Space Terms In Lithuanian: 25+ Easy Words

Do you know how to talk about space research and use space terms in Lithuanian? Lithuania is a small country in Eastern Europe sandwiched between the Baltic Sea and Russia. The country has a dense population of 3.6 million people and a thriving economy. It has a modern economy that uses its natural resources, including its Baltic Sea coastline and its many rivers.

And like the rest of the developed world – Lithuania is deeply involved in space exploration, with several companies and research institutes involved in developing satellites, rockets, and other technologies. Lithuania has an LTSTI (Lithuanian Space Research and Technology Institute) founded by the Lithuanian Space Association. This research institution conducts space research and provides services in space technology, which employs about 600 people from different fields such as physics and mathematics. Lithuania’s own Lithuanian Space Agency is the latest addition, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Knowing all this, it’s safe to say that although Lithuanian space science is a relatively new kid on the block, it’s developing at a rapid pace! In the article below, you’ll find some interesting info about space research and all that’s mentioned above, including some of the most critical, essential words you should know on the given subject. Stay tuned!

European Space Agency

space terms in lithuanian

The European Space Agency is an international organization that was established in 1975. The ESA’s mission statement is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space delivers benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. The ESA has 22 member states, including Lithuania, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, etc., committed to working together for peaceful purposes. The ESA manages its launch vehicles and provides a range of services, from launching satellites into orbit around Earth to studying our planet’s climate change.

The ESA’s main goal is to create a unified space policy within Europe to ensure that investment in space exploration is used for peaceful purposes only. For this purpose, it uses its 17 member states’ national contributions and competencies, with each country being responsible for implementing programs in different areas such as human space flight or Earth observation.

The ESA headquarters are located in Paris, France. It has successfully established itself as an international leader in space exploration, and they are planning on expanding their operations.

Lithuanian Space Agency and Space Exploration

The Lithuanian space agency is a member of the European Space Agency, and it was formed in 2012 by the government of Lithuania. Its main goal is to make space exploration viable for everyone and respond to the growing demand for space technology worldwide. The agency is responsible for developing a wide range of space-related technologies and services, ranging from launching satellites and spacecraft to training astronauts and engineers in high-altitude research and exploration.

Its main goal is to promote the Lithuanian space industry internationally support the development of space science and technology and research activities of Lithuanian scientists related to space exploration. The agency also provides services for companies that want to invest in the Lithuanian space sector.

In addition, the Lithuanian Space Agency runs several small missions each year, including the first two Lithuanian satellites programs -CubeSat and LitSat. The CubeSat is a small satellite developed by Lithuania that costs less than ten thousand dollars and weighs only about 0.1 kilograms. It can perform scientific experiments or be used for telecommunications purposes, while  LitSat 1, 2, and 3 had the mission of studying the Earth’s ozone layer. 

All in all, the Lithuanian space agency has a promising future. Lithuanian government plans to invest large amounts of money into the Lithuanian Space Association and space activities, and it will be interesting to see what they do with their resources.

The Basic Lithuanian Space Terms

The Lithuanian Space Agency was established to serve as a national center for research into outer space and its exploration, including the Earth’s upper atmosphere, the solar system, astronomy, astrophysics, physics of natural phenomena occurring in outer space (meteorology), engineering related to the use of space resources and much more. In case you aren’t entirely sure how to say some of these in Lithuanian, we have several tables for you containing a list of basic space terms right down below.

1. Words For The Sun And Moon

The Solar SystemSaulės sistema
cosmic rayskosminiai spinduliai
sunspotsaulės dėmė

2. Words Related To Stars And Planets

neutron starneutroninė žvaigždė
starlightžvaigždžių šviesa
shooting starkrentanti žvaigždė
red giantraudonasis milžinas
dwarf planetnykštukinė planeta

3. Words Related To Space Exploration

cosmic dustkosminės dulkės
space-agekosminis amžius
meteorologymeteorologinės sąlygos
upper atmosphereviršutinė atmosfera
outer spacekosmosas
space debriskosminių šiukšlių
black holejuodoji skylė

4. Words Related To Space Ships And Space Stations

rocket launchraketos paleidimas

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