Ever Explored These #7 Fascinating Thai Media Avenues Before?

Thai media

Welcome to the land of Lakorn, folks! If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lakorn (ละคร) is the most popular genre in Thai media. It’s basically a soap opera on steroids. These bad boys can run for up to 200 episodes, and they’ve got everything from love triangles to evil stepmothers to time travel (because why not?).

The actors are basically superstars, and the Thai people are so devoted to them that they’ll camp outside the TV studio just to catch a glimpse of their favorite heartthrob. But Lakorn is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Thai media สื่อไทย (sʉ̀ʉ that).

From spicy news to hilarious game shows, Thailand has a media scene that’s as diverse and exciting as its food. So buckle up, grab some sticky rice, and let’s explore the wild world of media and the Thai language in this country together!

The Scintillating Word Of Thai Media

The mass media สื่อมวลชน (sʉ̀ʉmuanchon) in Thailand is diverse and dynamic, encompassing television, radio, newspapers, online media, magazines, cinema, and advertising. The Thai media landscape is dominated by major networks and publications, which produce a wide range of programming and content, including news, soap operas, variety shows, music, and movies.

Thai media also includes online news outlets and social media, which have gained popularity among netizens. The advertising industry in Thailand is strong and creative, with companies using various mediums to reach consumers. Come, let’s explore each category, what they have to offer and the Thai vocabulary associated with each of them.

Thai media

Television (Thoorathát – โทรทัศน์)

The Thai television industry is a major player in the country’s media landscape, with several major networks, including Channel 3, Channel 7, Channel 9, and Channel One, dominating the scene. Popular genres include soap operas (known as Lakorn), game shows, variety shows, and news programs.

One of the most popular TV shows is Bupphaesannivas, or ‘Love Destiny’, a romance Lakorn that gained a huge following across Asia. Top actors and actresses in the Thai TV industry include Mario Maurer, Nadech Kugimiya, and Yaya Urassaya, who have become household names thanks to their appearances in popular shows. The Thai TV industry is known for its high production values, intense dramas, and comedic game shows.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Program/ ShowรายการRaai-gaan
BrowseเลือกชมLeûak chom
Variety showวาไรตี้Waa-raai-dtîi
Game showเกมโชว์Game chôw
Live broadcastรับชมแบบสดRáp chom bàep sòt
Shopping channelรายการซื้อขายRaai-gaan súe-kăai
TV stationสถานีโทรทัศน์Sà-thăa-nii tho-rá-tát
TV screenจอทีวีJåå tii-wii
Thai subtitleซับไทยSáp-tai
Channel 3ช่อง 3Ch̀xng 3
Channel 7ช่อง 7Ch̀xng 7
Channel 9ช่อง 9Ch̀xng 9
Channel Oneช่องวันCh̀xng wạn

Radio (Withyu – วิทยุ)

The Thai radio industry is an important part of the country’s mass media, with a wide range of stations catering to different audiences and interests. Popular genres include Thai music, news, talk shows, and religious programming. FM 91.5 is a popular music station that plays a mix of international and Thai songs, while FM 100.5 is known for its news and talk shows.

Other popular radio channels include FM 95, which plays mostly Thai pop music, and Eazy FM, which features a mix of international and Thai hits. Many radio channels also have online streaming options, making it easy for listeners to tune in from anywhere.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Radio stationสถานีวิทยุSà-thăa-nii wi-tá-yú
Radio program/ showรายการวิทยุRaai-gaan wi-tá-yú
Talk showพูดคุยPûut-khui
On-air personจากสถานีวิทยุJàak sà-thăa-nii wi-tá-yú
Live broadcastสดSòt
ListenรับฟังRáp fang
Call-in showเสียงเรียกSĭang riiak
Switch (channels)สลับSà-làp
Long-wave radioวิทยุฟังยาวWi-tá-yú fang yăao
Thai media

Newspaper (H̄nạngs̄ụ̄xphimph̒ – หนังสือพิมพ์)

The Thai newspaper industry is a prominent part of the country’s media landscape, with several major players dominating the scene. Popular genres include local and international news in Thai, business, sports, and entertainment. The Bangkok Post is one of the most widely read English-language newspapers, covering a wide range of topics from politics to lifestyle.

The Nation is another English-language newspaper, known for its in-depth analysis of current affairs and business. Thai Rath is a popular Thai-language newspaper, featuring news, entertainment, and sports. Other notable newspapers include Daily News, Matichon, and Khao Sod.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Newspaperหนังสือพิมพ์Năng-sĕu pímp
Thai newspaperหนังสือพิมพ์ไทยNăng-sĕu pímp tai
News analysisส่องข่าวSòng kàao
Front pageหน้าหนังสือNâa năng-sĕu
Feature articleสารคดีSăan ká-dii
News deskโต๊ะข่าวTóa kàao
Foreignต่างประเทศDtàang bprà-taet
Educationการศึกษา Gaan-sùek-săa
Full storyข่าวฉบับสมบูรณ์Kàao chà-bàp sŏm-buuròon
Front-page storyหนังสือพิมพ์ฉบับปกNăng-sĕu pímp chà-bàp bpòk
IllustrationภาพประกอบPaa-phá kòp
ReportingการรายงานKār rāyngān
Publishedที่ตีพิมพ์Thī̀ tī phimph̒
Press freedomเสรีภาพสื่อS̄erīp̣hāph s̄ụ̄̀x

Online Media (S̄ụ̄̀x xxnlịn̒ – สื่อออนไลน์)

Thai online media is a rapidly growing sector of the country’s media landscape, with a diverse range of platforms and apps available. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are hugely popular among Thai netizens, who use them for everything from staying connected with friends and family to following news and entertainment updates. Popular Thai news websites include Sanook, Kapook, and Khaosod, which cover local and international news, as well as lifestyle and entertainment.

Online shopping is also a major trend in Thailand, with platforms like Lazada and Shopee offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. In recent years, online streaming services like Netflix and LINE TV have gained popularity, offering Thai viewers access to a range of local and international shows and movies.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Websites/ Sitesเว็บไซต์Wép-săai
Social MediaโซเชียลมีเดียSoh-chíaal mee-dii-a
Communication channelช่องทางการสื่อสารChâawng-taang-gaan-sûuea-saan
PodcastเสียงสะพานปลายSĭang sà-pan bplaai
Downloadดาวน์โหลดDaao lòt
Video clipคลิปวิดีโอKhliip wi-dii-oo
Online serviceบริการออนไลน์Borí-gaan on-lai-n
Screenหน้าจอNâa jor
Access rightsสิทธิ์การเข้าถึงSìt káan khăo-tŭeng
Target groupกลุ่มเป้าหมายGlùm bpâo-măai
Search engineการค้นหาGaan khón-hăa

Magazine (Nitys̄ār – นิตยสาร)

The Thai magazine industry is a vibrant part of the country’s media landscape, with a diverse range of publications catering to different interests and Thai audiences. Popular genres include lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, and news. Hi! Magazine is a popular English-language publication that covers celebrity news and lifestyle topics.

Prestige Thailand focuses on the luxury lifestyle, featuring profiles of high-end products, destinations, and people. Other popular magazines include Women’s Weekly, a lifestyle publication for women, and FHM Thailand, a men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Publicationชุดพิมพ์Cchút pímp
Publishing houseสำนักพิมพ์Sămnák pímp
Special edition articleบทความเล่มพิเศษBòt kwaam lêm pí-sèt
DocumentaryสารคดีSǎan ká-dii
Criticนักวิจารณ์Nák wí-jaa-n
Distribution channelช่องทางการจัดจำหน่ายChâawng-taang gaan jàt jà-nàai
Thai media

Cinema (Rong h̄nạng – โรงหนัง)

Popular genres in Thai cinema include romantic comedies, action films, horror movies, and historical dramas. Thai films have gained international recognition in recent years, with hits like ‘Bad Genius’, a heist thriller that was widely praised for its originality and slick production values, and ‘Homestay’, a horror film that won critical acclaim for its intelligent storytelling.

Top actors and actresses in the Thai film industry include Mario Maurer, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, and Naphat Siangsomboon, who have gained a huge following thanks to their appearances in popular films.

EnglishThaiRoman Transcription
Cinemaโรงภาพยนตร์Rong paa-páa-yon
Actor/ ActressนักแสดงNák-sà-dǎeng
Directorผู้กำกับPûu gam-gàb
Dubbingเสียงพากย์Sǐang paa-gǐi
Film soundtrackดนตรีประกอบภาพยนตร์Don-dtrii bprà-gòrp paa-páa-yon
Filmingการถ่ายทำGaan tàai-tam
BackdropากหลังChàak lǎng
Depth of contentความลึกของเนื้อหาKwaam-lûek kǎwng núe-hăa
Audienceผู้ชมP̄hū̂ chm
InvestorsนักลงทุนNạk lngthun
Release dateวันที่วางจำหน่ายWạn thī̀ wāng cảh̄ǹāy
ProductionการผลิตKār p̄hlit
Film setชุดฟิล์มChud fil̒m

How Do You Say Media In Thai?

The Thai word for media is สื่อ (sʉ̀ʉ)

If you want to talk about Thai media, you can say ‘Thai media is …’ or Sʉ̀ʉ thay khʉʉ สื่อไทยคือ

Other Vocabulary For Media In Thai

Now that you know how to say ‘Thai media is …’ in Thai, you can try practicing talking about Thai grammar with these example sentences.

Thai media is …สื่อไทยคือsʉ̀ʉ thay khʉʉ
Thai media includes music and showsสื่อมวลชนในประเทศไทย ได้แก่ ดนตรีและการแสดงsʉ̀ʉmuanchon nay pràthêetthay dâaykɛ̀ɛ dontrii lɛ́ kaansadɛɛŋ
Thai media has many famous actorsสื่อไทยมีนักแสดงที่มีชื่อเสียงมากมายsʉ̀ʉ thay mii náksadɛɛŋ thîi miichʉ̂ʉsǐaŋ mâakmaay
Thai media is quite popularสื่อไทยค่อนข้างเป็นที่นิยมsʉ̀ʉ thay khɔ̂nkhâaŋ penthîiníyom

Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Media

Who Owns Thai Media?

Major television stations are owned and controlled by the Royal Thai Army, MCOT, and the government.

What Social Media Do Thais Use?

In Thailand, social media platforms such as Facebook and Line have become integral to daily life. Many businesses utilize these platforms to connect with consumers and promote their products. 

Does Thailand Have A Newspaper?

Some prominent Thai newspapers include Thai Rath, Daily News, Khao Sod, Matichon, and Thairath. English-language newspapers include Bangkok Post, The Nation, and Pattaya Mail, catering to both Thai and expatriate readers. Thailand has a diverse range of newspapers catering to different language groups and regions.

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