Best 3 Apps To Learn Sorbian: Exciting News!

apps to learn Sorbian

Learning the Sorbian language opens a window into a unique cultural and linguistic heritage. As a minority language spoken in parts of Germany, particularly in Lusatia, Sorbian offers learners the opportunity to engage with a lesser-known Slavic language. Many people search for adequate apps to learn Sorbian.

Mastering Sorbian not only deepens your connection with the culture and traditions of the Sorbian people but also contributes to preserving this distinctive linguistic identity. But how do you do that when there are limited resources to use? Take heart, we have some great news for you. Here are the best three apps to learn Sorbian!

Why Learn Sorbian

Sorbian is a West Slavic minority language. It is spoken by the Sorbian people in the Lusatia region of Germany. The Sorbian language has two main dialects: Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian. It is a part of the larger Slavic language family, which includes other languages like Polish, Czech, and Slovak.

Upper Sorbian language and Lower Sorbian are two distinct dialects of the Sorbian language, spoken by the Sorbian people in the Lusatia region of Germany. While they share common linguistic roots, there are notable differences between the two. Upper Sorbian is spoken in the northern part of Lusatia, primarily in Saxony, Germany, while Lower Sorbian is spoken in the southern part of Lusatia, mainly in Brandenburg, Germany.

These geographical differences have influenced variations in vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural context between the two dialects. Both Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian have their own standardized written forms, used in literature, media, and education, but Upper Sorbian has a larger body of written works compared to Lower Sorbian due to extensive language revival efforts.

Between Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian, Upper Sorbian is generally more well-known and widely spoken. Also known as Hornjoserbšćina, it is spoken by a larger number of people and has a more visible presence in cultural and educational activities.

Despite these distinctions, both dialects are integral to the Sorbian cultural identity and contribute to the linguistic diversity of the Slavic language family. Efforts to preserve and revitalize the Sorbian language are ongoing, with a focus on both dialects, aiming to ensure that this unique linguistic heritage continues to flourish among the Sorbian communities in Lusatia.

Apps To Learn Sorbian

AppPrice Starting AtBest For
Sorbian EasyFreeVocabulary Building
Sorbisch Online Lernen (SOL)FreeOn-The-Go Learning
Ling$6.67/ month (Free Trial Available)Interactive Experience
Sorbian Easy apps to learn Sorbian

Sorbian Easy

The WITAJ-Language Centre in Bautzen, an institution committed to preserving the Sorbian language, has produced a Sorbian Easy app. WITAJ plays a crucial role in teaching and promoting Sorbian languages among both Sorbian community members and those interested in learning about this unique linguistic and cultural heritage. For those ready to get into learning the Upper Sorbian language, this portable treasure through the app is an invaluable resource. The software provides a dynamic experience by enabling you to hear as well as view typical welcomes, introductions, and requests.

It also offers a thorough compilation of frequently asked questions and responses that are customized to a variety of scenarios, making it a useful tool for understanding Upper Sorbian’s linguistic nuances. Sadly, the app is not compatible with all devices but can be used on the desktop seamlessly. For those looking for more resources, the center offers language courses, cultural events, workshops, and resources aimed at fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Sorbian traditions.


  • Practical phrases for everyday life.
  • Sorbian in One Hundred Seconds for spoken texts.
  • Vocabulary building and exercises.


This app is absolutely free to use.

Sorbisch Online Lernen apps to learn Sorbian

Sorbisch Online Lernen (SOL)

Sorbisch Online Lernen (SOL), meaning Learning Sorbian Online, offers a comprehensive self-learning program tailored for those interested in mastering Upper Sorbian or Lower Sorbian/Wendish. This program is designed to accommodate diverse learners, providing a wealth of free learning resources, engaging narratives, the convenience of SOL mobile, a well-structured self-paced course, and even preparation for certificate examinations.

Whether you’re intrigued by Upper Sorbian or Lower Sorbian/Wendish, SOL empowers you to embark on a journey of linguistic discovery and skill-building. Access the self-learning program here to unlock the world of Sorbian language and culture.


  • On-the-go learning.
  • Engaging learning material.
  • Continuous progress tracking.


This Sorbian learning app is absolutely free to use.

Ling App_ Logo_Sorbian learning app_learn languages_apps to Learn Sorbian


The Ling app is a unique platform dedicated to helping language learning enthusiasts to find the best resources to learn their target language. Besides Sorbian, it has 62 other languages several of which have limited resources for learning – similar to Sorbian. It developed the lessons with the help of native speakers and aims to use games and interactive exercises to make learning fun and educative. Available on both Android and iOS devices, it stands as a great resource to learn a new language.


  • An interactive and engaging app.
  • Courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Helpful grammar tips while learning.


FreeThe First 8 Lessons
$8.99 for 1 monthTo Unlock The Pro Version
$6.67/month for 12 monthsTo Unlock The Pro Version
$149.99 for a lifetimeTo Unlock The Pro Version

Which Is The Ultimate Best Choice For Sorbian?

Learning Sorbian online presents challenges due to its status as a less-spoken language. Comprehensive courses and quality resources can be scarce, making it difficult to find accurate materials for both dialects. The limited online community and lack of updated content further hinder learning. Also, the technical aspects of typing and displaying Sorbian characters might pose obstacles.

Nevertheless, as we see here today, resources do exist for learning Sorbian online. However, they might require a greater search effort and potentially come at a cost. This is why we highly recommend the Ling app as your best choice to learn the Sorbian language without any difficulty.

Even though created for fun, it focuses on all aspects of language learning from your need to speak Sorbian well, to writing, listening practices, and pronunciation of vocabulary correctly. Use features such as quizzes, speaking exercises to improve your accent, sentence making, and many more to make your language learning experience what it should be – seamless!

With the available content, you are sure to learn Sorbian in a matter of weeks. In case you get stuck, the AI chatbot is there to help you but also the Ling support team is very active and ready with any assistance you may need. Offering over 60 languages, this gamified language-learning platform is the ultimate and all-rounded solution for a true seeker of the Sorbian language.

By learning Sorbian, get to know more about their festivals and culture like the Easter Ride of the Sorbs, in colorful costumes and on horseback. Visit also the Sorbian Museum and Bautzen to behold their wonderful architecture. Do not let language be a limitation to exploring Sorbia for yourself. Get to know the lesser-known yet amazing heritage of Europe, in Eastern Germany.

Download the Ling app today to have one of the best apps to learn Sorbian for your iOS or Android devices and take your learning to the next level! Feel free to write to us if you have any questions about learning Sorbian.

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