Updated Transparent Language Review: 5 Reasons To Try It

Language courses take more than just a few minutes to learn. In fact, anyone will reach years just to become a master of their dream language. For beginners, the best app should double down on memorizing the new language rather than focusing only on grammar points that make their target language easier.

However, advanced learners need more than just a memorization game with the same pattern to fully immerse themselves in communicating with native speakers. How does Transparent Language differ from the same material everyone’s used to lately? Let’s find out in this updated Transparent Language review.

The market is chock-full of language-learning websites and apps that boldly guarantee fluency free for less than three months. Some even promise to reveal the secret to learning a language like a child, and it turns out that these techniques do not apply to everyone.

This way, many language learning app features differ from what most people expect. To become adept in a new language, you need to train all the language skills, not just through memorizing general vocabulary.

Transparent offers incredible courses with over 100 languages, and it’s one of the apps that still use learning path-based systems. Many students feel that Transparent is their complementary app when finding more practical assessments for their pronunciation and memorizing sentence patterns. However, Transparent still needs to address gaps, such as inaccuracy in their speech recognition and the lack of example sentence variety.

You may end up spending time and money in vain but not managing to improve your language skills. But, language-learning programs must live up to their claims. Let’s start with this comprehensive Transparent Language review and see if anything has changed over the past few years.


What Is Transparent Language?

Transparent Language is a language learning software focusing on valuable vocabulary rather than memorizing grammar patterns only. The app is made by Michael Quinlan that aspires to make Transparent Language the key to making everyone interconnected. Transparent Language aims to be a software program to teach less spoken and endangered languages.

If you’re looking to learn a new language, chances are high that Transparent Language has it. This app and website have programs for more than 100 languages. Considering that you can find languages from the most popular ones to those with few speakers worldwide, it’s clear that Transparent offers the most languages of any language app I’ve seen.

Moreover, Transparent language focuses on many memorization techniques like spaced repetition. It does not just include the English word for its memorization games but also has pronunciation practice. The best part about subscribing to Transparent is it provides access for anyone in their local library and is intended to improve education in every country.

What Is It For? Transparent Language provides structured language courses for mastering your target language.

Languages Offered: 100 Languages

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Learners


  • Contains 100 languages with various options on how to learn them
  • Can skip to a level where the lessons start
  • Has a placement test for each language level
  • Has different language learning activities to choose from


  • Both the app and the website load slowly
  • Needs to improve their native audio material
  • Other languages have better grammar explanations and courses
  • The cost is higher than most language-learning apps

Who Is Transparent Language For? Intended for beginners that want language-learning software to practice various language-learning skills.

How Does Transparent Language Work?

You will see a dashboard when you enter the Transparent Languages website or app. You can find all your units and lessons (sequentially numbered) under the heading My Learning Path. You can find a chart on your right side showing your progress – how much vocabulary you’ve piled up over time. In the same chart, you can see several words you haven’t been exposed to in a while.

Each unit contains numerous lessons with an assessment at the end. If you think a lesson is too easy for you, just skip ahead to the unit assessment. What’s more, you also can delete it from your Learning Path if you want.

Assessments take about 10 minutes or less. You need to show you can speak, read, write, and hear all the words you learned leading up to them. But don’t worry; you can move forward with your learning even if you don’t pass an assessment.

For languages that use a different script, like Russian, you need to choose whether you want native characters or transliteration – the words are phonetically translated into the Roman alphabet. In both cases, it’s not a strictly either/or proposition, and you have the option to reveal the native writing alongside the transliterations and vice versa.

Transparent has a cool option for languages with new-to-you characters and letters that can help you learn more about the writing system while you study. So, you can find more information about the characters while you’re doing exercises simply by clicking on them.

Transparent Languages User Interface And Design

Transparent Language Review User Interface And Design

This language-learning platform isn’t flashy nor has a minimal design. It contains one dashboard with the learning path according to what language you are focusing on. Overall, the app is suited for beginners or people without experience using a language-learning app. Despite its user interface and design, it is packed with all the information to sound like a native speaker.

On the other hand, we’ve also noticed how laggy both versions are. It’s one of the main flaws of the Transparent Language app that needs improvement. Other than that, you can also access the lessons, settings, profile, and other features while clicking the Menu for the mobile app version. For the browser version, you’ll have four tabs: Learning, Browse, My Transcript, and Resources.

In general, the browser version looks cleaner and more organized than the mobile app version. It’s a plus for PC and laptop users to maximize their studies from Transparent Language using this version.

Transparent Languages Features

It takes various techniques in learning languages to decide which one works for you. Maybe it’s the exercises. Or, your favorite podcast might motivate you to keep pushing toward your goal. Transparent Language offers a 12-month subscription with 10 minutes of learning letter sounds or memorizing a word. But what exactly are the features that make it stand out from the rest? Let’s learn more about Transparent Languages with these fantastic features.

Change Your Options For Listening, Speaking, Reading, And Written Exercises

Transparent Language Review Features

Suppose to say you’re trying to learn Arabic from Chinese, but these two languages have vast dissimilarities. If you’re not familiar with a language’s alphabet yet, you can switch from the native language sounds and written guide to transliteration. This feature is perfect for absolute beginners who are having a hard time finding a similar pattern to their mother tongue.

However, we still suggest that beginners start learning how the foreign alphabet was intended to sound and look. It will hone your brain and thinking, and you can adjust easily if you’re already familiar with your desired language.

Control Your Learning Path

A learning path is suitable for beginners that don’t know where to start. Particularly if you have zero experience in what native speakers in those country sounds like. The learning path allows you to filter lessons and topics by Lesson Status, Not Started, In Progress, and Completed.

Also, you can remove a lesson in your path or hide complete lessons you’re familiar with. For example, a Portuguese course has Brazilian and European Portuguese (Portugal). You don’t need to go back to square one and learn the alphabet if you’re already an intermediate learner and skip right away to the topic “Organize your trip” or “Getting Around the City” lessons.

Has Plenty Of Resources For Your Target Language

Do you wish to invest more time in discovering how words are formed? Transparent has an extensive resource with various tips and resources at your fingertips. If you want your grammar explanation visually, Transparent also has its own lessons in video format. Just click on Resources, and it will show you all available materials.

However, not all languages have resources or local libraries in their database if you select the transliteration option. For example, I searched resources for Russian transliterated, but nothing showed. However, switching to the normal Russian lesson, you can access featured resources like Russian word of the day, blogs, and even their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube links. Users can also download Transparent Language Online e-Resources to be used while learning with the app.

View New Vocabulary Lists

While learning the topics on the path, learned vocabulary (learned vocab) will automatically be added to this list. You can also search for words you’ve missed or forgotten along the way. Since Transparent aims to help you incorporate new vocabulary into real conversations, having a list of what you’ve learned per lesson is crucial.

Has A Separate Lesson For Pronunciation Practice

One of the best features of many apps with popular languages is its speech recognition exercises. Technology has come a long way in intellectual and valuable learning. According to linguists, speaking is a very formidable technique for sticking words in our memory. Using a speech recognition tool promotes natural language acquisition. Transparent Language’s pronunciation practice is a great way for someone that doesn’t speak French and is a native Bengali speaker to form a daily routine of speaking exercises.

How Much Does Transparent Language Cost?

Transparent pricing rates depend on what kind of user you are. Individuals that will subscribe to one language in Transparent Language Online costs $24.95 per month or $149.95 per year. On the other hand, you can get all the languages for $49.95 per month or $249.95 yearly. K-12, homeschool, and higher education schools (colleges/universities) can also contact Transparent for specific pricing costs. Moreover, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies may inquire how to get corporate plans according to what suits them.

If you want to test the app first, there are two ways of getting it for free:

  • You can subscribe to a 14-day free trial without signing up with a credit card. This promo includes access to all the languages where you can switch from one to another without losing your progress.
  • Through your public library, if it has licenses to Transparent. If that’s your case, you can create an account from home and access the program (just as you would if you purchased it). Take note, only local libraries in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have this program for free.

Transparent Language Pros

Contains 100 Languages With Various Options On How To Learn Them

Transparent Language Review Additional Features

A serious language learner knows that not all apps with so many languages on them are always effective tools. But, what Transparent does best is the quality of the words and phrases according to their learning structure. As mentioned, many learning activities won’t run out of ways to memorize a word.

You can even switch to the other learning option for later lessons and get back to the same progress. However, you can’t switch between your exams or lessons and retain which vocabulary word or topic you were previously taking.

Can skip to a level where the lessons start

Even though the app has a structured format for its grammar lessons, you won’t feel chained to one section per language. If you’re curious about learning how to tell your Estonian partner they are beautiful, there is a section for that lesson that you can immediately choose. Of course, we still recommend that you take the lessons slowly and naturally so they will be as effective as intended.

Has A Placement Test For Each Language Level

Transparent Language Review Pros

We feel that many language apps lack a placement test that’s purposefully done for each tier or lesson. It wouldn’t feel rewarding for someone eager to become fluent to not have enough challenges to keep them motivated. And so, Transparent ensures that every lesson has a quiz at the end to tickle your brain to apply what you’ve learned. Apart from that, you’ll not only have tests for new vocabulary, but you’ll also need to prove your speaking proficiency.

Has different language learning activities to choose from

Are you bored with reading, memorizing new vocabulary, or repeatedly listening to the same exercises? With Transparent Language, you’ll benefit from learning activities that involve not only memorization but also all your language skills.

You can become fluent in activities like Listening Multiple Choice, Unscramble, Four Square, Dictation, Matching, Listening Recognition, and so much more. It’s the first app I’ve seen with different approaches to learning languages especially if you need to use practical words in everyday conversations.

Transparent Language Cons

Both the app and the website load slowly

Generally speaking, many apps today should be at par with the ever-changing standards that app users have. Among the frequent standards are flexibility, user-friendliness, and response time. Consequently, the Transparent Language app doesn’t meet the response time standard as it’s loading slowly whenever I select other tabs or click other options. This issue may take away the interest of a potential loyal subscriber.

Needs To Improve Their Native Audio Material

Some of the assessment tests and listening practice lessons sound like it’s from an AI and not from a native speaker. These robotic-sounding audio lessons won’t make you sound natural or harm your speaking skills. We feel that even though the lessons are extensive, the audio has low quality.

Other languages have better grammar explanations and courses

With every language learning platforms come the idea of having a structured outline of what to learn. Many apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Pimsleur provide language learners the experience of learning from zero to fluent with a highly-tailored language course.

Yet, the imminent issue of some of these apps is not having balanced lessons or quality lessons for all of their courses. Other classes have eleven courses, including alphabet lessons (Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.), while others have nine only.

The cost is higher than most language-learning apps

Compared with apps like Duolingo, LingBabbelMango Languages, Glossika, LingoDeer, and more, Transparent is on the pricier side. Knowing that you can’t access more than just one language with its pricing rate isn’t very reassuring. Hence, there are other practical solutions, like getting free language resources online or downloadable material. You might want to get free access first using their trial period to know if this app works for you or not.


Transparent Language Review: Our Experience

I quickly noticed that Transparent Language is quite based on textbooks as it has a structure. But it’s not really as dull as it sounds! I’ve enjoyed learning Castilian Spanish, Russian, and Korean while using this app for a few hours. It was very different from the usual flashcards that only encourage memorizing words and phrases.

Many language learners often find it better to follow a certain path to see a similar pattern in every lesson. One of the best advantages of Transparent is its grammar tips section, even for early lessons. Unlike most apps, Transparent Language knows what the learner needs to review rather than memorizing a word without context.

On the other hand, this app is costly. Of course, every language enthusiast won’t just learn one language. So, it’s inevitable for many of us to find a cheaper alternative to Transparent Language. But why look for other language learning software outside this Transparent language review? The best choice is learning for free with the Ling app.


Learn Free And Effectively With Ling App

Transparent Language Review By Ling app

Transparent Language Online Isn’t the flashiest app on the market, but it offers excellent education in many languages. It’s quite comprehensive and offers a variety of teaching methods (from writing to speaking, reading, etc.). The price is a bit high at $149 per year (or $24.95 per month). If you want a more affordable option, consider using Ling App for a reasonable $54.99 for a year ($8.99 per month).

Say, you want to be closer to your Russian friend, but your pronunciation is nowhere near understandable. You’ll need the Ling app to understand how the Russian language works. There are many grammar explanations with visually exciting illustrations, which makes it engaging and more fun!

Ling has access to 200+ lessons per language, including speaking, reading, writing, and listening lessons. Quite practical, isn’t it? But wait, there’s more! Many contents of the Ling app are free but have premium content for serious language learners.

Download Ling on the App Store or Play store and unleash your potential to become a master linguist. Or, you can take it easy and use Ling when you’re on your way to work, on holiday, or at school. No matter your learning preference, Ling is the best solution that fits all your language learning needs!

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