80+ Useful Slovenian Travel Phrases

Slovenian Travel Phrases

If you’re here, you’ve probably got a trip to Slovenia coming up really soon. I know you’re in a rush to see all the fascinating hidden corners of the country, but you know what will make your trip even better? Learning essential Slovenian travel phrases!

Trust me when I tell you, Slovenians are very impressed when someone even attempts to learn their language. Whether you want to ask for directions, order food, or just chat with your newly made Slovenian friends, I’ve prepared a helpful language guide for you in this blog post. So, if you want to go there and make a huge impression on the lovely and welcoming people of Slovenia, then keep reading!

Slovenian Phrases For Travellers

Before you go, you should know some fun facts about the Slovenian language and its use. First, it’s quite similar to other Slavic languages and uses the Latin alphabet, so knowing even one Slavic language might make it easier to get by. The country is easy to travel for English speakers, as most Slovenians speak English very well. However, if you learn basic words, this might make your experience more fulfilling and special.

Basic Phrases And Rules Of Communication In Slovenian

Once you arrive in Slovenia, you might want to start with some basic words and phrases for your initial interactions. Focus on words that you’ll most likely use at the beginning of each situation.

Also, pay attention to the formal and informal usage! In Slovenian language and culture, how you talk to others shows if you’re being formal or casual.

Vikanje means you use formal words like vi and vaš (your, yours) to show respect or keep a space between you and the person you’re talking to. This way of speaking is often used in work settings, with older people, folks you don’t know, or those higher up in society.

On the other hand, tikanje uses casual words such as ti and tvoj (your, yours) to show you’re close or comfortable with someone, like with friends, family, or people your age or in similar life spots.

Whether you pick vikanje or tikanje depends on your relationship with the person you’re speaking to and where you are, with vikanje meaning you’re keeping it formal and respectful, and tikanje meaning you’re being easy and close.

Now, let’s explore some basic greetings, phrases, and icebreakers!

Good dayDober dan
Good morningDobro jutro
Good eveningDober večer
What’s your name?Kako vam je ime? (formal)
What’s your name?Kako ti je ime? (informal)
My name is…Moje ime je…
How are you?Kako ste? (formal)
How are you?Kako si? (informal)
I am good, and you?Jaz sem dobro, pa ti/vi?
Where are you from?Od kod ste? (formal)
Where are you from?Od kod si? (informal)
What’s the time?Koliko je ura?
I come from…Prihajam iz…
Excuse meOprostite
You’re welcomeNi za kaj
Do You Speak English?Govorite angleško? (formal)
Do You Speak English?Govoriš angleško? (informal)
I don’t understandNe razumem
a photo of the slovenian flag

Asking About And Giving Directions In Slovenian

A thing that will certainly come in handy is asking for directions. Using these simple phrases will help you get around if you get lost and avoid unnecessary stress. Asking someone for help to point you in the right direction can be a lifesaver!

Can you please help me?Mi lahko prosim pomagate?
I think I’m lostMislim, da sem se izgubil/a
Excuse me, where is…?Oprostite, kje je…?
How to get to…?Kako priti do…?
Is it far to…?Je daleč do…?
Where are we?Kje smo?
Where is the ATM?Kje je bankomat?
Where is the bus stop?Kje je avtobusna postaja?
How to get to the city center?Kako priti do centra mesta?
It’s to the right/leftJe na desni/levi strani
Turn rightZavijte desno
Turn leftZavijte levo
Straight aheadNaravnost
Over thereTam
ZooŽivalski Vrt
Art galleryGalerija
Botanical gardenBotanični vrt

Slovenian Travel Phrases For Transportation

Once in Slovenia, you’ll want to see more than one place, that’s for sure. Luckily you’ve got many transportation options to get you around this beautiful country. I’ve prepared a few basic sentences to help you get by on your journey.

On timeTočno
Where can I buy a ticket?Kje lahko kupim vozovnico?
One way ticketEnosmerna vozovnica
Return ticketPovratna vozovnica
Train stationŽelezniška postaja
Bus stationAvtobusna postaja
AirportLetališče or Aerodrom
a photo of a train railway in Slovenia

Slovenian Phrases For Shopping

You can’t go on a trip without doing some shopping at local markets and bringing home souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. I’ve prepared a few words and phrases to help you out! Don’t forget to learn Slovenian numbers and colors before you go out shopping!

How much is it?Koliko stane?
I’m looking for…Iščem…
I would like to buy…Želim kupiti…
Can I try this on?Lahko poskusim?

Slovenian Phrases For Dining Out

For all the foodies coming to Slovenia, you’re in for a treat! So many delicious meals you can try out in amazing restaurants! Here are some phrases to help you order when you’re dining out:

I would like…Rada bi…
I would like a coffeeRad(a) bi kavo
I would like a beerRad(a) bi pivo
Can I have the bill, please?Lahko dobim račun, prosim?
A glass of wineKozarec vina
I’m fullSit(a) sem
This is delicious!To je okusno!

Emergency Phrases

Just to be on the safe side, why not learn some emergency phrases, too? You never know what kind of shenanigans you might get into.

Help!Na pomoč!
Call the ambulancePokličite rešilca
I need a doctorRabim zdravnika
First AidPrva pomoč

Where Can I Go In Slovenia?

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know to communicate in Slovenia, let me just give you some travel tips as well, so you will be fully prepared on where to go!

Slovenia is a small but lovely country full of fun things for guests to enjoy. One top spot is Lake Bled, a pretty mountain lake with an old castle high on a cliff. Guests can walk by the lake, row in a traditional boat to a small island with a sweet church, or climb up to lookouts for wide, stunning views.

Another key place to see is the capital, Ljubljana, known for its cute old town, lively cafes, and famous Triple Bridge. Guests can walk the old streets with bright houses, go to Ljubljana Castle for wide city views, or float on a boat along the Ljubljanica River.

For those who love nature, the beautiful Triglav National Park has lots of outdoor fun, like walking, biking, and rowing in clear lakes, green woods, and high mountains.

Also, Slovenia is famous for its wine places, like the pretty vineyards of the Vipava Valley or the soft hills of Podravje, where guests can try wines and tasty local food. Whether you want outdoor fun, culture, or just stunning views, Slovenia has something for every kind of traveler!

A photo of slovenian beautiful mountains and green hills - Slovenian Travel Phrases

Learning On The Go With Ling

There you have it! We’ve covered almost every phrase there is about traveling in Slovenia! It’s time to start packing those bags. And if you’re looking to learn more phrases and speak Slovenian better, the Ling app might be perfect for you. The app is designed to be user-friendly, with games and quizzes to make your language learning journey a lot more fun!

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