Useful Lists Of 50+ Basic Words And Phrases In Slovenian

Do you want to learn basic words and phrases in Slovenian? Do you want to complete your vocabulary in the Slovenian language? We will teach you essential words and phrases in Slovenian. Slavic language is easy and funny to learn. Slovene uses the Latin alphabet as Croats. Therefore, Slovenian vocabulary consists of many borrowings of the Croatian language. For example:

EnglishCroatianSlovak / Slovenian
Good morningDobro jutroDober jutro
Good dayDobro jutroDober jutro
How are you?Kako si?Kako si?
How muchKolikoKoliko
Don’t understandNe razumijemNe razumem
Thank youHvala vamHvala vam
Basic words and phrases in Slovenian


How To Express Oneself In The Slovenian Language

If you want to be pronounced it correctly in Slovenian, use simple expressions and common words like greetings, yes, no, sorry, excuse me, etc. For example:

EnglishSlovak / Slovenian
Hi, what is your name?Živjo, kako vam je ime?
My name is IvanMoje ime je Ivan
Do you speak English?Govorite angleško?
Yes, I speak EnglishJa, govorim angleški
Excuse me, I am going to SloveniaOprostite, idem u Sloveniju
Good nightDober večer good
Basic words and phrases in Slovenian

You can also visit other sites like this page to learn more about the Slovenian language. It’s free and has formal phrases on how to use the language better.


The Best 6 Useful Greetings In Slovenian

Here’s a list of some of the most popular greetings in the Slovenian language.

Good morningDobro jutro
Good dayDober dan
Good eveningDober večer

To travel in Slovenia, you still need to know more phrases, for example, good night (lahko noč), sorry (oprosti), thank (hvala), of course (seveda), and please (prosim).

Excuse me, where is the cafe because I want to try Slovenian beer?Oprostite, kje je kavarna ker želim poskusiti slovensko pivo?
It is in front of youTo je pred vami.
Please, enter the barProsim, pojdi v bar.
Thank you.Hvala vam.


Daily Phrases In Slovenian Language

Basic Words And Phrases In Slovenian

Slovenian language is a simpler language in the group of Slavic languages. Formal and informal usage is almost the same. Here is the guide of basic words and phrases in Slovenian:

What’s the time?koliko je ura?
Do you want anything?Ali želiš kaj?
How can I help you?Kako vam lahko pomagam?
What do you want to say?Kaj misliš?
Do you travel to Slovenia often?Pogosto potujete v Slovenijo?
Thank you, you are very kind.Hvala, zelo ste prijazni.
We would like to have three coffees, pleaseŽelimo tri kave, prosim.
Merry Christmas!Srečen Božič!
Bless you (sneezing)Na zdravje
How to get a bus?Kako priti do avtobusa?
Where is the downtown?Kje je središče mesta?

When you misunderstand somebody in Slovenia, be free to say additional phrases and learn useful questions. For example, when you didn’t get somebody’s name, you can say something like Oprostite (sorry), Lahko ponovite (can you repeat please), or Lahko govorite počasneje (can you speak slowly). With these kinds of phrases and a bit of pronunciation, be free to speak Slovenian. Consider this as a guide for it. You are welcome.

Restaurant, Travel, And Emergency Phrases

These are informal groups of basic words and phrases in Slovenian that can help you in various situations. In many examples, you won’t need a translation or pronunciation. Some of them are very “catchy.” However, we list it for you with translation in English.

Restaurant and travel tipsEmergency tips
I have a reservation
(Imam rezervacijo)
(Na pomoč!)
What is the charge per night?
(Kakšna je cena za eno noč?)
I’m here on business / on vacation in Slovenia
(Tu sem poslovno / na počitnicah v Sloveniji)
Are you okay?
(Ste v redu?)
How much will it cost?
(Koliko stane?)
Can you help me?
(Mi lahko pomagaš?)
Waiter / waitress
(Natakar / natakarica)
Calm down
(Pomirite se)
I don’t like it
(Tega ne maram)
Watch out!
Good bye
(Na svidenje)
Do you need help?
(ali rabiš pomoč?)

It is simple to learn, as you can see. If you know any Slavic language, Slovenian won’t be a problem for you. Considering these two terms, Slovene and Slovenian, they are both in use as you are welcome and free to use them anyhow. As a member of the European Union, the Slovenian language is one of its 24 official and learning languages.


The Difficulty Level Of The Slovenian Language

With all examples we’ve been through this blog, the Slovene language is easy to understand and speak. This is supported by the Slovene language being spoken outside Slovenia in several European countries. The Slovenian alphabet contains 25 letters which almost all of them are similar to English. Knowing even one Slavic language is very sure to get to know another one. With a bit of consistency, you will super fast become intermediate. Learn examples above. They are very spoken words.


Learn Slovene For Free With Helpful Language Guide

As we mentioned, many phrases in the Slovene language, including the translation. The only thing left is our Ling App application; it’s easy to use with an option to choose many different languages. Thus, to learn and speak together with us and become multilingual. This page is all about it and for all generations. With us, you will get to know the sentence structure in the Slovene language, basic phrases, pronunciation, and practical tips for different situations. So, don’t forget t use our Ling app to help you with your language learning journey.

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