7 Best Apps For Advanced Korean Learners To Try Today!

Best Apps For Advanced Korean Learners- Featured Ling App

Congratulations on making it past the beginner level of learning the Korean language! If you want to progress to a more advanced level and you need another virtual buddy to help you out, then here’s a guide to help you. We collected the best apps for advanced Korean learners to help you!

Your journey to learning Korean as a newbie probably gave you some headaches. Given the differences in the letters, writing system, and grammar, getting frustrated is quite inevitable. But hey, you made it, and you’ve learned some basic Korean vocabulary and phrases!

As advanced learners, we understand that you may occasionally feel like you need to learn more. Perhaps this is the curse of discovering a new language because you can’t seem to stop until you’re satisfied. But did you know that an all-in-one package app like Ling can help you? Its Korean lessons range from beginners to advanced topics! We also have other options for you if you are looking for the best apps for learning this unique language from East Asia.

Quick Overview Of The Best Apps To Learn Advanced Korean

The last thing you probably want to do is spend a ton of money on apps. You probably tried dodging a bullet, so you didn’t hire a private tutor but instead looked for alternatives. Here’s a breakdown of prices that wouldn’t drill a hole in your credit card.

AppsPrice Starting AtBest For
Ling$14.99/month Improving Speaking Skills
Advanced Korean LearningFreeLearning Conversational and Formal Phrases
Cake$13.99/monthLearning Casual Phrases
Mondly Korean$9.99/monthEnhancing Spelling Skills
Eggbun$9.99/monthImproving Reading Skills
Learn Korean$3.52 (One-Time Payment)Enhancing Writing Skills
Korean Listening and Speaking$4.99/month Improving Listening Skills

7 Best Apps For Advanced Korean Learners

Given the privileges that you’ll be met with once you learn advanced Korean lessons, I suppose you’re now on board to improve your skills even more. Here are the best apps that you must try to learn the language easily from a deeper perspective!

Hangul letters

1. Ling: Best For Improving Speaking Skills

Beginning your journey with Ling comes with several advantages. First, you get to learn using active recall through their interactive lessons. Second, you can improve your speaking skills since the app has a feature to test Korean language learners’ capability to pronounce words fluently. Lastly, you won’t have a hard time navigating through a new app if you’ve already begun using it when you were a beginner!

Additionally, it has a lot more features than you think. Its lessons range from basic vocabulary to more complex and complicated strings of sentences. Not to mention that this language-learning app also focuses on grammar rules and other lessons that some apps don’t offer. We also have native Korean speakers who pronounce Korean words perfectly, making your experience closer to having an actual teacher.


  • Retention-focused lessons.
  • Offers interactive games to test your knowledge.
  • Improve your speech skills with its smart chatbot.


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99

Transform Your Korean Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling app Today!

2. Advanced Korean Learning: Best For Learning Conversational and Formal Phrases

If you want a journey that focuses more on Korean phrases, then this is your pick. Upon opening the application, you’d find several categories, ranging from a list of wise sayings in Korean to slang words that are commonly used when texting your friends. You may even see jokes that you only encounter when watching Korean dramas.


  • Discover different phrases such as wise sayings, jokes, chat words, and more.
  • Improve your writing, speaking, and reading skills.


  • Free

3. Cake: Best For Learning Casual Phrases

Do you want to get advanced lessons with your favorite K-pop idol? Hold up now, and don’t get too excited. These amazing stars won’t be your Korean tutors, but with their video clips from their YouTube channel, you’re like learning the language with them! Enjoy watching your bias on screen while trying to master the words and phrases they say. You can even take quizzes to test your knowledge as you practice Korean.


  • Enjoy learning from your favorite artists’ YouTube videos.
  • Familiarizes you with different accents and pronunciations.


  • Cake Plus: $13.99
  • Cake Plus Family: $119.99
  • Class:$14.99
  • More
Korean store

4. Mondly Korean: Best For Enhancing Spelling Skills

If you want to learn Korean vocabulary and the proper spelling of each word, Mondly can help you. The lessons they offer are quite a mix for beginner and advanced learners. So, don’t worry about forgetting the basics, because they’ll give you exercises that’ll refresh your knowledge. If you almost know the language like the back of your hand, then you’ll enjoy this app as much as we do!


  • Learn to speak like a native speaker.
  • Learn more about Korean culture from natives.


  • Month Plan: $9.99 (one language)
  • 12 Months Plan: $47.99(one language)
  • One-time payment: $99.99 (41 languages)

5. Eggbun: Best For Improving Reading Skills

This is probably one of the most interesting apps for learning Korean because, with Eggbun, you’d feel like you’re practicing the language with natives. Here you have Lanny, who would assist you in your journey by casually chatting with you through texts. This is perfect for intermediate and advanced learners who can already read Hangeul, as it will occasionally ask you to type in some words that are written in Korean.

Additionally, it also helps you spell words more accurately and enhances your reading skills. You have to get used to seeing the Korean alphabet, don’t you think?


  • Practice speaking like Korean natives.
  • Understand Korean culture with Lanny.


  • 1 Month Premium: $9.99
  • 3 Months Premium: $29.99
  • 6 Months Premium: $41.99
  • 12 Months Premium: $69.99
  • Lifetime Premium:$99.99

6. Learn Korean: Best For Enhancing Writing Skills

If you’re looking for an app that serves more like a digital Korean dictionary, then you might like to Learn Korean. It’s like a Korean phrasebook that’ll help you remember words and phrases that are handy for everyday situations. However, it’s not limited to having a dictionary feature and introducing new vocabulary. It’s also effective in practicing your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills with its interactive features!


  • The most optimum list of phrases to be used by advanced learners.
  • Interactive features to help you practice all of the language skills, including pronunciation.


  • Premium version: $3.52
Soul sign illumination

7. Korean – Listening And Speaking

If you’re already a fluent Korean speaker and don’t want your skills to get rusty, you can always try apps like this one. Unlike the first six apps to learn Korean, this one specifically focuses on introducing useful phrases. You can test your knowledge by taking a short exercise that requires you to arrange Korean words to come up with a coherent phrase. Moreover, this quick activity helps you get a better grasp of Korean grammar.


  • Practice common conversational phrases.
  • Show and hide transcript mode to test your skills.


  • Silver package: $4.99
  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Platinum package: $24.99
  • Annual: $59.99
  • More

Why Learn Advanced Korean

Learning Korean can have a ton of reasons these days. Some may want to just turn off the English subtitles and switch to Korean subtitles instead to test their skills. At the same time, others may want to attain Korean fluency to connect more with native speakers. Plus, learning how to speak the language also allows you to understand Korean culture and tradition. By now, you’re probably aware that every word may mean something deeper once you check for its history.

Which Is The Best App For Advanced Korean Learners?

Picking the best one among these Korean learning apps is probably more difficult than learning the language itself because it really depends on your preferences. However, if you want an interactive learning experience with tons of quizzes and exercises waiting for you, then the Ling app is the best for the job.

With the app, active learning is greatly utilized with the exercises they offer, so you wouldn’t need to worry about your goldfish-like memory and attention span! Plus, using the app for at least 20 minutes a day also makes it possible for you to learn the language better. All you need is dedication and patience! Download Ling today on the Google Play Store and App Store to begin your journey.

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