Is Serbian Hard To Learn? 4 Epic Truths Revealed

Are you bothered by the question, is Serbian hard to learn? If you are, worry no more because you landed on the right page! In today’s post, we will discuss why you should find the courage to learn this language despite its level 4 difficulty (which means you will take about 44 weeks to master it) according to FSI index. If you are up for that, then let the learning begin!

This language belongs to the group of south Slavic languages and it’s pretty similar to the other ones which belong to this group. Although, the Serbian language is different in one particular field and that is its Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet. In my opinion, it is one of the most perfect letter-systems in the world made up by famous Serbian philologists and linguists Vuk Stefanović Karadžić (Вук Стефановић Караџић). It may look pretty hard for beginners but once you get into it gets quite simple and logical.

Also, I must say that Serbian people use two alphabets, the Cyrillic and the Latin. The second one might be easier for beginners and everyone else because most of the world’s population uses this letter. In Serbia live many other nations, and respecting human rights Serbian government decided to get both letters equal.


Is Serbian Hard To Learn?

Here’s the thing… Serbian is not entirely impossible to learn and there are languages that are even more challenging for English speakers like Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. Its grammar rules are much much more complex add to that is the fact that you will need to learn a new alphabet. While this will certainly ask you to set aside more time (about 44 weeks of continuous and rigorous study) to learn this language, there are tons of available apps that you can use to start speaking this language with confidence.

If you are still unsure of why you should learn this, feel free to review our four major reasons below.

4 Reasons To Learn Serbian

Is Serbian Hard To Learn

In the text below you’ll find a couple of reasons why should you start learning Serbian. Actually, I only mentioned four of them, but there are also others we are going to mention maybe some other time.

Master A Unique Latin Alphabet Or Cyrillic Alphabet

Another great fact is you can use both of these letters equally. If you ever visit Belgrade or any other Serbian city don’t get confused if you see both of them everywhere you go. That’s why it is better to learn this one over Croatian or Bosnian. With the Croatian, you will only learn how to write and read Latin letters, and that’s why you could never understand any word of Macedonian or Bulgarian because they mostly write in ‘Ћирилица'(Try to understand this one, because we are learning Serbian right?)

Serbian Can Be A Gateway To Learning Other Slavic Languages

Like I mentioned in the earlier text, the Serbian language has that power. Learning Serbian will provide you the opportunity of knowing another foreign language mostly the ones from the former Yugoslavian group. It’s like German for example, because if you know that language you won’t only have to use it in Germany. You can also speak it in Austria and Switzerland.

It Gives You Access To A Beautiful Country, Rich Culture, And Warm People

We talked about this a lot. Serbia has an amazing culture, history, beautiful nature and there is a lot you can see if you ever visit Serbia. Also, Serbian people are warm and kind and wherever you go you can make good friends for the rest of your lives. Especially if you visit rural parts of Serbia. I personally recommend you visiting beautiful mountains like Tara, Uvac or Kopaonik. There you can enjoy domestic food, traditional Serbian music, and breath your lungs full in the beautiful nature.

It Helps You Boost Your Brainpower

Learning a new language can be quite exhausting and tempting sometimes. Learning Serbian especially, because it is pretty hard to learn. Serbian grammar is tough and you have to find someone who can teach you that the right way. You’ll have to practice a lot, and the dictionary should always be someone near you so you could check the phrases and words you are trying to remember.

Is Serbian Worth Learning?

Is Serbian Hard To Learn

If you ask me for my personal opinion, I think it’s quite worth it. Besides it is such a beautiful language, it opens you a door to a beautiful country and a big part of the Balkans. Also, I think it might be good for personal and maybe business development.

You have to remember one thing. If you decide to learn Serbian, you are not learning only one language, you are learning a group of languages called Serbo-Croatian. That group of languages is actually the South Slavic Language group. Other Slavic languages like Slovenian for example don’t belong to this group.

As I said, it is worth learning and there is one true fact I can give as an example. Serbia is a country with a very big diaspora. That means a lot of Serbian people live abroad. Chicago has about 500,000 Serbs and there is a joke in Serbia where we like to say that is the biggest Serbian city right after the capital city Belgrade. The point is, wherever you go you will find someone speaking Serbian or some other ones like Croatian, Bosnian or Macedonian.

There is also a joke ‘Причај српски да те цео свет разуме’ which means ‘Talk Serbian so that everyone can understand you’. And sometimes that is true.

Learn Serbian Today With The Ling App

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So, are you wondering how to learn Serbian quickly, easily, and efficiently? We highly recommend that you check out the Ling App by Simya Solutions today! You will learn new words, pronunciation, nouns and you’ll find a true meaning of language learning. Learning languages might sometimes be hard and tempting but with our app Serbian will become your new native language.

Once again start learning Serbian today for free! Speak Serbian the real way!

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