25+ Important Body Parts in Tamil That You Should Learn Today

Body Parts In Tamil Feature

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign land and suffered an injury? Well, let me tell you, it’s no fun! But fear not, my friend! Learning body parts in Tamil can come in handy when you least expect it.

Let me give you an example: the last time I was in Sri Lanka, I decided to take in the stunning views from the top of Sigiriya. Unfortunately, I got a little too close to the edge and took a tumble. Ouch! Lucky for me, I had previously learned the Tamil word for ankle: “கால் மண்டை” (kaal mandai). I was able to communicate with the doctor and let him know where it hurt.

Now, if you want to be prepared like me, you’ll definitely want to learn a few of these important words. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.

Learning human body parts in Tamil can also be a fun way to immerse yourself in the culture. Tamil is a beautiful language that is spoken by millions of people around the world. And let me tell you, nothing impresses the locals like being able to converse with them in their native tongue.

So, are you ready to learn the beautiful language of Tamil? Trust me, it’s worth it. Not only will it come in handy in case of an emergency, but it will also give you a greater appreciation for the culture and people of Tamil Nadu.

And hey, if nothing else, you’ll have a few extra words to impress your friends at parties. Who wouldn’t want to show off their knowledge of human body and parts in Tamil? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get learning!

Body Parts in Tamil - There are human bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Important Body Parts in Tamil

In the previous chapter, we talked about the importance of learning body parts in Tamil, especially if you find yourself in a foreign land and need to communicate with medical professionals. Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details and teach you how to say a few essential body parts in Tamil.

Head – தலை (Talai)

Did you know that your head weighs around 10–11 pounds? No wonder it’s so important to protect it!

Hair – முடி (Mudi)

A bad hair day can really bring you down, but at least now you can complain about it in Tamil!

Eyes – கண்கள் (Kangal)

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Use them to appreciate the beauty of the world around you!

Nose – மூக்கு (Mookku)

Got a cold? No worries, now you can ask for a tissue in Tamil.

Mouth – வாய் (Vay)

Mouths are amazing. They allow us to speak, eat, and laugh.

Teeth – பற்கள் (Paṟkaḷ)

Did you know that sharks can lose and replace their teeth up to 50,000 times in their lifetime?

Ear – காது (Kaadhu)

Ears not only allow us to hear, but they also help us keep our balance.

Neck – கழுத்து (Kazhuthu)

Neck pain is no joke. But at least now you can describe it in Tamil and get some relief.

Shoulder – தோள்பட்டை (Tōḷpaṭṭai)

Shoulders are like the support beams of our body.

Chest – மார்பு (Mārpu)

The chest is where our heart is, and it’s also where we hold our deepest emotions.

Stomach – வயிறு (Vayiṟu)

Stomachaches are the worst. But at least now you can communicate your discomfort in Tamil.

Arm – கை (Kai)

Arms are used for so many things: hugging, waving, lifting, and even swimming. Now, you can talk about all those activities in Tamil.

Hand – கை (Kai)

Did you know that our fingerprints are unique to each individual? Now, you can talk about the amazingness of our fingers and hands in Tamil.

Leg – கால் (Kaal)

Legs are what allow us to stand, walk, run, play, and even dance. Now, you can express your love for your legs in Tamil.

Body Parts in Tamil - the mouth is a very important area of the human body.

Parts Of The Mouth

Let’s start by talking about one of the most important parts of the body – the mouth! This is what lets us communicate, engage with other people and, most of all, explain how to say these words in Tamil!


Parts Of The Body

Let’s continue with other parts of the body in Tamil. Pay extra attention as some of these words can be quite tricky!

Eyelashesகண் இமைகள்Kaṇ imaikaḷ
Chest/breastமார்பு / மார்பகம்Mārpu / mārpakam /
Belly buttonதொப்பை பொத்தான்Toppai pottāṉ
Butt cheekபட் கன்னம்Paṭ kaṉṉam
Legs/calfகால்கள்/கன்றுKālkaḷ/kaṉṟu /
Calf muscleகன்று தசைKaṉṟu tacai
Sole of the footஉள்ளங்கால்Uḷḷaṅkāl
Body Parts in Tamil - fingers and toes are the end of our human body and also a very important part of it

Fingers And Toes

Did you know that the tips of our fingers and toes are wrinkly after being in water for a while because our bodies evolved to have that feature to help us grip objects better underwater? The wrinkles create more surface area, giving us a better grip even in wet conditions!

Index fingerஆள்காட்டி விரல்Āḷkāṭṭi viral
Middle fingerநடு விரல்Naṭu viral
Ring fingerமோதிர விரல்Mōtira viral
Pinky/little fingerஇளஞ்சிவப்பு / சிறிய விரல்iḷañcivappu/ ciṟiya viral /
Body Parts in Tamil - organ models

Internal Body Parts

Moving on to the internal organs, did you know that your liver is the only organ in your body that can fully regenerate itself? This means that even if up to 75% of your liver is removed, it has the ability to grow back to its original size and function within a few months, making it one of the most remarkable organs in the human body!

Skullமண்டை ஓடுMaṇṭai ōṭu
Vagina/penisயோனி/ஆணுறுப்புYōṉi/āṇuṟuppu /
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Now, you might be thinking, “But why do I need to learn Tamil? I’m not planning on going to Sri Lanka anytime soon.” Well, my friend, as I mentioned earlier in this article, knowing the basic names of body parts in a foreign language can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. And who knows, you might even find yourself in a situation where speaking Tamil can help you communicate with locals and make new friends.

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Happy learning!

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