Thai Martial Arts Vocabulary: #1 Guide- Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

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Today we’re bringing you Thai martial arts vocabulary, and what a fascinating topic it is. Of course, the most obvious place to start is with the martial art that takes its name from the country of Thailand- Muay Thai. Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs, and it’s as amazing as it is violent. There’s not quite an experience like being in a jam-packed stadium in Bangkok as two competitors go at it in the squared circle. Needless to say, it isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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Thai Martial Art words: What Are The Names Of Martial Arts In Thai?

EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
AikidoXị khi doไอคิโด
KendoKhen dôเคนโด้
KickboxingKhik b̆ xk sìngคิกบ็อกซิ่ง
Krav MagaKhrā f mā kāคราฟมากา
Kung FuKạngfūกังฟู
Mixed martial artsṢ̄ilpa kār t̀xs̄ū̂ bæb p̄hs̄mp̄hs̄ānศิลปะการต่อสู้แบบผสมผสาน
Muay ThaiMwythịyมวยไทย
TaekwondoThe khwạn doเทควันโด
Tai chiThị kĕkไทเก็ก

General Words Related To Martial Arts In Thailand

Here are some useful words to talk about Martial Arts In Thai

EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
Boxing gloveNwm chkmwyนวมชกมวย
Boxing ringWethī mwyเวทีมวย
FightersNạk s̄ū̂นักสู้
GymRong yimโรงยิม
MuscleKl̂ām neụ̄̂xกล้ามเนื้อ
RefereeP̄hū̂ tạds̄inผู้ตัดสิน
Thai vocabulary for martial arts

What Is Muay Thai? The National Sport Of Thailand

If you’re a fan of combat sports and want to go down a rabbit hole, I’d recommend doing some research on Muay Thai, by far the most famous of the Thai martial arts disciplines. It is a captivating sport with a long and profoundly entrenched impact that helps you gain a deeper understanding of the people of Thailand.

The historical record of Muay Thai is somewhat lacking, and this is probably explained by the lack of general history about ancient Siam. Where it is referenced, it’s related to military matters and festivals- whether it grew out of ritual dancing or military necessity is hard to ascertain, and in some ways, they are one and the same thing. Those who know about Japanese martial arts and Chinese martial arts know this all too well.

One thing is for sure; Muay Thai is much more violent than anything that grew out of the western tradition. The sport that emerged in the West was boxing; however, in boxing, you can only use your fists, while a Muay Thai fighter uses elbows and knees, which adds a whole new dimension of aggression.

We really see Muay Thai developed in the 1800s when Thailand was at war with other ancient dynasties in the area, and it makes sense to have a populace well trained in this most violent of combat. As well as being used in wars, it was also used by the King’s personal guard to protect him against any internal attackers. Those who have seen advanced Muay Thai blocks will know the importance of this.

Thai martial arts vocabulary

It is interesting for sociologists to study because it shows how a society progresses. For example, take rowing. In the past, rowing was strictly functional. People had to get from one side of a river bank to another and would often pick the rower that could get them there faster. When more bridges were built, and boats became motorized, rowing became a pastime instead of a necessity.

A similar thing is true of Muay Thai, although it has a much deeper symbolic meaning for Thais- going to a Muay Thai show is fascinating because it skirts the line between religion and an actual fight. It is a strange experience to watch two fighters do a ceremonial dance before they beat each other to a pulp!

In recent years, Muay Thai has become much more codified, and there are Muay Thai practitioners who do it as a full-time job. There are defined rules, such as time limits on rounds, weight classes, and a Muay Thai board. In the past, Thai boxers would not get paid, whereas now, it is a professional sport.

Muay Thai has taken on different significance in recent years because it has become a critical part of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, and many fighters from the professional Muay Thai ranks have found great success.

Note: As outlined at the beginning, Muay Thai is not for the faint-hearted. If you go to Thailand, you will see many shows advertised, and it may seem like something you would enjoy- much like you might watch an amateur boxing fight back home. If you go to a real Muay Thai show, and you’re not used to violence, it will be an eye-opening experience.

Fighters are often knocked unconscious, and there can be a lot of blood- elbows are notorious for opening particularly bad cuts. There is also the added dimension that children take part in Muay Thai events. Although many of them wear protective clothing, it can be horrifying for someone with more western sensibilities.

As another aside, many Modern Muay Thai gyms offer a Muay Thai class(in much the same way you can learn meditation without being a fully-fledged Buddhist). Taking a Muay Thai class is a great way to get fit, and Muay Thai conditioning training will massively improve cardiovascular fitness. It is more labor-intensive than most other martial arts.

Phrases To Talk About Martial Arts In Thai

EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
Do you know any famous fighters?Khuṇ rū̂cạk nạk s̄ū̂ thī̀ mīchụ̄̀xs̄eīyng h̄rụ̄x mị̀?คุณรู้จักนักสู้ที่มีชื่อเสียงหรือไม่?
Do you enjoy watching fights?Khuṇ chxb dū kār t̀xs̄ū̂ h̄rụ̄x mị̀?คุณชอบดูการต่อสู้หรือไม่?
He has a great right hookK̄heā mī ḥuk k̄hwā thī̀ yxd yeī̀ymเขามีฮุกขวาที่ยอดเยี่ยม
Some people like fighting and others don’tBāng khn chxb kār t̀xs̄ū̂ læa bāng khn mị̀ chxbบางคนชอบการต่อสู้และบางคนไม่ชอบ
What is the best martial arts technique?Thekhnikh ṣ̄ilpa kār t̀xs̄ū̂ thī̀ dī thī̀s̄ud khụ̄x xarị?เทคนิคศิลปะการต่อสู้ที่ดีที่สุดคืออะไร?
What is the most effective martial art?Ṣ̄ilpa kār p̂xngkạn tạw thī̀ mī pras̄ithṭhip̣hāph māk thī̀s̄ud khụ̄x xarị?ศิลปะการป้องกันตัวที่มีประสิทธิภาพมากที่สุดคืออะไร?
Where is the gym?Rong yim xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịn?โรงยิมอยู่ที่ไหน?
Will you train me?Khuṇ ca f̄ụk c̄hạn h̄ịmคุณจะฝึกฉันไหม
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If you liked this article, think about checking out a few others, such as Thai writing, and Thai phrases for kids.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time

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