7 Best Tips For Learning Thai Online With A Tutor Capably

If you aim to stay in Thailand for a prolonged duration, studying the Thai language may be beneficial and assist you in surviving. Learning Thai online is so far a better choice in this pandemic. Some tips for learning Thai online with a tutor might help you effectively.

Students have more influence over their learning path when they learn online in the presence of a tutor. If students want to pass the Thai language course or test, they must devote time to studying, putting them in charge of their learning process.

Learning the Thai language online provides the comforts of their home, resulting in a better understanding of this tonal language. If you want to learn Thai online with a tutor, you can use Ling Live. This app will help you learn Thai words and phrases with the help of a tutor easily.  


7 Amazing Tips For Learning Thai Online With A Tutor 

Many websites and applications help you learn Thai script, letters, and Thai words. But learning Thai online with a Thai tutor is the most useful of all choices. Don’t worry if you are a native English speaker and your mother tongue is not Thai. You can still speak Thai, but you have to give attention and time to it.

 The following tips for learning Thai online with an online tutor will assist you in learning conversational Thai you’re your online tutor conveniently. 

Tips For Learning Thai Online With A Tutor 

1. Make The Most Of Your Contacts

One of the tips for learning Thai online is introducing yourself to other students and participating in online discussion boards to build relationships. The language course alone is not enough to understand Thai.

Friendship is one of the most effective methods to learn a foreign language. Unlike language schools, it is the quickest way to become familiar with slang, accent, and Thai culture. You can start speaking Thai by simply conversing with your Thai friends.

2. Get Help In Your Online Lectures

Thai is a tonal language (not a phonetic language). It means that it has five main tones (Thai tones), and each word has a different meaning when pronounced in a different tone. Different tone rules need to be followed in your learning process to read and write Thai successfully.

Conversing with Thai native speakers will not only help you pronounce Thai words correctly but also let you learn new vocabulary, slang words, and phrases. You can also compare notes, exchange views, comprehend tasks more easily, and feel less alone in class.

Carrying a little notebook is also incredibly beneficial while talking with your Thai tutor online. When you find a new word that you don’t recognize, you can ask him to spell it or write it down for you.

3. Treat An Online Course Like A Real Class

One of the other necessary tips for learning Thai online is commitment. You have to take your Thai courses seriously to learn the Thai language fast.

Remember that you are paying for an online course, just as you would for a typical in-person class. To get the most out of your course, you must show up. Treat your online education the same way you would at an international school. 

4. Participate Actively With Your Tutor

Participating actively in the course’s online forum assists you in learning more about the topic and helps you interact with your tutor. Remember, it is through your tutor that you can build connections. If they think you’re a good student, it might lead to future opportunities.

Participating in your online classes might involve posting a query regarding a project you’re working on. You can also show your interest in the course by commenting on a classmate’s paper on a discussion board.

5. Learn Thai By Practicing Time Management

Effective time management helps to learn online, but it can also help you be more productive at work. However, it is critical to choose a suitable method if you are serious about learning a new language (Thai). So, take your course online with a tutor by practicing time management to learn Thai. Thus, speaking Thai words will make you talk like Thai native speakers in no time. 

6. Self-learning Is Very Important In An Online Course

One of the other important tips for learning Thai online is not relying only on your Thai video lessons. You have to concentrate on self-learning as well. Reading your lessons will impact your memory and help you focus on writing skills and pronunciation. Most language learners are uninterested in this, but it is the initial effort of learning the Thai letters and Thai alphabet that will benefit you in the long run.

If you’re younger, self-learning also provides a window into the adult world where you have to source your own motivation. When you turn 18 your mom is no longer there to get you out of bed in the morning! The most successful students are those who understand what their personal goals are and how to achieve them.

7. Make A Regular Study Place For Yourself And Keep Organized

Create a separate learning atmosphere for studying. You’ll start to build a habit if you finish your job there regularly. Whether your workstation is your dining table, a library, or a corner booth in a neighborhood coffee shop, it’s crucial to figure out what sort of atmosphere works best for you.

Experiment to see which sort of environment enhances your productivity. Ensure you have high-speed internet access everywhere you go, so you aren’t seeking to take an online class over a poor connection.


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Ling Live is one of the best Thai language learning apps that allow a language learner to learn spoken Thai. You can enroll in a structured course to boost your learning, speaking, and listening skills in a new language by downloading the app.

Tips For Learning Thai Online With A Tutor

You can book classes that are convenient for you and scroll through our teacher landing page until you find someone who matches your criteria. What’s more, if you sign up to Ling Live, you receive a 1hr free trial class to see if the platform is right for you.

To find the best resources for learning Thai, you can also read our blogs on “How to find the best Thai tutor?” and “Best Thai tutor resources.” It isn’t easy to locate a good private Thai tutor online, but with Ling Live by Simya Solutions, you may connect with many qualified Thai teachers that are eager to assist you!

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