#1 Best Guide: Spring In Slovenia

Spring in Slovenia

One of the most awaited times of the year is approaching. I’m talking about springtime, and there’s nothing quite like spring in Slovenia! Are you a first-time traveler to the country and not sure what to do during spring in this underrated gem? Then keep reading!

Even as a local, I’m still amazed by the beauty my country has to offer. So, along with giving you travel tips, I’ll also equip you with some Slovenian words related to spring, making your visit even more authentic as you stroll around Slovenia during this blooming time of the year.

When Is Springtime In Slovenia?

In Slovenia, spring begins in March and ends in June. Right in between peak ski and summer seasons, it’s perfect for exploring without the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds. While you do see occasional rain showers, it’s the best time for a quieter Slovenian experience. What’s more, by the end of May, the warming temperatures start preparing us for summer and outdoor activities!

Spring in Slovenia

Packing Tips For Each Month


In March, you’ll still catch a glimpse of that stubborn snow hanging out on the mountaintops like it’s got nothing better to do. So, if you’re thinking of packing away your winter gear, think again! While nature is busy going through those magical transformations, you should still keep some things in mind: always make sure to check the weather forecast, dress in layers, and plan outdoor activities early in the day to make the most of the sunlight!


When I think of April in Slovenia, I think of rain, muddy trails, and evenings that can go from sunny to chilly in the blink of an eye. Just a heads-up, not all attractions will be open yet after the winter break. If you’re traveling during public holidays or festivals, do yourself a favor and book accommodations and activities early to avoid any last-minute hassle. Trust me, you don’t want to be scrambling for a hotel room while everyone else is clinking glasses at a vineyard!


May brings an end to the rain, and the weather starts to warm up. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, and shades for your outdoor adventures! If you’re brave enough, you may already swim in the Adriatic Sea. This is also the last chance to snag some sweet deals on hotels and flights before peak season hits.

Spring in Slovenia

Places To Visit This Spring

New to Slovenia and not sure where to visit this spring? Let me be your tour guide!

Start off your Slovenian spring adventure in the capital city of Ljubljana. You’ll find the streets less crowded, making it the perfect time to visit and wander its historic neighborhoods and museums, where you can soak up the Slovenian local life.

Your journey would be incomplete without Lake Bled, a part of the Triglav National Park that truly offers some of the most picturesque views in Slovenia! While taking a walk around the lake, you’ll admire the church island and the medieval castle on the hill, feeling like you’ve stepped into a real-life fairy tale!

The emerald-blue Soča River is the place to be in spring! If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, you can try white water rafting for an unforgettable experience. Don’t expect the river to warm up too much, though, as the river’s temperatures stay cool all year long!

Springtime is also ideal for a hike in the Julian Alps, and make sure you stop at a mountain hut for a slice of strudel to keep you going!

Finally, known as the largest shepherd settlement in Europe, Velika Planina is a plateau that comes alive with the sound of cowbells in spring. Go for a walk through the meadows or taste their delicious dairy treats!

Spring in Slovenia

Easter Time In Slovenia

On the first Sunday after the first spring full moon, Slovenians celebrate Easter. This holiday not only combines Christian and pagan traditions, but also celebrates the arrival of spring and new life.

A fun tradition we have is decorating Easter eggs. These eggs are usually real works of art, that can even be seen in several exhibitions. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as Easter eggs are also part of various Easter games! One popular game involves tapping Easter eggs against each other to see whose egg remains unbroken.

So on your next visit to Slovenia, don’t forget to join in the fun and games of Easter, as one thing’s for sure: you’re in for an egg-cellent time!

Useful Slovenian Vocabulary

Now that we’ve covered where to go and what to do, all you need is a few words and phrases in Slovenian to help you navigate your spring adventure!

Spring is here!Pomlad je tu!
Warm weatherToplo vreme
Spring-cleaningSpomladanska čistka
Fresh airSveži zrak
Today is a rainy dayDanes je deževen dan
EasterVelika noč
Easter eggsPirhi

Ready To Experience Spring In Slovenia?

I hope that you can already envision yourself wandering through Slovenia and admiring the country this spring! Maybe you’re even inspired to immerse yourself further by learning Slovenian to fully appreciate the beauty of this season.

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