10+ Interesting Hobbies In Lithuanian You Should Know

Want to express your favorite hobbies in Lithuanian? From all the necessary vocabulary concerning hobbies in Lithuanian translation to fascinating facts about the local Lithuanian culture, this blog will give you an eye-opening insight related to all things truly Lithuanian. After all, talking about your favorite hobbies with the Lithuanian speakers is a good way to start a conversation. Also, this can help you connect with them in more meaningful ways. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Traveling to a new country, the first thing you would immediately feel is the urge to make a conversation with a local. And to do so, you must have shared ideas about what they like, what they do, and some facts that amaze them. However, the foremost thing that would make conversing a possibility is the skill of communicating in the native language spoken in the area.

No matter where we reside, one person cannot start a good bond and conversation without sharing each other’s hobbies and interests. Thus, if you are traveling to Lithuania soon and want to explore the country with your new Lithuanian mates, you must know some of the common hobbies in the Lithuanian language. So, if you are excited to learn the Lithuanian language, let’s get right into it.

Is Learning Lithuanian Hard?

Are you worried about the language not being your cup of tea? Well, this blog will prove you otherwise. Although learning a new language will never be without ups and downs, it will always be a fun journey for those who are truly interested in it.

Lithuanian, one of the two standing Baltic languages of the European Continent, is the official language of the Republic of Lithuania. Lithuanian is basically a language that has gained immense popularity these days and is now one of the official languages of the European Union. It has existed since the 16th century and is heavily influenced by Slavic texts. 

The language primarily has two major dialects: Aukštaitian (Highland Lithuanian) and Samogitian (Lowland Lithuanian). It has an alphabet system consisting of 32 letters, and the grammatical system has retained many archaic features of the Proto-Indi European language. Such uniqueness makes the language one of the most interesting yet difficult ones to learn. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to gain proficiency in this. Starting with stepping stones like hobbies and basic vocabulary will give a quick headstart and begin a smooth sailing and quality Lithuanian learning journey.

Hobbies In Lithuanian

Hobbies in Lithuanian

Let us now dive into the Lithuanian dictionary and discover the correct translations for your favorite hobby. Although hobbies only make a small part of our conversation, it is still the most crucial part. It gives an idea about the other person’s interests and makes it easier for you to bond better. So, if someone asks Kokie tavo pomėgiai (What are your hobbies?), don’t hesitate to start a lively conversation using the following vocab.


English Translation: Coloring

The first hobby that we need to know about is Dažymas. It is one of the most common hobbies that one out of every five people in Lithuania has. So, if you are amongst them too and love coloring and painting, you can name your favorite hobby Dažymas.

Maisto gaminimas

English Translation: Cooking

Are you a fantastic cook and love cooking unique dishes every weekend? Then the right word for you is Maisto gaminimas. Lithuanian people are fond of concocting new dishes with mind-blowing flavors so be sure to say this word, especially when talking with mothers and chefs. 


English Translation: Reading

Another very sophisticated and popular hobby is reading. Thus, if you love to read, you can say Skaitymas. What better way to enjoy yourself than simply reading a book while taking in the outstanding scenery in this country, right?


English Translation: Singing

Every ear loves music. And if you keep humming the beats in your bedroom with the speaker on and have an extraordinary love for music, don’t hesitate to name Dainavimas. The country is also the home to some of the best songs, so be sure to say this if you want to connect with like-minded people instantly. 


English Translation: Playing

Love sports? If you are among the active ones who love sport, then Žaidžia is the right word for you. In fact, Lithuanians love to play basketball. So, if you want to be a part of any basketball team or even football in Lithuania and enjoy your trip, don’t forget to mention Žaidžia. 

Dviračiu Sportas

English Translation: Dviračiu Sportas

If you love to cycle, you are going to love Lithuania. Because just like you, many cycle enthusiasts in Lithuania will love your company if you say out loud that your hobby is Dviračiu Sportas. The cycling trails in this country are so beautiful that just by watching them, you would want to cycle your whole life.


English Translation: Dancing

Well, who doesn’t love dancing? Since Lithuania is also a country with tons of great classic music, you can easily find a song to dance to anytime. If you are one of those ballerinas or bathroom dancers, don’t forget to give a shoutout to your jolly hobby Šokiai. 


English Translation: Writing

Like hunting in ancient times, writing has become a cultural hobby of the people of Eastern and Western Europe in the 21st century. So, if you love to write articles, novels, or anything like stories and poems, the correct term for you to use is Rašymas. Rašymas means writing, and you can gain much popularity by using this vocab since most locals value this hobby a lot. One reason is that they are known to be the home to some of the most exciting literature pieces. 


English Translation: Knitting

Other than playing, singing, and cycling, one thing that Lithuanian ladies love to do during their leisure hours is Mezgimas. Mezgimas means Knitting, and if you are also in love with the satisfying role of knits and needles, you might as well use the term Mezgimas to add to your hobby words list. Other examples of the same category would be crocheting and knitwork, known as Nėrimas in the Lithuanian language.


English Translation: Swimming

Are you traveling to Lithuania in the summertime? Then it would help if you got a liking towards Plaukimas. Plaukimas means swimming, and if you are already in love with the activity, you will die for the beaches in Lithuania and the pools in the cities.


English Translation: Shopping

Although not familiar, you will always find friends who would love to go shopping once every week. And well, if you are that friend, your hobby is Apsipirkimas. If you are traveling to this country for the first time, you’ll have to prepare yourself since there are tons of traditional pieces, souvenirs, and delicacies you must try to bring home to your country. 


English Translation: Adventure

Love exploring new places? Then you should very well add words like Nuotykis to your hobby list. Once you visit Lithuania, you will no longer just wander around in the streets. The luxurious clubs, malls, and entertainment night halls like escape rooms will be the new games you want to explore. Nevertheless, the true adventure will always follow Lithuania’s natural rivers, lakes, and landscapes you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


English Translation: Collecting

Another unique hobby you might want to know about is Kolekcionavimas, meaning collecting. Many love to collect different things, from stamps with locations and bottle caps of a particular drink to even packets of diverse chocolates. Some also like to organize polaroid pictures and group them. If this sounds familiar to your interests, you too are a Kolekcionavimas person.

Other Hobbies In Lithuanian 

Lithuanian vocabulary for Hobbies

English Lithuanian  Example 
Acting Vaidyba Noriu išmokti vaidinti
(I want to learn acting)
Baking Kepimo Kepti įdomu
(Baking is interesting)
Cleaning Valymas Valymas yra sveikas įprotis
(Cleaning is a healthy habit)
Exercising Mankštinantis Mėgstu reguliariai mankštintis
(I love exercising regularly)
Gardening Sodininkystė Sodininkystė mane džiugina
(Gardening makes me happy)
Learning Mokymasis Man patinka mokytis naujų kalbų
(I love learning new languages)
Photography Fotografija Fotografuoti smagu
(Photography is fun)
Sketching Eskizavimas Eskizuoju kasdien
(I sketch everyday)
Traveling Keliaujant Aš keliauju kiekvieną mėnesį
(I travel every month)
Watching Movies Žiūri filmus Mėgstu žiūrėti filmus namuose
(I love watching movies at home)

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Hobbies in Lithuanian

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