3 Best Apps For Learning Serbian Fast

Are you looking for the best apps for learning Serbian? In today’s post, I will walk you through the four ultimate platforms that have helped millions of language learners progress insanely fast. Also, please do note that what we will feature here are all free which means that you can now skip all those expensive language courses, subscriptions to apps, or thick books! If that’s something you are interested in, let’s dive right into it.

Let me guess…you decided to start learning the Serbian language, but you found out it’s pretty hard to find good resources. Perhaps, you only found books and brochures, but when it comes to apps for language learning there are literally thousands that you can choose from. However, now all of these apps are worth your time or even support the Serbian language. To help you get started in choosing the one that best fits your needs, we created this exclusive guide just for you.

The Best Apps For Learning Serbian For Free


Language learning does not have to be difficult, boring, or expensive at all. Thanks to these apps, you can start mastering Serbian anywhere and anytime!

Learning Serbian With Ling App

Dear future native Serbian speakers! There is no better way than starting your learning journey with our Ling App especially when if you want to learn Serbian. Fun learning is just around the corner, but let me get you through this famous app.

With Ling App, you can start learning a new language right now and it’s free. Also, you will speak Serbian like you were born there. Level and learning style are adjustable no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. The only thing you need is just your smartphone and it’s going to be pretty fun learning as well. You can also use our app on Windows, Mac, or as we mentioned IOS or Android for your smartphone.

Serbian learners or anyone else who is interested in Serbia or its language or culture can enjoy our interesting blog posts, updated each week.

Learning Serbian With Anki

Anki learning app, probably one of the most famous flashcard apps out there. No matter what your target language is, Anki is there to help you. But how good can it be, if your learning path is concentrated just on flashcards? Probably not so good.

You can learn the basics of Serbian, or any other language you choose but you won’t get any further than that. Also, Anki is not just for language learning, which is probably the good side of it. You can set a reminder for daily lessons which will help you enough. Another good thing about this app is that is completely free. Only iPhone users will have to pay a one-time fee of 25$, which is not that much.

Learning languages, especially as one as challenging as Serbian is, must include much more than flashcards. That’s why you should try our Ling App and start learning today for free!

Learning Serbian With Quizlet

Quizlet, another free language app or is it? It is much similar to Anki and it’s all about flashcards. Not the best way for learning a new language right? Maybe it is if you are a beginner but how far can you go with it?

Quizlet is definitely a good and one of the most famous apps, and the reason for that is that you can make your own lessons. This app is free but if you want to subscribe yourself for Quizlet GO and use it on your mobile phone then you’ll have to pay 35.88$ per year. Another paid version is called Quizlet Plus and it costs 47.88$ per year.

The main difference between the free and the paid versions is that with the free one you’ll probably gonna have to watch a lot of ads. But that’s ok because they have to live of something too. If you don’t want to watch ads then check out our Ling App and start learning today.

Is Serbian Language Easy To Learn?


Learning a new language can never be easy, especially when it comes to Serbian. It is quite hard to learn this kind of language, but I also think that it is doable and would be a great asset if you become proficient in it. Since a huge number of the world population speaks it, this can help you grow professionally and personally.

Serbia is a small country but there is a lot of people living in other parts of the world. Wherever you go, you are gonna find someone speaking Serbian, or at least understanding it. Also, it’s quite similar to Croatian, Bosnian and Macedonian, so if you meet someone from these countries then you can be sure that they will understand at least a few bits of what you are saying.

But let’s get back to the easiness of this language. I am not going to lie but it’s definitely not easy at all. You won’t speak Serbian as quickly as some other languages, but you can learn the basics quite fast. If you want to learn the basics, or you want to learn grammatical concepts, play mini-games or learn something new about Serbian culture, then you might need an all-in-one app that has such components as our Ling App.

Learn Serbian With The Ling App

So, that would be it for today’s post. There is not much of a choice when it comes to Language learning apps that provide Serbian language lessons. There is no Serbian on most of the popular language learning apps but luckily Ling App has your back!

If you are truly passionate about mastering Serbian and 60+ other foreign languages, then you should not miss out on the Ling App by Simya Solutions as it has the best language content. Unlike other apps, the content here is created by real native speakers and language professionals which means that you’ll get best-in-class lessons and quizzes that will literally turn you from a beginner into a real confident speaker! So, what are you waiting for? Download it today to start learning.

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