10+ Easy Disaster Vocabulary In Polish

A katastrofa or disaster can strike at any time and at any place without warning. If you intend to walk the rugged coastline and see the medieval architecture in Poland, you must learn the basic disaster vocabulary in Polish. Despite being a top travel destination, the country has a long history of natural disasters that resulted in a substantial loss of life, unprecedented infrastructural damage, and environmental and economic devastation.

As a tourist, speaking a little Polish can certainly help you communicate and get accurate information about a specific phenomenon during your travel. Want to learn more Polish? Keep reading below!

Why Learn Disaster Vocabulary In Polish?

In the event of imminent danger, travelers should always be ready with their essentials. Especially if you are out at the beach in Poland or near the mountains. We encourage you to have a small waterproof bag where you can store some money, your passport, IDs, and original documents. We are highlighting this because Poland’s frequently extreme weather conditions will undoubtedly take you by surprise. From large-scale floods to violent storms, the country has it all!

In case of an emergency, it would be difficult for you to lug around a thick dictionary or a translator device. With this said, it is essential that you master at least the basic translations so that you can save yourself and help other foreigners in need. Let’s check out our compilation of the best words to use below.

Natural Disaster Vocabulary In Polish

Let’s build your vocabulary with these new words related to catastrophes.

EarthquakeTrzęsienie ziemi
Forest firePożar lasu
Heat waveFala upałów
Lava flowJęzor Lawy
Meteor impactWpływ meteora
Natural disasterKlęska żywiołowa
RockslideLawina Kamienna
SandstormBurza piaskowa
ThunderstormBurza z piorunami
Volcanic eruptionWybuch Wulkanu

How To Keep Yourself Safe While In Poland

How To Keep Yourself Safe While In Poland

Natural disasters threaten life and health, which is why you must always be observant and be on the lookout for information at all times. To keep yourself safe, you must always do the following:

  • Check out the daily weather information from accurate websites such as Meteorprog, Weather25, and Microsoft Weather. These websites provide real-time reports and notify you of weather warnings and advisories issued by the meteorological agency of Poland.
  • Get a map of the tourist information centers in Poland so that you can get accurate information on things you want to clarify or learn about. More importantly, they can suggest places where travelers like you can evacuate for the time being.
  • Access Poland’s latest news by going through credible websites and tuning in to TV and radio broadcasts. Newsflash reports will usually include a few points about evacuation centers and warnings that may be of use to you.
  • The Polish transportation system is well developed and is almost always on time. In case you need to travel outside the city to go to a particular place, it would be wise to have a copy of the timetables and general transportation and transit information.
  • Make a list of contact details, including the number of your embassy, public hospitals, road assistance, ambulance, police stations, fire brigade, and your relatives. You can dial 112 for general emergencies for free while in Poland if you need immediate services.
  • While the country has low seismicity, it would be wise always to check the structure of your accommodation to make certain that it does not have cracks or gaps.

Over To You

And there we have the complete details regarding the best words for natural disasters in Polish and the common disasters in Poland! We hope that we were able to shed light on this potentially life-saving topic for travelers fully. While we cannot really prevent natural disasters from occurring, remember that you can mitigate the risk by coming to the country prepared.

Speaking of preparedness, one way by which you can ensure that you will have a safe and stress-free adventure is by learning Polish and speaking it with the locals. Improving your vocabulary with basic Polish words can guarantee that you will immediately understand TV broadcasts, online announcements, and radio news reports. If you want to learn the quickest way to gain proficiency in the Polish language, check out the section below!

Learn The Polish Language With Ling!

Want to learn Polish?

While recent stats suggest that English is widely spoken in Poland, we cannot deny that not everyone is comfortable speaking that language. In fact, the locals suggest only using this when you are in big cities. So what happens if you plan to hike around the mountainous regions in Poland? You cannot rely on Google Translate all the time, right? In this case, learning Polish is the best choice!

There are many resources to choose from if you genuinely want to master this language. In our experience, not all of us have the time to commit to language classes or the patience to teach ourselves using textbooks. To help you learn something new within 10 minutes each day, we developed the Ling app.

The Ling app is a revolutionary language learning application built to make learning fun and exciting. By simply using the app, you can discover new words, get relevant examples, and create grammatically correct sentences. In addition, it can serve as your pronunciation coach thanks to its innovative AI chatbot feature.

On top of that, it is also so flexible! You can use the Ling Web if you prefer learning through your browser or download the official app from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. No matter what device you choose, all your progress will automatically be saved and will be reflected in your account.

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