus on basic vocabulary and conversational Punjabi phrases. Apart from this, Hindustani Tongue also provides special mentorship sessions, group practice sessions, and periodic tests and quizzes to the learners in order to track their progress.

Device: Web

Stand Out Features

  • A learner can opt to take a free trial lesson with a teacher before committing to the full course.

  • The platform gives full lifetime access to class recordings along with the study materials.

  • It also provides a certificate for the successful completion of the course.


  • The entire course costs a one-time fee of $270.

8. Learn101 Punjabi – Best For Beginners

Learn101 is an online platform that offers free language learning resources in various languages, in addition to Punjabi. It offers short and simple lessons on all the basics of the Punjabi language – vocabulary, basic greetings, basic grammar concepts like verbs, nouns, adjectives, and so on.

Apart from these, it also offers an audio phrasebook, which is the most useful for travelers and casual learners who simply want some handy phrases to get by during their travels. The content is presented in a user-friendly format with text-based lessons and audio recordings to assist learners.

Device: Web

Stand Out Features

  • Learn101’s lessons are presented in a straightforward and easy-to-navigate format, making it suitable for self-guided learners. Simply log on and start with your lessons.

  • Since it’s a self-paced platform, learners can progress through the course at their convenience.


  • Users can access lessons and resources without any subscription fees.
best Punjabi online courses - A photo of a woman with headphones using a laptop

Best Punjabi Online Courses: Learn Punjabi With Ling!

This was a comprehensive list of some of the best Punjabi online courses available today. But if you are someone who prefers a more technically advanced and way more pocket-friendly tool to start your Punjabi learning journey, looking for apps for learning Punjabi would be a better idea.

And if I may suggest, why not test the waters with the Ling app? This fun and engaging language-learning app is replete with all the advanced features that make your learning experience a total breeze. Gamified approach? Check. Interactive interface? Check. Fun & engaging lessons? Check. Audio lessons recorded by native speakers? Check. AI-powered chatbot for easy conversations? Double check!

Do you see what I mean? The Ling app is the perfect tool for you to move beyond Balle-Balle and Hadippa and actually get down to learning some useful Punjabi for everyday situations. Go to the App Store and the Play Store and download it today!

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