7 Best Academic Language Learning Apps In 2024

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Have you ever hit a wall trying to crack the code of academic language learning? You’re not alone because I’m on a mission to find the best academic language learning apps that make conquering those tricky terms and grammar feel like a walk in the park. These language apps will turn your ‘huh?’ into ‘aha!’ moments in your language journey.

In this roundup, I’ll give you the top choices, including the Ling app – the complete package for learning 60+ languages, which contains expertly made lessons for all learners at all levels. Handy? 100%! But hey, there are more language apps to talk about, and I’m here to reveal all these. So, let’s get to it and find the perfect one for you!

Quick Summary:

Top 3 Picks For Academic Language Learning Apps
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Select from Eastern European to Asian languages 
  • Learn real life words and phrases
  • Track your progress and get rewards
Rosetta Stone logo image - Ling review widget

Rosetta Stone

  • Real-world scenarios
  • Efficient voice recognition technology
  • Useful phrases for travelers
Babbel logo solo review Ling app


  • Practice pronunciation and speaking skills
  • Support from native Italian-speaking tutors
  • Free version available

1. The Ling App – Best For Comprehensive Language Mastery

If you think that academic language is a beast you just can’t tame, then the Ling app is your knight in shining armor. This isn’t an ordinary language-learning app; it’s a whole new world where over 60 languages come into play, each crafted by language experts who know their stuff. While the app mainly focuses on helping you learn Eastern European and Asian languages easily, your subscription will also grant access to languages from other continents.

So, if you’re planning or maybe currently wrestling with complex language grammar or aiming for that local-like talking person, the Ling app’s got your back. And here’s an interesting one – the Ling app makes learning feel like you’re chilling with friends, not stuck in a stuffy classroom. 

With the Ling app, you’ll nail any of 60+ languages’ grammar like a boss, acing vocabulary like it’s no big deal, all while having a blast with interactive games and a super-smart AI chatbot. It’s basically a language party in your pocket! Perfect for you students and scholars out there, the Ling app will surely turn ‘boring’ into ‘bring it on!’ kind of learning.

Transform Your Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling App Today

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Diverse Language Selection: Specializes in Asian and Eastern European languages with a unique range of options not commonly found in other academic language learning apps.

  • Real-Life Application: Focuses on practical vocabulary and dialogue completion exercises, which makes it highly relevant for real-world use.

  • Progress Tracking and Rewards: Tracks your daily streaks, lesson completions, and quiz scores, and you earn points and badges for hitting milestones.


  • The basic version is free and includes beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Rosetta Stone – Best For Immersive Language Acquisition

Imagine jumping into a language pool and coming out swimming like a champ. That’s what Rosetta Stone, a popular language-learning app, is all up to. This legendary app will teach you the target native language you want while immersing you in it. No translations, no kiddie stuff – just pure, unadulterated language learning. It’s like being teleported to a café in Paris or a market in Tokyo, learning as the locals do.

But how about Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition? Chef’s kiss! It fine-tunes your accent, making sure you sound less like a confused student and more like a savvy professor.

And if you’re craving some real talk, their live coaching sessions are like hitting the language gym with a personal trainer. Curious if this immersive approach is your ticket to effective academic language learning? Read our detailed Rosetta Stone review to find out!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Real-World Scenarios: Emphasizes learning through everyday situations, with interactive activities that simulate real-life experiences.

  • Speech Recognition Technology: Offers immediate feedback on pronunciation to help learners speak accurately and confidently.

  • Live Coaching: Provides access to live sessions with native speakers that enhance the learning experience with real-time interaction and feedback.


  • 3-month premium: $47.97

  • Yearly premium: $167.88

  • Lifetime subscription: $399.00
academic language learning apps - A photo of university students using a phone.

3. Babbel – Best For Practical Language Application

Babbel is like that cool tutor who knows just what you need. This academic language app won’t let you memorize boring lists. Instead, you’ll get to speak like you’ve been doing it all your life. 

Think of it as your language toolbox, filled with everything from snazzy phrases to grammar hacks. Whether you’re prepping for a debate or penning your next masterpiece, Babbel’s got the goods.

Babbel keeps things fresh and fun. Interactive exercises? Check. Real-life dialogues? You bet. It’s like having a language lab in your pocket. Plus, with Babbel Live, you can even join live language classes. Intrigued about how Babbel turns you into a language whiz? Check out our in-depth Babbel review for the lowdown.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Tailored Learning Paths: Courses are customized to match the learner’s language level to ensure a personalized and effective learning journey.

  • Babbel Live: Offers live online language classes with world-class teachers that focus on practical conversation skills.

  • Various Learning Activities: Features a wide selection of learning activities, including podcasts and games, to reinforce knowledge and aid retention.


  • Monthly premium: $13.95

  • 3 months premium: $41.85

  • 6 months premium: $83.70

  • Yearly premium: $167.40

  • Lifetime subscription: $599.99

4. Duolingo – Best For Gamified Language Learning

Let’s face it: learning a new language can be as dry as a burnt toast. But not with Duolingo! With its quirky mascot, Duo the Owl, and colorful challenges, Duolingo turns learning into a game. It’s great for you academic learners who need to learn but want to have fun doing it.

You can say that Duolingo and the Ling app come neck and neck when it comes to language learning. Their bite-sized lessons are perfect for sneaking in some study time between classes or coffee breaks. And do you know what I personally like about these kinds of academic language learning apps? It’s the way they adapt to our learning pace, so we’re always in the sweet spot of learning.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch or just brushing up, either the Ling app or Duolingo can help you have a blast while getting smarter. But for me, the Ling app takes the crown for the sake of comprehensive academic language learning.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Personalized Learning: Uses AI technology to tailor lessons to the learner’s proficiency level and pace to provide an optimal learning experience.

  • Duolingo English Test: Offers a convenient, fast, and affordable English test that integrates the latest assessment science and AI.

  • Duolingo for Schools: Provides free tools to support language learning in educational settings that improve classroom learning with the app.


  • Monthly premium: $6.99

  • Yearly premium: $83.99

  • Family plan: $119.99
apps for academic language learning - A photo of young language students using a laptop to study.

5. Memrise – Best For Vocabulary Retention

Just a thought: as a student or scholar, have you wished to have a magic wand to make memorizing vocabulary a piece of cake? Well, say hello to Memrise!

This academic language learning app is your brain’s best buddy that will help you lock down those tough academic terms with ease. You’ll memorize new words you can use for essays, for example, in an effective but super fun way.

Here’s what this app does – Memrise uses videos of real native speakers, so you can hear the words just as they’re meant to be said. It’s like having a bunch of friends from around the world teaching you their lingo.

Plus, with its personalized AI tutor, Memrise tailors your learning journey to make sure you’re always on top of your language game. But how does it turn vocab learning into an adventure? Check out our detailed Memrise review and see for yourself!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Native Speaker Videos: Contains over 50,000 conversations between real natives that give academic learners authentic listening practice.

  • AI Language Tutor (MemBot): Same as the Ling app’s chatbot, which provides unlimited speaking practice with AI feedback that builds confidence in private before real interactions.

  • Interest-Based Learning: Allows learners to watch videos based on their interests, which makes the learning process more engaging and relevant.


  • Monthly premium: $14.99

  • Yearly premium: $89.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $199.99

6. Busuu – Best For Real-World Language Practice

Most of us language learners want to speak like a local anywhere we go, and Busuu can help us do that. This app will get you ready for the real world, where textbook language doesn’t cut it. With Busuu, you’re learning to communicate like you mean it – whether it’s for making a presentation or preparing for your language exam.

But here’s the burning question – can Busuu really equip you with the language skills you need for real-world academic scenarios? With its range of expert-created courses, Busuu aims to do just that. But does it deliver? Our Busuu review reveals all!

Busuu, like the best language learning apps I’ve reviewed, is a global community. You get to practice with native speakers and pick up nuances and cultural tidbits along the way. With language lessons made by experts, Busuu makes sure you learn and live in your target foreign language.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Interactive Community: Connects learners with a global community for practice and cultural insights, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Lessons Featuring Real People: Busuu regularly updates content with video flashcards that feature real people and provide practical language skills.

  • Self-Led Learning: Offers the flexibility to learn at your own speed with courses designed for various learning goals and motivations.


  • Monthly premium: $13.90

  • 6 months premium: $83.40

  • Yearly premium: $166.80

7. HelloTalk – Best For Language Exchange And Cultural Immersion

HelloTalk is a language app that will connect you with native speakers for an authentic language experience, to come out soaking in culture. Just as language apps do, you’ll learn words while understanding the people who speak the language. With HelloTalk, every chat is a chance to walk in someone else’s linguistic shoes.

But its variety is what earns HelloTalk a place in this academic language learning app roundup. Texting, voice messages, video calls – you name it, they’ve got it. You’ll experience a cultural exchange program that will surely help you advance in your academic learning right on your phone. Still hungry for specific details? Our detailed HelloTalk review is all you need!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web


  • Text, Voice, Video Communication: Supports different communication methods that include stickers and video calls to make learning multiple languages comprehensive.

  • Intuitive Language Tools: Built-in aids for translation, pronunciation, and corrections facilitate smoother conversations.

  • Voicerooms and Lives: Provides interactive “Voicerooms” and live streaming events for immersive language practice and cultural exchange.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly subscription: $6.99

  • Yearly subscription: $45.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $175.00
academic language learning apps - A photo of standing young people holding their books and gadgets.

Why Use Academic Language Learning Apps?

So, why are academic language learning apps the new darlings in our tech-forward era, especially with AI’s grand leap? Let’s see the magic behind these digital language wizards.

  • Learning on the Fly: These apps act as your pocket-sized language teachers, ready to jump into action anytime, anywhere. They transform your spare moments into productive language-learning sessions.

  • Consistency is King: Think of these language apps as your daily language workout. Just like a quick jog keeps you fit, these daily, manageable lessons keep your language skills sharp.

  • Tailored to You: Ever felt lost in a sea of students in a language class? These apps know just what you need. They adapt to your learning pace and use AI that’s clever enough to figure out whether you’re a sprinter or a marathon runner in language learning.

  • Who Said Learning Can’t Be Fun?: Wave goodbye to those snooze-fest language classes. With gamified lessons and interactive scenarios, language learning apps turn learning into a fun session.

  • Instant Feedback – No Waiting!: These apps are always ready to give you a high-five or a gentle correction. Plus, tracking your progress? It’s a breeze. You can literally watch your language skills grow.

  • Scripts Made Easy: For the brave souls tackling languages with unique scripts, these apps are your lifeline. They teach you scripts like Arabic or Mandarin with specialized tools and methods.

  • Your Classroom’s Best Friend: These apps complement your formal education and then turbocharge it. They keep your language skills in tip-top shape and ensure you return to class as a language superhero, ready to impress.

  • Street-Smart Language Skills: Last but not least – these apps prep you for real-life conversations. You’ll learn how to order a coffee, talk about the weather, or ask for directions like a local. It’s practical, real-world learning that textbooks just can’t match.

In our fast-paced, digitally-driven time, academic language learning apps are the most convenient resource for a dynamic, engaging, and effective way to master new languages. They blend the latest tech with the art of language learning, which makes them an irresistible choice for anyone looking to add another tongue to their linguistic repertoire.

Supercharge Your Academic Learning With Ling!

Alright, language friends, you’ve seen a lot of academic language learning apps today, but let’s be real – when it comes to taking your language skills to the top level, the Ling app is where it’s at! Why settle for just any app when you can have the best language-learning app?

The Ling app is available right at your fingertips on both Google Play and the App Store and even on your browsers. And guess what? Ling is currently rolling out the red carpet with a 7-day free trial. That’s right, a whole week to conquer the depths of over 60 languages and experience a boost in your academic language learning.

So, why the Ling app over the other academic language learning apps? Well, it’s because the Ling app is tailored to your busy life as a student or maybe a scholar. It’s also designed to make learning effective and incredibly fun! With the Ling app, you learn the intricacies of your target language while engaging, interacting, and truly understanding it. And that, my friends, is the kind of learning that sticks, the kind that makes a real difference.

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