No Czech On Babbel! 3 Jaw-Dropping Alternatives

Planning to subscribe and learn the Czech language on Babbel? Well, allow me to burst your bubble as we recently found out that there actually no Czech on Babbel. Many students assume that this platform will cater to all language learners, but it does not seem to have any lessons or signs of adding language courses for the Czech language learners. Let’s learn more about this case and the best alternatives in today’s post!

Reasons Why There’s No Czech On Babbel

Did you know that there’s no Czech on Rosetta Stone? Is Czech, not a desirable language to learn, then? Absolutely not! But here are the possible reasons why there’s no Czech on Babbel:

  1. The first and most obvious is that there aren’t as many Czech speakers as in other countries. Czech has only 10 million speakers. Compare that to nearby Russia, where you have a total of 160 million.
  2. It’s expensive to create a language course. They want users to learn French and to learn Spanish because they can get more users for less money.
  3. The Czech alphabet is slightly different from English, with 42 letters. Although minor, small things can make language learners choose another foreign language. It’s why the lesser spoken Asian languages have a problem. Something like Thai is particularly difficult because you also have to learn tones.

Reasons To Learn Czech

No Czech On Babbel
  1. The best reason to learn the Czech language is that the Czech Republic is a fantastic place to visit, and speaking some of the language will enrich that experience. The Czech Republic has the most castles in Europe, 2000 in total. If you’re into the macabre, think about making the journey to the Sedlec ossuary, where the bones of 70000 people adorn the walls in decoration.
  2. Leading from number 1 is the beer and wine culture in the Czech Republic. There’s nothing quite like going out for a few pints and talking to one of the locals in their native language. Moravian wine is almost as famous as Italian wine. Moravia is a region in the south of the country. These wines are well regarded for their flowery and earthy qualities. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the world-famous Czech beers. They should be good at is well; they’ve had enough time; brewing culture goes back to 993. If you go to Prague, you’ll find that almost every bar sells a version of a pilsner.
  3. Cost. The Czech Republic is a very cheap place to study Czech. The prices here are perhaps a third of what you would find in Northern Europe and the U.S. For this reason, you find many English teachers who go to Prague to teach the locals English. Ling is an excellent shout for all you teachers out there who want to speak to locals and make communication with your students a little easier.
  4. Kafka! Kafka is the most famous Czech writer of all time, thanks to his book The Trial, published at the beginning of the 20th century. The story follows the misadventures of Joseph K, who is accused of a crime and pursued by mysterious government agencies (the crime and the accuser are never made explicit). It is a terrifying glimpse of bureaucratic totalitarianism run amok. His other most famous work is Metamorphosis and tells the story of a civil servant who wakes up one day as a giant cockroach. Kafka himself was a deeply troubled and unstable man thanks to abuse from his domineering father. Upon his death at a young age, he wanted all of his books burned, but thanks to his literary agent, they survived, and he became a worldwide star.
No Czech On Babbel

Alternatives To Learning Czech

  • Forget old-school language education. Youtube is an excellent resource with limitless possibilities. I find it is particularly good for Listening and grammar. Once you gain a fundamental understanding of the language, you can follow along and improve your reading. Also, a good use of Youtube is to learn grammar. It is very dry when you’re reading a book, and your attention quickly wanders. With a Youtube video, you can speed up and slow down the content if you’re struggling. There’s also the comments section where perhaps your questions are answered. The best currently on Youtube is ‘Learn Czech with’ 
  • Learn Czech with a Czech native speaker. Although this is a lot more costly, it will become an invaluable tool in your language learning arsenal. Speaking is a fast way to learn any language, and you are forced to speak when you have a tutor. The best website for finding a Czech teacher is Preply. The prices range from about $10-25 an hour, which is reasonable considering English teaching might be twice this amount. 
  • Learn Czech with some of the best language learning platforms like the Ling and Duolingo.

Study Czech With Ling

So you want to learn a new language?

Ling is undoubtedly your best option for learning Czech and lesser spoken languages. Our interactive lessons are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We have everything you would want from a language learning app, including SRS flashcards, listening practice with native speakers, and the opportunity to practice speaking skills with our chatbot.

What makes it an attractive platform is the fact that it is practical as compared to its competitors. For instance, a standard subscription to other language learning platforms will only allow you to access courses for one to five languages. In the case of the Ling App, your subscription will let you check out its vast collection of lessons, fun-mini games, and quizzes for over 60+ languages! So, what are you waiting for? Download it today and start learning with the Ling App!

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