No Serbian On Pimsleur: Try The 2 Best Resources

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It’s such a bummer when you’re inspired to learn Serbian, but then you find out there’s no Serbian on Pimsleur. Are you thinking about giving up on learning Serbian? Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads-up! Ling actually offers a Serbian course now! How cool is that?

Are you feeling motivated to study Serbian? That’s wonderful to hear! The process of mastering Serbian as your new language should be enjoyable and educational. Whether you’re drawn to Serbia’s rich culture, hoping to stay in touch with Serbian-native speakers, or planning a trip to the country, learning the language will open new doors for you.

You can learn to converse in Serbian, express yourself in Serbian, and have a deeper understanding of Serbian culture with the right language learning apps, time, and approach. Now is the time to start your journey into Serbian language study with the Ling app and Simply Learn!

The Serbian Language Overview

But hold just a second before we explore the incredible features of language apps like Ling and Simply Learn. Let me show you some of the fascinating facets of the Serbian language. Also, let’s look at why Serbian isn’t a language option in Pimsleur lessons.

Where Is Serbian Spoken?

Explore the fascinating world of Serbian, a language whose melodic tones reflect those of Serbian spoken in the beautiful nation of Serbia. It is descended from Indo-European languages. About 6 million people worldwide can speak Serbian fluently. Roughly 7 million individuals throughout the world consider Serbian their first language.

It’s interesting to learn the language and culture of Serbia, which connects people in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia. Serbian is a language that may be used across boundaries because of its resonance with the beautiful scenery of North Macedonia.

Is It Difficult To Learn Serbian?

For native English speakers, learning a new alphabet might be the most difficult part of learning a new language. Serbian is not a particularly challenging language, but Serbian grammar is. This contrasts the rest of the Slavic languages, which are notoriously difficult to master, mainly because of the Cyrillic alphabet. Nonetheless, this is not an impossible challenge.

Learn more about the epic truths and challenges of studying Serbian.

Pimsleur App Review

The Pimsleur approach is to emphasizing natural conversation. Following that, the Pimsleur method promotes listening and repetition to help students grasp the language and perfect their pronunciation and fluency in speech. So, the real-life conversation is focused on improving the learner’s communication skills.

However, the app’s primary disadvantage is its lack of written materials and visual assistance, which may slow the learning to read and write. Anyway, the achievement of Pimsleur mostly depends on the individual’s approach to learning and personal preferences.

Importantly, a major disappointment might happen when you discover that the Serbian language isn’t included in the Pimsleur courses.

Why Is There No Serbian On Pimsleur Course?

Pimsleur now offers language courses in 53 different languages, English (ESL included). The app probably doesn’t include a Serbian language lesson since there isn’t much demand for it. Therefore, they are investing in the languages that have the most potential.

If you want to learn Serbian, there’s no need to wait for Pimsleur when you have Ling and Simply Learn at your fingertips!

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Use These 2 Best Apps To Learn Serbian!

The clock is ticking! Let’s start learning Serbian right now with the help of these two fantastic applications!

The Ling App

Dive headfirst into the Serbian language and experience the joy of linguistic exploration! Even though learning a new language might be challenging, Ling has made the process enjoyable and comfortable. The well-constructed Serbian courses transform the language from a confusing puzzle into an intriguing wonder.


  • Practice tests for memorizing basic vocabulary and improving listening comprehension.
  • The app’s chatbot is designed to be used as an interactive educational assistance.
  • You can track your progress and develop skills with the help of fun minigames and quizzes.

Explore the audio lesson in Serbian, where each word has its own tune. And the Cyrillic alphabet becomes a canvas for your linguistic artistry. Not only will you remember new words quickly, but you’ll be guided to the perfect pronunciation by the audio recordings made with the sound of a native speaker.

Rather than being an unbreakable language barrier, learning Serbian vocabulary and grammar with Ling is a game-changer. Its cutting-edge method presents you will change the way you learn Serbian forever!


Free beginner-level lessons are available. A monthly membership costs $8.99 each month, an annual membership costs $79.99, including a 7-day free trial, and a lifetime membership costs $149.99.

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Simply Learn

Have you heard of Ling’s sister app, Simply Learn?

It’s wonderful since it provides helpful Estonian lessons that can come in handy on your travels. With its features, you can relax and enjoy your journey. Simply Learn will allow you to acquire some basic words and phrases for usage throughout your stay in Serbia.


  • Get fluent in 1,000+ vocabulary throughout more than 30 different topics.
  • Smart flashcards to review previously learned words before it’s forgotten.
  • Try out the quiz and see how well you know the language.


Upgrade to Simply Learn Pro for $9.99 and $1.99 for each category.

Learn Serbian With Ling Now!

Put your fears and doubts to rest; the Ling app will give you the self-confidence to speak, connect, and master Serbian. If you’re ready to expand your horizons, Ling also offers many languages, including Croatian course. So, make the first move! Start your journey across Serbia right now!

Most Serbian learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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