5+ Super Tips For Accommodation In Nepal

Nepal is a gorgeous country. The stunning view of mountain peaks and the Himalayas is an added glory to an already fantastic site to behold. Regarding the living situation, family homes and houses are common among Nepalis. There are joint families, and living together is common in the culture. You would be lucky to have a room to yourself.

Accommodation in Nepal can get tricky, so here is a list to help you get by!

Types Of Accommodation In Nepal

Traditional Nepali Houses
Traditional Nepali Houses

The most typical houses in Nepal are:

  • Traditional Nepali houses have thick stone walls, thatched roofs, and wooden pillars. The paint can be from manure and clay made into a deep brown-reddish paste.
  • Apartments: In Nepal, condominiums and apartments are generally called apartments. These are very modern and are recently coming up in Nepal as an option rather than buying or investing in land.
  • Family house: This can be a single-family house or joint family house. Single would be one family, one house, in one piece of land. A joint family house would be several families, several homes, joined together in one land. I’m guessing it gets rather noisy at festivals!
  • Colony: This can be best described as a row of the same building in repetition all along the lane. This is almost like a residential area; you can expect no offices here.
  • Bungalow: With a lovely front porch or veranda, these one-storied and half or two-storied homes are beautiful. They have slanted roofs and wide windows. They would be ideal for a family getaway.

Nepal has also renewed its focus on disaster safety while developing accommodation. The housings are earthquake safe. This asset could, of course, increase the cost of housing – but this is worth it! Wouldn’t you agree?

Since Nepal is known for its tourism, boutique hotels, resorts, and numerous guest houses can be found for accommodation. Most places have a lake view and good service, and most hotels are also reasonable.

Accommodation In Nepal: Options For Tourists

Accommodation in Nepal

When searching for the right accommodation, just hotels would not do. Established tourist centers offer great budget guesthouses with great locations, and they can arrange the rooms required. Many hotels in Nepal also have an in-house restaurant, air conditioning, and constant hot water, which is not just for a cup of tea!

Hot showers and flush toilets in a private bathroom are often a must for tourists in Nepal, and some may have a restaurant and bar in the pool area. With the right price, you can find standard rooms with good room service, even options for transport and guides sightseeing.

One such accommodation is the Temple Tree Resort. This is a well-known boutique hotel in Pokhara, Nepal, and its name takes after the fragrant flower, frangipani. Say that thrice – fragrant flower frangipani, fragrant flower frangipani!! Besides the joke, the Lakeview and ambiance of this place is a genuine once-in-a-lifetime recommendation.

Another such hotel is Bar Peepal Resort. Along with the infinity swimming pool, it also has a spa and sauna. The design of the resort is very authentic and Nepali. It has pagodas that are a set of five terraces with one on top of the other.

Summit Hotel is a terrace-filled hotel lush with garden after garden. Other areas in Nepal also have mid-range guesthouses and trekking lodges with air conditioning and transport facilities. You can expect hot water in a standard room, and most innkeepers provide good room service.

General Info About Accommodation In Nepal

Some essential information guests may want to know maybe how they can budget the prices of their stay. Some prices of guesthouses can start as low as $5 per night. But the facilities may not be great even though their pictures may be!

You can expect clean rooms and Wi-Fi in Nepal, and that’s about it! Sometimes, the facilities may even be less. But this has economic benefits and is cheap and within range for many. In the main tourist areas, the range will begin to increase.

Make sure you spend time booking specifically for your needs. Many travelers come for backpacking, mountain climbing, a family retreat, work, and so much more. There are several services available to design a tailor-made trip for you.

Take caution for trips to rural areas, as you may need a guide to accompany you. Also, expectations like hot running water should go out the window! You can expect clean sheets but also power cuts! If you have traveled around, you would know that this can be typical in rural areas.

For a good experience, make sure you have travel insurance, plan your trip and prepare advanced research on accommodation in Nepal that suits your needs.

Learn Nepali With Ling

Learn Nepali with Ling
Learn Nepali With Ling

Every person has a typical getaway, a favorite place, a sightseeing place that just brings life and peace back. If you are looking for that this coming holidays, visit Nepal. It will take you back to some of your beautiful memories and give you a taste of something new too.

One such place to visit is Kathmandu City, Nepal. The country itself has numerous historical sites and beautiful scenery. Accommodations in Nepal are very reasonable, and there is a wide range of rooms and locations to choose from. 

If you can plan for a long trip, you will have the chance to check out different accommodations in Nepal. From mountain views to lake views; in the city, valley, or mountainside.

And along with you can be a trusted language learning companion – Ling!

Ling is an excellent app that can help make your trip to Nepal fantastic! Knowing the Nepali language will be an asset, and learning this has never been easier than it is today with Ling. Try the app by downloading it from the Apple Store or Google Play, and start learning today!

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