Diet Vocabulary In Thai: 30+ Useful Vocab And Phrases

Today we have a very expansive topic for you! The word diet covers many different areas. We’re not going to focus on foods in people’s diets. Instead, we’re going to look more closely at the food groups and vocabulary relating to exercise and diet. Here we go – diet vocabulary in Thai.

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Diet Vocabulary In Thai – Food Groups And The Food Pyramid

Here are some basic words to categorize types of common foods that you eat or would go shopping for in a Thai supermarket.

Diet Vocabulary In Thai
EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
FruitsP̄hl mị̂ผลไม้
DairyP̄hlitp̣hạṇṯh̒ nmผลิตภัณฑ์นม
CerealsSīreīy lซีเรียล
DairyP̄hlitp̣hạṇṯh̒ nmผลิตภัณฑ์นม

Diet Vocabulary In Thai – Words Related To Exercising And Calorie Counting

For those looking to eat healthier or who are watching their diet, these words will help you explain to others what you’re current health kick is!

EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
Calorie countKhælxrī̀ nạbแคลอรี่นับ
ExeciseXxkkảlạng kāyออกกำลังกาย
Gain weightN̂ảh̄nạk k̄hụ̂nน้ำหนักขึ้น
GymRong yimโรงยิม
Junk foodXāh̄ār k̄hyaอาหารขยะ
Lift weightsYk n̂ảh̄nạkยกน้ำหนัก
Lose weightLd n̂ảh̄nạkลดน้ำหนัก
MineralsRæ̀ ṭhātuแร่ธาตุ

Diet Vocabulary In Thai – Related Phrases

It’s all well and good learning vocabulary, but if you want to sound natural, you need to put that vocabulary to use in longer sentences. Here are ten that might come in useful.

Diet Vocabulary In Thai
EnglishThaiThai ScriptSound
Almond nuts are high in healthy fatT̄hạ̀w xạl mxn d̒ mī k̄hịmạn s̄ūng pheụ̄̀x s̄uk̄hp̣hāphถั่วอัลมอนด์มีไขมันสูงเพื่อสุขภาพ
Don’t eat that! It’s junk foodXỳā kin s̄ìng nận! Mạn khụ̄x xāh̄ār k̄hyaอย่ากินสิ่งนั้น! มันคืออาหารขยะ
Do you like to exercise?Khuṇ chxb thī̀ ca xxkkảlạng kāy mai?คุณชอบที่จะออกกำลังกายมั้ย?
How much is this protein jar?K̄hwd portīn nī̂ rākhā thèā h̄ịr̀?ขวดโปรตีนนี้ราคาเท่าไหร่?
If you eat too many carbohydrates, you will gain weightKin khār̒ bo ḥịder thmāk keinpị n̂ảh̄nạk k̄hụ̂nกินคาร์โบไฮเดรทมากเกินไป น้ำหนักขึ้น
Is there a gym around here?Mī fitnes̄ t̄hæw nī̂ h̄ịmมีฟิตเนสแถวนี้ไหม
What are the food groups?Klùm xāh̄ār khụ̄x xarị?กลุ่มอาหารคืออะไร?
When does the health food shop open?R̂ān k̄hāy xāh̄ār pheụ̄̀x s̄uk̄hp̣hāph peid meụ̄̀x h̄ịr̀?ร้านขายอาหารเพื่อสุขภาพเปิดเมื่อไหร่?
Where is the vegan restaurant?R̂ān xāh̄ār mạngs̄wirạti xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịnร้านอาหารมังสวิรัติอยู่ที่ไหน
Who is the healthiest person you know?Khır khụ̄x khn thī̀ mī s̄uk̄hp̣hāph dī thī̀s̄ud thī̀ khuṇ rū̂cạk?ใครคือคนที่มีสุขภาพดีที่สุดที่คุณรู้จัก?

How Healthy Are Thai People?

We’ll start with some statistics:

  • 32% of Thai people are overweight- 9% of which are obese
  • 20% of Thai people smoke- Worryingly, 15% of those people are 18 or under
  • 37% of Thai people drink alcohol(this is very low compared to the global average)
  • 2% of the Thai population is addicted to some form of narcotic

Obesity In Thailand

Thai cuisine is generally healthy; however, as restaurants entice people to keep returning, traditional foods like sticky rice, Thai eggplant, and Pad Thai are modified to have more unhealthy elements. For example, natural coconut milk is generally healthy but combined with other sugars and served in large doses increases the risk of diabetes.

In global terms, Thailand has a low rate of obesity; however, if we zoom in on South East Asia, we see that it has one of the highest rates in the region. Obesity doubled between 1991 and 2014. As you’d expect, obesity rates are lower in rural areas than in cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This is a common problem seen in many developing countries where people live a more sedentary lifestyle, and junk foods are more easily available. 

Smoking In Thailand

106,000 people die every year from smoking-related illnesses in Thailand. 24% of male deaths are related to tobacco smoking. Thailand was slow compared to western countries to develop health warnings on tobacco-related products. New restrictions are put in place each year to discourage Thais from smoking and negate the effects of second-hand smoke. For example, smokers are now not allowed to smoke in public buildings, and smoking indoors in Thai restaurants is banned. However, if you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll know this law is poorly enforced.

Alcohol In Thailand

Being a Buddhist country, Thailand has tended to have quite strict alcohol laws; for example, from 1972- 2022, you couldn’t buy alcohol anywhere from 2-5 pm. That changed very recently in a bid to boost local tourism after COVID.

Thai drinking culture is very communal, and people tend to get drunk together as opposed to alone. If you’re invited to a Thai party, expect a glass of Sangsom rum to be passed around the table.

In 2006 the legal age for drinking alcohol was increased from 18-20, although this is usually only enforced in high-end establishments.

Note: drink driving is endemic in Thailand. I would highly advise against riding a motorbike after 10p.m

Learn The Thai Language With Ling

Learn Thai With Ling

There you have it- Diet vocabulary in Thai. We hope we covered the word or phrase you wanted to hear. As we mentioned in the intro, if you’re interested more generally in Thai food terms, Thai cooking, Thai food vocabulary, and the differences between Northern Thai food and Southern Thai cuisine check out some of our other blog: Thai food vocabulary and flavors of Thai food.

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Speaking, reading, writing, listening, we have it all. Come on over now.

See ya.

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