Hi In Spanish: 20+ Easy Phrases To Sound Like A Native

Hi In Spanish

Spanish remains one of the world’s most commonly used languages, next to English. In fact, it is not just spoken in Spain alone. With this being said, the internet is seeing a massive surge in those interested in Spanish learning and translating common words. To help you get started, we are sending your way a quick list of how to say hi in Spanish so that you can use it confidently next time.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Spain? You see, just like English, Spanish is so unique and powerful that it is spoken by almost 20 countries in the world. It has also massively helped shape some of the languages today, like Chavacano for the Philippines, Palenquero in Bolivia, and Papiamentu of Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire.

How Do You Say Hi In Spanish?

With governments around the world issuing lockdowns among countries and borders, we bet that most of you are spending more time communicating with friends and establishing a connection with people from across the world. In fact, it has been reported that the COVID-19 phenomenon has resulted in a striking increase in the number of social media users, chat engagements with other mobile apps, and a surge in multiplayer gaming.

And if you have been part of that social media or gaming train, then we bet you have come across some Spanish-speaking people too! Perhaps, this is the reason why you landed on this page! You probably want to know how to start a conversation in the most native way. This is why we are sending the easiest ways to say hola and other conversation starters you can use.

Also, suppose you are interested in creating a more professional discourse. In that case, you might want to take note of our list below so that you can know how to greet people at the appropriate times of the day or by sparking interest through inquiries. With this being said, we have also included some of the most common greetings in the table below.

EnglishSpanish GreetingsContext
Hi or HelloHola (direct translation)This is the most common and versatile Spanish word in the way that you can use it any time of the day and in both formal (along with a firm handshake) and informal (with an air kiss) interactions.
Hi or HelloHoli HolisYou can use the following variations when speaking informally since it is perceived as a “cute” way to spark conversation.
HeyOyeThis is considered as a Spanish slang usually used in Latin America that is very informal and can be used only when speaking with close friends and family.
What’s upQué OndaAn informal colloquial way to greet people with whom you are familiar. It also means ‘how are you.’ You can hear people saying these words in different parts of Latin America as slang.
Hello¿Diga? ¿Si? ¿Dígame? ¿Aló?You can only use these three expressions when answering the phone. As a reminder, note that it is a question; thus, the tone must be slightly raised.  The first word is very formal and is usually used in answering office phones. The second one means “yes” and is considered a simple yet informal way of answering a call. The third word can be directly translated to “tell me?” in English and is also considered informal. The last word is one of the most common and modern ways of answering the phone.
Good morning or good dayBuenos díasFormal Spanish greeting usually used from the early hours of the day until midday- basically, it is like you must only use it at around 1 am to 12 pm.
Good afternoonBuenas tardesFormal Spanish greeting which is usually used when the sun begins its descent- around 1 pm to 3 pm.
Good eveningBuenas nochesFormal Spanish greetings are usually used when the sun is finally setting.
How are you?¿Cómo está?Formal Spanish greeting, which is deemed as a great conversation starter between colleagues.
How are you?¿Cómo estás?Informal Spanish greeting is perceived as a useful opening line for conversations with strangers.
How is it going?¿Qué tal?Informal Spanish greeting usually used among people you are close with.
What happened?¿Qué hubo?Informal Spanish greeting which is also usually used among people you are close with.
Where are you from?¿De dónde eres?This is another versatile question that can be used in formal and informal contexts.
What is your name?¿Cómo te llamas?Meeting a person for the very first time? You can use this flexible question which can be used in formal and informal contexts.
Hi In Spanish Ways To Respond

What Are The Failproof Ways To Respond To A Greeting In Spanish

Now that you know the most basic ways to sound like a local when striking up a conversation, we believe that you also know how to respond and end a conversation, right? I mean, come to think of it… it may look rude if you just say hi and then smile blankly because you do not know other Spanish phrases to say next!

Since we do not want you to worry about this stressful situation, we have also comprehensively compiled some of the common responses below if ever someone starts with a question like ¿Qué tal? or end a conversation. Make sure to browse this list from time to time and practice it so that it may roll off your tongue even more naturally.

SpanishEnglish TranslationSound
HolaHi or hello
Bien, ¿y tú?I am good, and you?
Muy bien, gracias!Very well, thank you!
Más o menos Así asíSo-so
No muy bienNot doing very well!
No tan bienNot so good!
¡Hasta luego!See you later!
¡Hasta pronto!See you soon!
¡Hasta mañana!See you tomorrow!

As I end this article, I hope I could shed light and give you the quickest ways to express the basic hi in Spanish. Interested in diving further into it? Why not try reading another blog post about days of the week in the Spanish language to give you a more powerful set of vocabulary in this language?

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Unlike other languages, Spanish remains one of the classiest and most flexible languages globally. It is the second most spoken native language and has even influenced other languages! With this being said, language enthusiasts consistently challenge themselves to explore it to appreciate better the history behind every line, letter, and syllable.

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