6 Best Apps To Learn Georgian Rapidly

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Georgian is not as widely spoken or studied as some other languages. That’s why the number of language learning apps specifically designed for Georgian might be limited compared to more commonly learned languages like Spanish or French. The low demand for Georgian language learning resources can make it difficult to find high-quality apps dedicated to this language. That’s why we’ve lined up the best apps to learn Georgian for language learners interested in learning it well and fast!

As you’re undoubtedly already on the lookout for this, you know that Georgian is considered a complex language with unique features, such as a rich morphology, agglutinative grammar, and a unique writing system. You must be seeking an effective language-learning app for Georgian that has in-depth knowledge of these complexities. Not all language learning app developers may have expertise in Georgian, making it challenging to find apps that provide comprehensive and accurate content for learners.

Here are seven language apps full of Georgian word and vocabulary drills, grammar lessons, and pronunciation courses that should help you find what you are looking for!

Best Apps To Learn Georgian

App NameTop FeaturesPricing
ClozemasterFill-in-the-blank exercises.
Intermediate to advanced learners.
Good as an extra resource.
Free, requires a sign-up
ItalkiLearning through language teachers.
Classroom environment.
Communicate with other learners.
Book a class starting at $5.00
(trial classes available for free)
Ling AppGamified app covering listening, reading, writing, and speaking in the Georgian language.
Pre-beginners to advanced learners.
$8.99 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee
GlossikaSpaced-repetition method of learning.
Intermediate learners benefit the most.
Starts with a placement test.
$13.33 per month
MemriseUsing unique research-based techniques.
Focuses on specific topics.
Phrasebooks available.
Monthly subscription starts at $14.99
50 LanguagesGrammar focused.
Great for a good foundation.
Has pronunciation guides.

Clozemaster review Ling app


It’s a gamified language-learning app made by language enthusiasts, using fill-in-the-blank exercises for learning the Georgian language. Usually, users with prior knowledge of the language benefit more from this app. It is useful for learning common words and phrases quite quickly and is available for free.

This app uses a method called ‘cloze,’ which involves filling in the missing words in sentences. One of the strengths I’ve found of Clozemaster is its simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy for users to get started.

There is also a premium version of Clozemaster that comes with extra features. It allows users to access more advanced courses and get more in-depth statistics and progress tracking.

Learn Italki Ling App


If you are looking for something more professional and classroom-based, then try Italki. Get one-on-one guidance for learning Georgian and build a community by connecting with other learners, too. This is often helpful for people who enjoy learning together. Italki is a paid platform for booking lessons with tutors starting at $5.00, depending on the tutor and their qualifications.

The core concept of Italki revolves around creating a global community of language learners and instructors. Students can find teachers from different parts of the world, allowing them to learn directly from a native speaker or an experienced tutor. This approach not only offers valuable language learning opportunities but also exposes students to different cultures and accents, making the learning experience more enriching and authentic.

Best Apps to learn Georgian Ling App

Ling App

Ling app is brilliant for beginners and pre-beginners. It is a well-designed gamified language-learning app that focuses on all aspects of learning – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Plus, lessons are created by native speakers, you can practice the language with a chatbot, and it has a free trial available.

Ling is an app designed to create fun ways of learning a new language, and you can be sure to learn a lot in a short time while keeping track of your progress. You can also meet other learners of the Georgian language in the Ling community. You will learn about all aspects of the language, and discover a lot of information regarding the culture in Georgia through the blog.

In total, Ling has 62 languages to choose from, including unique and different ones like Georgian. Whatever your goal – be it script, grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary – it works well to cater to your language needs and is quite affordable.

Glossika Logo


The specialty of this platform is its spaced repetition method. It helps greatly in language learning, and the Georgian language is no exception. Glossika is recommended for learners at post-beginner or intermediate levels. It has a free 7-day trial, costing $13.33 per month.

Glossika holds a significant advantage over the traditional classroom setting. In a classroom, teachers face the challenge of accommodating the diverse needs of different students, considering variations in their knowledge levels, motivations, and goals. This requires years of training and experience, yet the effectiveness of the lessons can still be limited by the varying factors within the class. With Glossika, this is not a problem, as each learner can follow their own tailored path, generated by its algorithm.

Memrise Logo


Memrise offers various types of activities to help users learn and practice new vocabulary. When starting a program, learners are introduced to new words, including their spelling, definition, pronunciation, and/or translation into their native language.

The practice of new vocabulary includes exercises: matching the word to the correct translation or interpretation, spelling words, and using either the keyboard or a small set of letters provided by the app to match terms to their correct pronunciation.

Memrise was made with a focus on topics and chats. It helps learn phrases and ultimately speak Georgian quickly according to the topic. They use memorization techniques designed to make language learning easier. The monthly subscription is $14.99 a month.

50 languages Logo

50 Languages

50 Languages is highly regarded as one of the best free language apps available in the market. It may not boast cutting-edge technology, but it offers high-quality materials for studying and practicing reading, writing, and listening skills in numerous languages. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and users can also access its content through the website. The best part is that it is entirely free, with the only upsell option being the removal of occasional ads that are not overly intrusive.

This platform digs into grammar lessons a bit more. They have verb conjugations and pronunciation guides that truly help the speaking and listening of the Georgian language. It definitely improves your understanding of the language by building a good grammar foundation. Despite its somewhat dated appearance, 50 Languages is quite a good language-learning program.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for a Georgian course that is free or are ready to enroll in subscription courses, knowing your learning style is important, and immersion into the language is highly recommended. As you learn Georgian online, find ways to help you completely soak into this language to gain new vocabulary, phrases, and learn the basics.

Today, we’ve presented you with Georgian courses that work! It’s up to you now to choose the best language teacher to help you reach your goals.

Ling – The Ultimate App To Learn Georgian

Learning a foreign language has several challenges. As such, learning Georgian can be complex, but if you have the right tools, it can be really fun. As mentioned earlier, the list above will help you reach your goals in learning this new language. But the truly rewarding app to do so would be Ling, as it covers multiple languages, including Georgian.

With a great tool to help you have the best experience when learning Georgian, you will be set to tackle anything from new words to complex Georgian grammar. You can also explore much about the culture and traditions on the Ling app’s Georgian blog page.

For me, the best feature is being able to work at my own pace. The Ling community is also very helpful to learn and cheer each other. So, start learning Georgian for free with the Ling app, and discover this historical language and its country today! Download for your iOS or Android device now.

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