7 Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners To Enjoy

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners- Featured Ling App

Oh hey, congrats on making it to the advanced level! Now that you’re done with the beginner and intermediate stages, you can probably find learning Chinese a little bit easier. Well, if you’re still in doubt about your skills, here are some of the best apps for advanced Chinese learners that can help you test your skills today!

Exploring Chinese alphabet never gets easier; can you imagine mastering thousands of characters in just a few months? Well, I certainly can’t since it’ll certainly lead to a bloody battlefield for my brain cells, but for language learners such as yourself, you’ll certainly never get enough of these unique symbols. So, despite reaching an advanced level, you’ll still yearn to learn more.

The curse that you’ll encounter this time will be the hardships of finding the perfect app that won’t bore you to sleep but will still challenge you. Fortunately, you have Ling as your virtual knight in shining armor! Continue learning Chinese with its fun and interactive features that can help enhance your knowledge of the Chinese language. Want to explore more apps for advanced learners like you? Read further!

Why Learn Chinese

We’ve probably established from the beginning that learning Chinese is pretty beneficial for everyone. One is that it opens a lot of opportunities, especially for the growing economy of China. You might want to snatch a spot in some job postings. Secondly, since it’s widely spoken all over the world, wouldn’t it be great to connect with other people? Lastly, getting to know a second or third language is quite cool, and it would be great to subtly brag about it to your siblings or friends.

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners

More advanced learners really call for more challenging exercises. Gaining full mastery over another language is something that language enthusiasts would love to achieve. Here we have gathered the most useful apps for advanced Chinese learners that will interest you.

AppsPrice Starts AtBest For
Ling$8.99/month (Free Trial Available)Learning conversational phrases
Chinese Guru$2.40/monthWriting traditional and modern Chinese characters
Learn Chinese Listening & Speaking₱89/monthTesting your Chinese grammar and knowledge
Du Chinese$14.99/monthImproving reading and listening skills
Immersive Chinese₱135/monthOffline learning of Chinese phrases and words
Chineasy$12.99/monthLearning Chinese characters
FunEasyLearn$3.99/monthReviewing useful words and phrases
Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners Ling App

1. Ling

Language learning doesn’t have to be boring; even if you’re already an advanced learner, you can always learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun and interactive way. Suppose that you want to focus more on your pronunciation. Ling has your back with its speech-recognition feature that rates how accurate your pronunciation is. Plus, you can also take quizzes with flashcards and multiple-choice questions to refresh some vocabulary that you often forget.


  • Sound more like native speakers by trying its chatbot feature, which helps you hold conversational phrases with AI.
  • Get a better grasp of Chinese grammar rules with these lessons.
  • Uses flashcards to learn different words and phrases and promote active recall.


Begin your advanced language learning journey with us for $8.99. You may also choose the 12-month plan, which costs $79.99, or the lifetime subscription, which costs $149.99.

Chinese Guru Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners

2. Chinese Guru

If you want to focus more on familiarizing yourself with other characters and practicing how to properly write them, Chinese Guru sounds like the perfect app for the job. It’s best suited for advanced learners, as it teaches you how to write basic and complex Chinese characters multiple times. It also helps refresh your Chinese vocabulary when it introduces words that you’re already familiar with.


  • Helps you effectively practice writing Chinese characters.
  • Allows you to create your own study list so that you can progress at your own pace.
  • Learn the tones of each word by drawing them.


Start learning Chinese with Chinese Guru for $2.40 per month.

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners (Poro)- Ling App

3. Learn Chinese Listening And Speaking

Suppose that you’re already well-versed in Chinese grammar and you want to test your skills, then try to learn Chinese with Poro. This app’s advanced level can challenge advanced learners really well, as its exercises no longer use Pinyin. You’ll be asked to arrange Chinese characters to create a coherent phrase. This helps you test your skills and knowledge when it comes to grammar and vocabulary. Are you ready to take on this challenge?


  • It has a “hide transcript” feature to help you memorize more Chinese characters effectively.
  • Offers stories and news articles written in Chinese to help you understand more about their language and culture.


Enjoy all access and an ad-FREE experience by paying Php 89 per month (roughly $1.59) or getting an annual subscription for Php 779 ($13.71). You can also get a lifetime plan, which costs Php 949 ($16.70).

Du Chinese Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners

4. Du Chinese

You probably figured out already that Mandarin is a tonal language, and in your adventure to learn the language you need to prepare your reading and listening skills. With Du Chinese, you can improve these skills with their exercises. Upon beginning your journey with this app, the lessons primarily focus on reading and listening to different excerpts that’ll be beneficial for advanced learners like you. So, if you’re someone who loves to read or listen to podcasts, you’ll definitely love this app.


  • You have an option to learn both traditional and modern Chinese.
  • Enjoy audios that are perfectly synchronized with texts.
  • Learn anytime and anywhere with its offline mode.


Start your subscription for only $14.99 per month, you also have a 6 and 12-month subscription option that’ll cost you $79.99 and $114.99.

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners (Immersive Chinese)- Ling App

5. Immersive Chinese

Have you ever seen Chinese phrasebooks? This app is quite similar to these pocketbooks, but unlike these chunky books, you won’t need extra space to fit this in because it only takes a single tap to open this app! It contains a series of phrases that can be handy if you happen to forget certain words. Another edge that it has over traditional paperbacks is that you can hear its proper pronunciation!


  • Feel free to customize your lessons.
  • Don’t worry about losing access to Wi-Fi because it also has an offline feature.
  • Utilize repetition learning to improve retention of lessons.


Unlock all lessons by paying Php 139 per month, you can also get their 6-month plan for Php 405. While they also offer a lifetime plan worth Php765.

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners

6. Chineasy

Continue your journey learning about different Chinese characters with this app. It uses images and symbols that resemble different Chinese characters. This can help both beginner and advanced learners if they want to familiarize themselves with other characters that they rarely encounter.


  • Learn different Chinese characters through symbols that resemble the word.
  • Learn real-life practical phrases to effectively converse with locals.
  • Uses speech recognition to improve your


Start learning with them by paying $12.99 per moth or getting their annual plan for $49.99.

Best Apps For Advanced Chinese Learners Fun Easy Learn- Ling App

7. FunEasyLearn

FunEasyLearn is one of the most used apps to learn Chinese. Even if you’re already at an advanced level, you’ll occasionally still forget some words and phrases that are quite crucial when navigating the bustling streets of Beijing. What’s great about this app is that you can easily choose any category of words that you like. Moreover, it has plenty of interactive exercises that will promote active recall as you progress to more complicated phrases.


  • Learn new words with its hand-drawn illustrations.
  • Practice speaking fluently with its speech recognition feature.


Prices start at $3.99 per month, but you can also get 6 months worth of subscriptions for $14.99. They also have an annual subscription for $21.99 and a lifetime plan that costs $49.99.

Which Is The Best App For Advanced Learners?

If you’re having trouble picking the right app to help you attain full mastery of the language, always remember your target. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, it becomes easier for you to decide which app works best for you. Besides, it’s a pretty subjective thing, and it really depends on your preferences.

Nonetheless, if you’re still up to having some fun as you voyage through your Chinese learning experience, why don’t you consider trying Ling today? The app helps many language learners master 60+ languages. Plus, its interactive quizzes and exercises would surely intrigue a language enthusiast like you!

Download Ling today on Play Store and App Store to begin learning a new lexicon!

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