Best 6+ Apps For Pronunciation: Your Path To Fluent Speech

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If you’re on the hunt for the best apps for pronunciation, this is a good read. I’ve been there, trying to wrap my tongue around unfamiliar sounds while learning a new language

It’s tough, I know. That’s why I turned to pronunciation apps.

So, let me share my top picks. I’ve chosen them based on their cool features, user-friendliness, and the rave reviews they’ve received.

But first, let’s take a quick look at a comparison table. It’s a quick way to see which ones might suit you best.

App Best ForPrice
ForvoAuthentic pronunciations-Free
-Premium at $2.99/month
MondlyInteractive pronunciation practice-Free
-Premium at $9.99/month
SpeechlingPersonalized pronunciation feedback-Free
-Unlimited at $19.99/month
SpeechifyText-to-speech conversion-Free
-Premium at $11.58/month
italkiPersonalized pronunciation learning-Varies by teacher
-Lessons start from $4.00/hour
The Ling AppMastering pronunciation through games-Free
-Premium at $8.99/month

Forvo: Best For Authentic Pronunciations

First is Forvo, an app that is all about helping you listen, learn, and even record pronunciations in over 450 languages.

What I love about Forvo is its user-friendly interface. It’s been revamped to make it even easier to use. And there’s a dark mode option to give your eyes a break.

But the real star of the show is Forvo’s database. It’s packed with over 7 million pronunciations, all recorded by native speakers. 

So, you’re not just learning to mimic sounds. You’re learning how real people speak in their native languages.

You can start using Forvo for free. But you’ll need to go premium to unlock all the features with no annoying ads. That’ll cost you $2.99 per month.

A photo of Forvo's logo.

Forvo’s Standout Features

  • Extensive Database: Forvo’s database is impressive, housing over 7 million pronunciations across 450 languages.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to navigate, with a dark mode option for added comfort.

  • Social Features: Forvo allows users to follow others, add them to favorites, and order pronunciations.

What Are Users Saying About Forvo?

Over on the Google Play Store, Forvo has a 4.0-star rating from more than 1.74K reviews. 

Users love the wide range of words and native speaker recordings. There are a few mentions of minor bugs, but overall, people seem to be pretty happy with it.

Mondly: Best For Interactive Pronunciation Practice

Next, we have Mondly, a language-learning app that’s shaking things up. With courses in 41 languages, Mondly is a one-stop shop for language learners. 

The app is designed to be fun, easy to use, and, most importantly, effective. It’s not just me saying this. Mondly has been named “Editors’ Choice” on Google Play and “Best New App” by Apple.

But Mondly isn’t sticking to the traditional ways of language learning. They’re pushing boundaries with their venture into VR Education. Their recent launch on Meta Quest has landed them in the top 10 VR apps worldwide.

Mondly offers a free tier, but for full access, you’ll need a Premium subscription. The cost varies from $9.99 monthly for one language, $47.99 for a yearly subscription, or $89.99 for lifetime access to all 41 languages.

If you want more information, visit this detailed Mondly review and discover its digital advantages.

A photo of Mondly's logo.

Mondly’s Standout Features

  • Broad Language Selection: With courses in 41 languages, Mondly offers a wide array of options for language learners.

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Mondly’s courses are designed to be engaging, making learning a new language—and mastering pronunciation—a fun experience.

  • Pioneering VR Education: Mondly is at the forefront of VR Education, offering users an immersive language learning experience that includes pronunciation practice.

What Are Users Saying About Mondly?

Mondly has an excellent 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store, with over 789K reviews. 

Users appreciate the short, engaging lessons and the focus on useful vocabulary. However, some users wish there was more emphasis on grammar and speaking skills.

Speechling: Best For Personalized Pronunciation Feedback

Speechling is all about speaking. With courses in 10 languages, Speechling’s goal is clear: to help you speak a new language. 

It offers free daily pronunciation feedback from coaches and lets you practice with thousands of sentences voiced by real people.

Even better, a lot of it is free. You can access the curriculum, hear professional voices, and compare your pronunciation to native speakers. Aside from that, you get up to 10 coaching sessions per month (except English). 

For $19.99/month, Speechling Unlimited offers unlimited 1-on-1 coaching, an audio journal, the ability to switch languages, and full access to offline resources.

To learn more about Speechling and its offerings, be sure to read our detailed Speechling review.

A photo of Speechling's logo.

Speechling’s Standout Features

  • Personalized Feedback: Speechling offers daily pronunciation feedback from coaches.

  • Sophisticated Learning: The app uses spaced repetition and algorithms, letting you practice with thousands of sentences voiced by real people.

  • Full Curriculum Access: The free tier gives you access to the curriculum, professional voices, and up to 10 monthly coaching sessions.

What Are Users Saying About Speechling?

Speechling is making waves on the Google Play Store, with a strong 4.6-star rating, and over 1.8K reviews. 

Users are raving about the app’s focus on speaking and pronunciation and the personalized feedback from native speakers. 

But it’s not all roses. Some users feel the app’s interface could use a facelift, and it might not be the best fit for complete beginners.

Speechify: Best For Text-To-Speech Conversion

Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn text into spoken words. It’s a great buddy for language learners who want to get their pronunciation just right. 

With over 30 languages to choose from, you can listen to text spoken by native speakers, which is a real game-changer for your language-learning journey.

Regarding cost, Speechify offers a free version with limited features. If you want to unlock everything, you’ll need to subscribe to Speechify Premium. It’ll cost you $11.58 per month or $139 if you pay annually

With Speechify Premium, you’ll get access to over 30 high-quality voices in more than 20 languages, and you can use advanced skipping and importing tools.

A photo of Speechify's logo.

Speechify’s Standout Features

  • High-Quality Voices: Speechify’s got a whole bunch of natural-sounding voices in over 30 languages.

  • Scan and Listen: With Speechify, you can scan and listen to any printed text. It’s like having a personal reader ready to lend a hand.

What Are Users Saying About Speechify?

Speechify seems to be doing pretty well on Google Play, with a 4.4-star rating and more than 104K reviews. 

Users love the high-quality voices and the app’s ability to quickly and accurately turn text into spoken words. But, some users think the interface could do with a bit of a spruce-up.

italki: Best For Personalized Pronunciation Learning

italki is all about connecting you with certified tutors and native speakers worldwide. The app offers one-on-one lessons in more than 150 languages

This is a huge plus if you want to perfect your pronunciation in less commonly taught languages. The real kicker? You get to practice speaking with native speakers and receive personalized feedback on your pronunciation.

italki doesn’t have a monthly subscription. Instead, it lets tutors set their own hourly rates. This can range from $4 to $80 per hour. You can also find free resources on the platform to help you learn a language. 

In addition to 1-on-1 lessons, italki offers group classes and a free community where learners can meet and share experiences with other language learners from more than 190 countries.

To get a more in-depth look at what italki offers, you can check out our comprehensive italki review.

A photo of italki's logo.

italki’s Standout Features

  • Customizable 1-on-1 Lessons: italki lets you tailor your lessons to your needs and goals. You can choose from a wide array of certified tutors and native speakers, making it a great fit whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner.

  • Personalized Feedback: With italki, you get to practice speaking with native speakers and receive personalized feedback.

  • Flexible pricing: italki doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Tutors set their own hourly rates. This flexibility allows you to find a tutor that fits your budget and learning style.

What Are Users Saying About italki?

Over on the Google Play Store, italki is doing pretty well, with a 4.7-star rating and 11K reviews. 

Users love the wide selection of certified teachers and the ability to connect with native speakers. But, some users have mentioned that they would appreciate more structured lessons.

The Ling App: Best For Mastering Pronunciation Through Games

Now for what I believe is the best, the Ling app. This app is all about making language learning a breeze, with courses in over 60 languages

The lessons? Quick, bite-sized, and perfect for squeezing into a busy day. Ling’s mission is to help you become a well-rounded language learner, teaching you practical vocabulary and phrases, grammar tips, and of course, pronunciation. 

And here’s the kicker: all these courses are put together with the help of native speakers. For a deeper dive, feel free to check out our Ling App review.

Like most apps for pronunciation, Ling offers a free version that gives you a taste of beginner lessons and an introductory chatbot. 

But if you want the full buffet, you’ll need a subscription. The cost? It’s $8.99 per month, $54.99 per year, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

A photo of the Ling app's logo, one of the best apps for pronunciation.

The Ling App’s Standout Features

  • Interactive Exercises for Pronunciation: The Ling app offers interactive exercises that let you practice your pronunciation by chatting with the app’s interactive chatbot. It’s almost the same as having a conversation with a native speaker.

  • Retention-Focused Learning Method: The Ling app turns language learning exercises into games, making the learning process effective and fun.

  • Progress Tracker and Streak Feature: The Ling app keeps you motivated with a progress tracker and a streak feature, so you can see how far you’ve come.

What Are Users Saying About The Ling App?

Over on the Google Play Store, the Ling app has bagged a 4.2-star rating based on over 9.7K reviews. 

Users have given a thumbs-up to its game-like learning method and the progress tracker that keeps them motivated. It’s clear that Ling is not just teaching languages but also winning hearts.

Honorable Mentions: Additional Apps For Polishing Your Pronunciation

Alright, let’s check out some additional helpful apps for pronunciation, specifically to practice English pronunciation. While they didn’t make it to our top list, they still offer valuable resources.

A photo of a man using his phone and laptop to learn correct pronunciation.

ELSA Speak – Your Personal Pronunciation Coach 

This nifty tool is all about giving you instant feedback on your pronunciation. If you’re learning American English, ELSA Speak is perfect for you. 

You can find it on Android and iOS platforms, starting at $3.99 per month.

Say It: English Pronunciation – Visualize Your Accent 

Developed by Oxford University Press, this app lets you visualize your accent, which is pretty cool! 

You can compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker, giving you a better understanding of how you sound. It’s available on both Android and iOS, starting at $1.99.

Sounds: Pronunciation App – A Favorite Among Learners 

Despite changing ownership in 2022, it’s still one of the favorite best English pronunciation apps among language learners. This English pronunciation app focuses on American English. 

This makes it a perfect choice for those aiming to master that accent. You can grab it for Android and iOS, starting at $5.99.

English Pronunciation Tutor – Master Challenging Sounds 

If you want a detailed guide to tackling tricky English sounds, the English Pronunciation Tutor has your back. It even includes visual cues on tongue and jaw movements to help nail those sounds. 

Do keep in mind that this resource is exclusively available for Android users, but the best part is it’s free to download with in-app purchases.

Which Apps For Pronunciation Should You Get?

Choosing the right apps for pronunciation can be tricky, right? Each one has its unique strengths. 

Forvo, Mondly, and italki all have their perks. But the real deal is finding an app that keeps you hooked and makes learning fun.

That’s where the Ling app comes in. It’s not just about learning languages but making it enjoyable with quick, bite-sized lessons. 

You also get to improve your pronunciation in over 60 languages. And there’s more! Ling also offers a daily updated blog covering everything from grammar to culture.

So, if you’re all in for improving your pronunciation and diving into a new language, the Ling app is your best bet. Download it from Google Play and App Store today. Trust me; you’ll love it.

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