15 Epic Words For Natural Disasters In Thai

On the hunt for the common words for natural disasters in Thai language? Learn the best translations so that you can describe any tragedy and be understood easily by the locals. After all, you’ll never know when a catastrophe or ภัยพิบัติ (pronounced as pai pí bàt) will strike so it is always better to get yourself ready with these useful words especially when visiting Thailand.

There is no denying that Southeast Asia is no stranger to natural disasters or ภัยทางธรรมชาติ  (pai taang tamá châat) as the countries here are sitting directly at what we call the Pacific Ring of Fire. For this reason, hazardous floods, tsunami, earthquakes, and landslides can happen anytime and their severity can sometimes be challenging to detect.

For the case of Thailand, it was reported that the greatest threats to the nation include drought and flood which can alarmingly lead to loss of life or destruction of properties. The same is true for most of its neighboring countries including Myanmar and Cambodia. Now if you are planning to visit the country anytime soon and want to keep yourself prepared for disasters especially during หน้าฝน or rainy season, be sure to take note of the following Thai words today!


Easy Words For Natural Disasters In Thai Language

Easy Words For Natural Disasters In Thai Language

No matter how fun you want your itinerary to be, life just happens and it may sometimes derail us from our plans. In case of emergency or when you are speaking with a Thai local about your experiences relating to natural disasters, it would be wise to use the following translations to prevent miscommunication.

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Floodน้ำท่วม nám-tûuam
Typhoonพายุไต้ฝุ่นphayu tifun
Thunderstormพายุฝนฟ้าคะนองphāyu f̄n f̂ā hwanong
Heat Waveคลื่นความร้อนklʉʉn-kwaam-rɔ́ɔn
Droughtภัยแล้งpai láeng
Stormพายุpaa yú
Monsoonมรสุม mor rá sǔm
Volcanic Eruptionภูเขาไฟระเบิดpuu-kǎao-fai rá-bə̀t
Giant waveคลื่นยักษ์ klêun yák
Hailstormพายุลูกเห็บpha yuh lukheb
Lava flowลาวาlawa

Please do note that we have only focused on the most common natural disasters which are pretty common in Thailand (or for the Thai people). Of course, there are still other disasters out there but having knowledge on at least the basics will never hurt you. Who knows what the future holds while you are on a travel, right?


Other Thai Emergency Phrases And Words

Easy phrases and Words For Natural Disasters In Thai Language

Now that we have learned the most common Thai words for almost every disaster, it is now time that we look at other emergency phrases which you can use when you find yourself in a center of the calamity. While many can also speak multiple languages like English and some Chinese and Burmese (due to the number of immigrants), using the Thai language will instantly help you get understood and the locals can provide you help right away. Below are some phrases you should learn today.

EnglishThaiPronunciation Guide
Danger ภัย pai
Emergency Roomห้องฉุกเฉิน hông-chùk-chěrn
Panicแตกตื่น dtàek dtèun
Get out of hereออกไปจากที่นี่ɔ̀ɔk-bpai jàak tîi-nîi
Help meช่วยด้วยchûuai-dûuai
Be carefulระวังrawang
I’m lostผมหลงทางphom hlong thang
It’s an emergency!มัน เป็น เรื่องฉุกเฉิน ค่ะman bpen rêuang chùk-chĕrn kà
Please help meช่วย ฉัน ด้วย ค่ะchûuai-chán-dûuai kà


Wrapping Up

Easy Words For Natural Disasters In Thai Language

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn the best Thai translation for the word you are looking for. If we missed any, let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you in an instant. If you enjoyed this post and would love to learn other Thai language tips as well, we highly recommend that you check out our previous articles like the Thai phrases for emergencies and the 500 common Thai phrases every traveler should know.

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